Good doctors

The good doctors (who still see workcover patients), including some independent medical doctors



we all know how hard it can be to find a doctor or specialist these days who is still willing to see a patient on workcover, given the endless bureaucracy, harassment, underpayment and associated, ahum, un-pleasantries!

Great doctors who see workcover patients

Orthopedic surgeons

  • Professor Krishnan, SA, he comes highly recommended by several SA injured workers with upper limb injuries
  • Dr Michael J. Sandow Orthopedic Surgeon in SA (does shoulders) comes highly recommended


Pain specialists


  • Dr Sunil Datta – Melbourne (Essendon West), Victoria
  • Ian H. Mackinnon Forensic & Consultant Psychologist – Melbourne, Vic. Ian McKinnon who sees though this set-up and writes report not a violent bone in my body. Highly recommended forensic psychologist Ian McKinnon



Vascular surgeons

Plastic surgeons

  • Mr Steven Salino – Moonee Ponds and Hoppers Crossing


updated28 October 2014


Please, add any “good doctors” you know – share them in the comment section or shoot us an email via our contact form below, so we can add them to our list.

We're always looking for decent doctors willing to help injured workers!

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102 Responses to “Good doctors”

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  2. If you want an honest fair report for lower limb issues hips knees ankles etc Then Dr Malisano in Brisbane is available he is very thorough kind lots of eye contact and will tell you he is NOT a man for Hire…Appt takes approx 2 hours and if something hurts when he does physical/medical he will stop…He also discusses what he is putting in the report and if you have a work capacity or not cant fault him other than a few typos in his reports

  3. Can anyone recommend a nice GP in QLD? Preferably in the area of Caboolture. Thanks!

  4. Can anyone help with a good WC doctor in Sydney? Both mine have retired now and finding a new doctor to take on a WC case is hard. Thanks.

  5. Hi,

    i’m currently jumping through the hoops of the insures and have an IME appointment with proff peter steadman next week and was wondering if any one has seen him or has any good or bad things to say about him. I’ve already had to change IME’s.

    • @pat…I saw him Assoc Prof Steadman…he appeared to be ok am still waiting for report…However he is the Managing Director of of his IME clinics and does write a lot of papers on workcover which one could conclude is not favourable for injured workers! As I have had to pay for all medical treatment etc for last couple of years and I dont drink or take/rely on narcotics I believe this is why he came across as nice…a friend of mine went in straight after me and they said he was an absolute prick but their lifestyle and injury/ies different to me….so I guess we will need to wait and see

  6. Anyone seen the psychiatrist Dr White? What is he like? This is the third IME I will be seeing. Sick of the insurer tricks!

    • Yes I’ve seen him. He’s very nice. He was my first IME that I was sent to. He supported my claim. Was never sent to him again though. Wonder why??? They sent me to another one 6 mths later that suited them better.

    • If you are referring to Dr Gregory White, I found him extremely fair and balanced. CGU used him on my claim initially and his report was supportive of my claim – needless to say CGU didn’t send me back to him for any follow up IME assessments.

  7. Anyone know any orthosurgeons who does hip arthroscopy in SA? Tore my labram and apparently only a few people do it in SA. Heard of some melbourne guys, but don’t think they do work cover. Looked online and saw a Dr Liew does it, but not sure if he does work cover patients. My hip is so painful when I twist!!!

    • @Hurt@work34
      Dr Liew does do workcover but dont expect a favourable report he goes green around the gills when he knows it is workcover and becomes hostile and will tell you if there are complications that it is in your head.
      If i could email you the reports I have from him then you can see for yourself if he is the Dr/surgeon for you….apart from being hostile re work cover clients he is very charming and friendly…if you can do surgery as a private patient the report will be in your favour …then claim from insurer after you get the report…He will not do PIA or go to court

      • What issues did you have, Deluded? Did you end up getting operated on?

