Good doctors

The good doctors (who still see workcover patients), including some independent medical doctors



we all know how hard it can be to find a doctor or specialist these days who is still willing to see a patient on workcover, given the endless bureaucracy, harassment, underpayment and associated, ahum, un-pleasantries!

Great doctors who see workcover patients

Orthopedic surgeons

  • Professor Krishnan, SA, he comes highly recommended by several SA injured workers with upper limb injuries
  • Dr Michael J. Sandow Orthopedic Surgeon in SA (does shoulders) comes highly recommended


Pain specialists


  • Dr Sunil Datta – Melbourne (Essendon West), Victoria
  • Ian H. Mackinnon Forensic & Consultant Psychologist – Melbourne, Vic. Ian McKinnon who sees though this set-up and writes report not a violent bone in my body. Highly recommended forensic psychologist Ian McKinnon



Vascular surgeons

Plastic surgeons

  • Mr Steven Salino – Moonee Ponds and Hoppers Crossing


updated28 October 2014


Please, add any “good doctors” you know – share them in the comment section or shoot us an email via our contact form below, so we can add them to our list.

We're always looking for decent doctors willing to help injured workers!

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102 Responses to “Good doctors”

  1. Oops forgot to say I am in QLD, Q-Super is wher my income protection sits, BUPA is my private health cover.

    • @tappedOut – You could try and get an early release of (some) superannuation from your major super fund. Ring them and ask for an application form.
      Or apply for Centrelink benefits with supporting documents of your financial situation, outstanding rent/bills due notices and such like. You could maybe also apply for rental support from i.e.the Slavation Army housing scheme…

      workcovervictim3 January 31, 2014 at 11:29 am
  2. I’m not injured but have been off work in hospital and sick since November. Still being assessed for income protection. Due for surgery on Wed, which I may have to cancel due to my private health fund telling me I need to repay my annual excess. No income to cover me, debt sinking me faster than the Titanic. I am being forced back into working although I will most assuredly not be able to manage it without becoming ill again. Is there anyone or any where I can go to get support?

  3. Hi, does anyone know a psychiatrist in the Melbourne metro area that will take on workcover patients? My GP tried to refer me to a number of psychiatrists but none of them would take on Workcover patients, they all refused!! GP said some were openly hostile and rude when they knocked back the referral. I don’t get what the attitude is for. GP has all but given up trying to find a psychiatrist to refer me to, if anyone knows of any or has any to recommend I would be greatful. Ta.

    • @Macy – although based in Essendon (20 min from CBD), we can highly recommend Dr Sunil Datta – Melbourne (Essendon West), Victoria. He takes on workcover patients and is very “familiar” with the adversarial system. A really lovely, empathic and good shrink.

      Another excellent one is Assoc Prof Mark Walterfang (consultant Psychiatrist and Neuro psychiatrist) – the Melbourne Clinic Consulting Rooms, Suite 15, 140 Church street, Richmond (Vic)
      We do know that he has a long waiting list though… But he is a wonderful, empathic shrink, who also understands PAIN!

      workcovervictim3 January 31, 2014 at 8:00 am
    • Marcie,what about your gp sending you to a physcolist sorry my spelling a mental health care plan funded bt medicare I think you get 10to 12 visits.

    • Marcie have you tried ?

      The reason that some are so hostile is that WorkCover is a dirty word. There are many good doctors who are refusing to take on any more WorkCover patients because they are so sick of get stuffed around by the system that delays or refuses payments, case managers who threaten and lie, constant interference to treatment and basically are exposed to the same mistreatment as injured workers. You cannot blame them for refusing to continue to have any association.

      You could try psychiatrist Dr Piperoglou in Hawthorn – he has many good reviews on

    • Marcie, another reason many psychiatrists will not have anything to do with WorkCover, other than not wanting or having time to deal with case managers, or chasing their unpaid fees, is how unfair the whole system is with regard to fees.

      The WorkSafe Vic scheduled fee for IME psychiatrists’ first assessment/report, which could be a whole 20 to 30 minutes, is currently $907.45. And there is a list of other fees payable like supplementary reports ($295.41), plus loadings such as for urgent examinations/report writing ($102.68), travel allowance ($473.47/hour), audiovisual viewing ($230.75), non-attendance by worker ($307.73), and worksite visits ($889.79).

      The WorkSafe scheduled fee payable to treating psychiatrists is a flat $300 + GST. THP psychologists will only be paid $150 + GST, and GPs get the same. If an injured worker misses an appointment with their THP, the insurers will not pay the THP for the missed appointment, unlike the IMEs. Why shouldn’t THPs get the same fees for their reports? Another unfair aspect of the system. You would think that THPs would get the same, after all, the insurers are supposed to first (but rarely do) ask THPs for reports, even though it is much cheaper than always going to IMEs.

      End the corruption! February 7, 2014 at 6:23 am
  4. Currently on WC Qld since April 2013 , have back injury … Tada ! Pre existing with nerve irritation .. Have had 2 nerve root epidurals , last one in hospital under General .. Didn’t work .. Now developed plantar facia in same left sciatic side from modified mobility gait ..have attempted working suitable duties in my disability job but caused great distress as am on .. Opioid pain patch , panadeine forte , lyrica and Celebrex .. Whilst required to medicate and drive clients and be responsible for their safety .. Employer has not given suitable duties since December .. Case manager has gone quiet .. No contact since December .. What can I expect next ? I’m not better .. Need surgery in a year when private health kicks in but unlikely to improve in meantime . Getting worried 🙁

  5. Pain specialists want us to believe that our pain is from a faulty nerve or area of the brain that can be modified.. I have injury to my knees, and I kept going as much as I could, but sought help when the intermittent pain wouldn’t stop. I then had a MVA (workcover) and am in constant pain. I still work as many hours as I can, but now feel that I have done the wrong thing as I am treated like I am at fault, I planned it. What I would give to have my old life back… even with the painful knees.
    I have been told depression causes pain… lol, more like pain causes depression.