        • @Hurt@work34 I am having diffuculty walking due to infection from knee arthroscopy. He Does do surgery for workcover but if things go wrong like your typical ortho surgeon they blame you and say it is in your head….my knee is full of fluid warm to touch and the pain when sitting up or standing is unbelievable….I have been on heavy high doses of steriods antibiotics etc since June..I keep asking my GP and lawyer if we/I should be contacting him and letting him know that the problem is in my knee and not in my head and for him to see latest MRI….both have told me no not at this stage…The reports he wrote for GP and Lawyer where almost carbon copies except he left out important stuff in lawyers letter where for a Dr that does not want/refuses to go to court he has left himself wide open with his strange obscure ambiguious cryptic answers…Go see him he could be totally different to you if things go well….he tells lies in workcover reports be wary!

  8. Hi, my pre surgery care was a mess and has left me with very badly damamaged legs. Post surgery has been that way as well. I am going through hell, the pain while I waited for sugery was incredible. I felt the disc move and suffered all the red flags but could not get the surgeon to believe me. Since surgery my leg muscles, tendons, ankles, feet and toes don’t function correctly anymore. The only way I can manage this is with massage 3 times a week. Everything in my feet is tight and it takes very painful massage just to loosen things enough to walk but I always seize up again. The pain is agonising at times and I also have a problem of my legs filling with fluid. This is brief of course but I am having difficulty getting through to my GP and Occ physcisian. They simply will not listen long enough for me to explain everything step by step prior to surgery and after. I have had 4 episodes where my legs and feet shut down and I fill with fluid. The last episode did more damage to my legs. I believe I know what happened but what’s crucial is to find specialists that will listen to it all. Were the diagnosis to be confirmed then there would be negligence involving 5 doctors. I live in Adelaide can you suggest a GP, Phycision, back specialist and neurosurgeon that may be able to help. I would like to see the best in these fields but I need them to spend a couple of hours and not shut off. Lymphatic specialist and vehicular specialists will also need to be involved. Any help you can recommend I be very appreciative of. If things keep going the way they are I’ll be crippled in a years time. Many thanks, Sam

    • @ Sam
      If you can handle a trip to Melbourne, Dr Nicholas Maartens is a Neurosurgeon. A friend of mine has seen him for a second opinion and was advised to not have the original surgery proposed but a much less invasive procedure.
      I am hoping my GP will refer me to him in the near future.

      • Hey thanks for your interest. I to think Melbourne’s a great place for the answers I need. I’d like to go but the trouble is getting the referral and travel and accomadation costs by the insurer. Mind you they want answers so it may be possible. What happened to you friend if I may ask. I’d like the name of the neurosurgeon if you are able to. Thanks if you can’t go further for your input. It’s greatly appreciated..all the best to you. Hope and trust you’ll get your answers.

  9. try looking for Andrew Sutherland orthopaedic surgeon in the Warrnambool region believe he might work out of the hospitals in that region and has a good rep cheers hope this helps.

  10. Has anyone had experience with Dr David Marshall orthopaedic surgeon SA….any info most welcome

    • I don’t know if this will help Deluded, I see a great Surgeon Dr Michael Sandow for my shoulders, Dr Marshall works in the same clinic and I believe they would all be of the same caliber, if not I would think the clinic would have something to say. Hope this helps

  11. Hi
    Has anyone been to see Dr Andrew Sutherland orthopaedic surgeon based in Victoria but travels to consult and see people in SA…any info good or bad would be very much appreciated…he has been recommended to me as I need a medico legal report…If anyone in SA knows of orthopaedic surgeons that do medico-legal work could you please let me know asap as I will be in SA 17th-19th July..cheers

    • @Deluded – you may want to be a tad more specific with re to the type of ortho you need, i.e general ortho, upper limb specialist, knee specialist etc? Especially for a medico-legal report. Did you lawyers not recommend someone? We do know of a good shoulder ortho in SA if that’s of any help, but you would have to contact him to ask if it’s possible to undertake a medico-legal assessment. We do know he sees workcover patients.

      Workcovervictim3 July 1, 2014 at 5:56 pm
      • @Workcovervictim3
        thankyou for your reply I need lower limb orthopaedic surgeon….Orthopaedics SA recomended Dr Andrew Sutherland….I have been unable to find any info on him
        I thought I had found a specialists hence me being in SA 17th-19th July…However i received letter stating the Dr I was to see does not do medico-legal work…Feel as though I have been led up the garden path considering I was very specific what I needed…My lawyer has left it up to me to find Dr as he is putting my case together for court in August…He will do the referrals etc required…I reside in Darwin we dont know the medico-legal Drs down south…Darwin has no orthopaedics with sub-speciality…..I am running out of time anyones help is very welcome where Drs that do medico legal work are concerned…

        will eventually need ortho for my spine due to being manhandled by insurance IME waiting on action/result from AHPRA who are investigating that arrogant SOB.

      • Hi Has anyone had to deal with eReports? If so can you please let me know if they tell the truth or fabricate their reports….Do IME’s that are paid for by the injured party write the false lying garbage that the insurance IME’s write? Any input would be appreciated

        • Are you talking about the place in melbourne?? If you are then I have been to them a couple of time, guy was an idiot although still in my favour. Had real problems in my arm, he stated it was all stress and problems in neck. Another guy they flew in from Syd and he was way better, also in my favour and got the seriousness of the injury. After a few positive reports, the insurance company switched companies for me to go to IME’s.

          • @Porsche47..thankyou for your reply…yes they are in victoria…..the orthopaedic surgeon I am seeing is connected to them Dr Andrew Sutherland…I will be seeing him in SA….still have no info on this Dr….hope I am not seeing a twit or someone who cuts you off when you are asked questions…

            • I’ve been to e-reports, its still each Dr to their own… they write what is required, I saw a different Dr to the one you are seeing, ok, vague, and not so helpful in his first report, low and behold, he had had a MVA the day before my second appointment and was much more in my favour in this second report, mind you he spent all of 5 mins with me the second time round… (my injuries from MVA while working)
              The psychiatrist I saw… pft… says I should have a follow up, which never happened. I was able to have 12 months with a psychologist based on his report, just no review prior to services being stopped.
              Your CM will interpret the report anyway they see as being most cost effective. Make sure you receive a copy and compare with what the CM uses in their letter advising of treatment accepted/denied.

              • @WooHoo I am not dealing with CM…This is my own self funded report needed for work health court in Darwin NT… I need report to dismiss the Insurance Co’s IME occupational physician who said there was nothing wrong with me…have since initiated my own emergency surgery for total ankle reconstruction (ruptured ligaments and fracture) Adelaide ankle surgeon who did this surgery is not medico legal Still need knee and hip looked at and written about….Will not use the orthopaedics here in NT dont trust them….I just rang e-reports they would not talk to me as I am not a lawyer or insurance co…My lawyer is getting in touch with eReports to try to get CV of this Ortho and email my referral….maybe Dr Sutherland is a newbie to medico-legal reporting

                • Re Dr Andrew Sutherland orthopaedic IME SA….He is a newbie to the scene as he retired from surgical side of his profession not long ago….He uses the rooms at Orthopaedics SA when he has to see clients….maybe he has not been tainted yet by the sugar coating of big dollars from insurance Co’s. From what I gathered he is supposed to be fair and genuine

        • @ Deluded
          eReports is just a booking service for doctors that do medico legal work. There is no connection between any of the doctors that use the eReport service.

          • @ Madam Zena thank you…Your info is most helpful…Being in the NT makes it very hard to know these things I am sure we are still living in the Jurrassic era up here….we have a saying up here…When in pain catch a plane! cheers

      • @workcovervictim3 could you please supply me with the name and maybe contact details of the orthopaedic surgeon you refer to…I will give him a shot even tho my injury is lower limb

        • @Deluded: I believe it is Professor Krishnan, he comes highly recommended by several SA injured workers with upper limb injuries.