  6. I was absolutely disgusted with [Dr M] hogg. Absolutely the rudest and most arrogant so called specialist I have ever met. Suffering from crippling pain and not being able to sit, stand or lay still for any period of time without causing great distress I waited two years to see [Dr M]hogg just to be told to get over it and get back to work. It is insulting to see him held on a pedestal. Conclusion, [this doctor] is [in my own opinion] a [censored by admin–>danger for defamation lawsuit served on aworkcovervictimsdiary!]

    Mr Peter Rickard January 29, 2014 at 6:09 pm
  7. Psychiatrist

    Dr Gregory White from Fairfield Vic.
    I had my IME today. I was very anxious. The entire appointment only lasted for 30minutes. He told me that most people say that IME is rude because they interrupt during explanations etc. He was not rude at all. he came accros as polite, but I’m not sure if that was just a way to get me to let my gaurd down. I did not get to explain all the things that have been going on. At the end of it he told me that his report will actually have no bearing on my case or not, because it is the insurance company who will use the information as they want. He did say that there is no mistake that I have suffered due to the issues that happened at work. He then wished me well in this WC process.

  8. orthopedic surgeon Dr Sam Scoffield , camberwell ,vic
    he was great he is a retired surgeon from epworth private
    most radiologists take lumber scans lying down which does not show the full extent of the injury, dr scoffield takes hes own xrays in a standing position and bending forward and backward which to my surprise shows where the discs are actually touching which triggers the pain as it is a picture taking in a load bearing position, I also believe there is now an upright MIR scan in vic which also shows the discs in these more accurate position ,as a scan lying on your back will not show the way that your discs are affected when in a load bearing position, this should put an end to the ime,s arguments that victims are not suffering a serious injury.

  9. can any recommend a good orthopaedic surgeon lower limb knee and ankle in the SA area….

  10. @ kawasaki, can’t recommend a GP but can tell you were NOT to go. Stay away from OSH Medical Group in Wembley , they work for QBE Insurance.

  11. neurosurgeon Professor Richard Bittar brillant
    pain specialist Dr Richard Sullivan
    Professor Teddy

    • is that professor bittar in cotham rd Kew if it is i would highly reccomend him he is a gentleman , he was running a few minutes late for my appointment and came out to appoligise and ask if i was comfortable , you wont get that courtesy from the ime,s

  12. Can anyone recomend a great GP in Perth?

  13. Can anyone tell me please what they thought of the pain specialist that’s on the good list,not saying which one as I don’t like to say their name.I went but was a bit iffy about him.

    • @Tony, the one you are probably talking about has been described by several injured workers as “ice cold”, and “small man syndrome” type. He is however one of the very best in the field, but I guess he prefers real nasty and interesting cases… Quite a few injured workers don’t get on with him, at least not in the beginning.
      Remember you can change docs, and one I can highly recommend is Peter C.

      • I saw him for 12 months, he’s not Ice-cold.
        He just makes his mind up about you quickly. If you go to see him, try your best to be calm, specific with your questions and explanations, open to try new things and you’ll get along. He’s big into you accepting a certain level of pain, and working with that-which is probably a good and realistic attitude.
        He can be very warm and caring. He had me pegged wrong, which was unfortunate for me, but even though I see somebody else now-who relieved my pain immediately-I still remember and use bits and pieces of Dr H’s advise when I get flare ups.
        And in hindsight, he was right about a lot of the long-term chronic pain techniques. I just was in far too much pain and fear at the time to be able to use them.3 years down the oad, with a specialist who takes great care of my pain flare-ups I AM able to appreciate some of the advise he gave me back then. Give him a fair chance, but make sure he gives you the same, would be my advise.

    • Ok so there has to be 1 gp
      1 spinal surg
      An 1 physio
      Somewhere in NSW ??? Preferably in or around Sydney area…
      But will travel to Timbuktu , if it means I could be given a decent consultation.

  14. I see someone here recommends Dr. McGrath of Canberra. I too have seen him as an IME for my insurer (QBE), for a nsw work injury.

    I found him to be professional and helpful in the appointment, more cluey than most doctors I have seen. He picked up that I had possibly had torn a ligament in my neck, and put me on to the Feldenkrais method which I have since pursued at my own expense, and has helped me much more with my pain than anything else (and I’ve tried lots of things).

    However, he also said to me that I should not be working at all…and then…wrote in his report I can work forty hours a week, just not desk work (I guess construction would be fine ha ha).

    Clearly this one line in his report was to keep QBE happy, however it is completely outrageous to say one thing and write another. Although I am grateful I had the appointment with him, I have to warn against him as an IME.

    I since have asked QBE to strike the report from my record however they ignored my request, and continue to send it to every Tom, Dick and Harry who has any involvement in my rehab.

  15. Would greatly appreciate any recommendations in VICTORIA for a good PSYCHIATRIST and a GP to look after a bullying/sexual harassment claim

    • Hi Backpsych101

      GO TO

      Sort under psychiatrists, Victoria. Some have many good reviews and those who are Hired Guns for WorkSafe agents are identified.

      Make sure whoever you choose does not work as a listed WorkSafe IME. Not saying they are all corrupt but why risk it.

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