          Workcovervictim3 July 4, 2014 at 12:11 pm
          • @workcovervictim3 Thankyou will check him out

            • @workcovervictim3 Just checked him out…Orthopaedics SA is the clinic I am to see this elusive Dr Andrew Sutherland at….Thankyou for your help…I may need to see Dr Krishna in the future as I have hurt my wrist and shoulder through the many falls I have had due to my injured leg giving out and relying heavily on upper limbs to support my back and hip injury from being manhandled by insurance medical whore
              cheers hobbling wounded lol

              • HI everyone have just got back from Adelaide ended up seeing original ortho I had liased with since Jan…He is workcover but not 3rd party whatever that means….Worksafe NT does not have a Drs Register for workcover…any DR you see here can do medico-legal I guess 3rd party report….Now this specialist I saw in SA is fantastic he specialises in the upper and lower limb…He identified my problems straight away…disregarding all the insurance medico-legal reports….he stated i need surgery not just 1 but several to fix my leg to a point where I can walk around and wear shoes without crippling pain….this will take a long long dont know how this impacts on my court case currently in the courts…if anyone wants to know his name and whereabouts I will supply

  12. Sorry for the above-should have been on “hired guns” page

    Complaint maker February 7, 2014 at 7:07 pm
  13. Anyone heard of a psychiatrist, Dr Burek in NSW. My friend had a bad experience in his examination and her support person witnessed this.

    He wrote a report that said the injury wasn’t work related but that the injured worker couldn’t do that type of work, indicating it must be work related! The report was then used to deny the claim even though it was not what the person has been treated for or diagnosed with.

    A long time back he was not allowed to practise for two years nor prescribe medication for three. The medical report says it was due to the evidence and his “attitude” which perhaps hasn’t changed. Anyone know of him?

    Complaint maker February 7, 2014 at 7:06 pm
    • yes I will testify against BUREK HE IS CORRUpT AND MANUFACTURED FALSE EVYDENCE I need support . comcare knows it is false but are in nbed cwiy=th him I need support asap as fightung them right nuw. to discredit him . He asap (admin had removed your tel mumber) , ASAP DON

      • Make a complaint about him straight to Comcare as well as to your insurer about his behaviour and anything he did to be rude or upsetting during the examination. Put in a Stat Dec as this is the same as court evidence and if you had a witness get them to do the same. Get your treatment evidence to put with your complaint as well as any factual evidence to prove anything he was inaccurate about.
        He diagnosed my friend as delusional but everything that happened to her at work was actually proved to be true! He also said she couldn’t work because of this but that it was not work related! Look for contradictions in his report and point them out in your complaint!
        Anyone who is bullied or misrepresented in an IME assessment has the right to make a complaint separate to your claim matter and the more people with genuine complaints the more chance of highlighting just how bad some of these people are.

        Complaint maker June 8, 2014 at 7:21 pm
      • @Don, we have removed your tel number for your privacy – this is a public website(!) and the trolls are fishing, incl. workover et al. Pleas make a formal complaint to the NSW workcover authority as well as to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC). It is the only way to try and purge rogue IMEs from the system. Everyone who believes has been ill-treated by an IME must complain in writing. All biased and false reports must be corrected in writing as well.
        If people want to contact Don privately they can do so by contacting aworkcovervictimsdiary who will pass on any emails/info (and vice verse) with permission.

      • Yes he is a gun for hire. Said I was 100% ready to go back to work, despite the evidence of another doctor that I was TPD, a GP and two other psychiatrists.
        Ask for another doctor.

        • @La Hola, is his doctor an IME – if so what is his specialty? I believe he would benefit from a place on our flagged IME list

        • Richard Burek is highly competent, ethical and HONEST.
          You cant buy or con the certificate you want or the report you want – he says it as it is. So stop your whinging and slander of an excellent doctor.

          • Has KB been assessed by this doctor or is KB being treated by him? Sometimes doctors do change for the role they are in. He definitely diagnosed my friend with a delusional disorder but it was confirmed she had an accurate view of what had occurred in her workplace after extensive internal review by her workplace and she was reinstated to a new position in another town. His report stopped her return to work for several months so this was a case where someone was attempting a return to work and the mis-diagnosis prevented her safe return. The insurer also used the report to deny her claim for a while till they all had to accept the facts. Would like to hear of KB’s experiences.

  14. PS, let’s keep this page for doctors and medical resources. If you need help with another matter head on over to our I need help page.

    workcovervictim3 January 31, 2014 at 11:32 am

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