Good doctors

The good doctors (who still see workcover patients), including some independent medical doctors



we all know how hard it can be to find a doctor or specialist these days who is still willing to see a patient on workcover, given the endless bureaucracy, harassment, underpayment and associated, ahum, un-pleasantries!

Great doctors who see workcover patients

Orthopedic surgeons

  • Professor Krishnan, SA, he comes highly recommended by several SA injured workers with upper limb injuries
  • Dr Michael J. Sandow Orthopedic Surgeon in SA (does shoulders) comes highly recommended


Pain specialists


  • Dr Sunil Datta – Melbourne (Essendon West), Victoria
  • Ian H. Mackinnon Forensic & Consultant Psychologist – Melbourne, Vic. Ian McKinnon who sees though this set-up and writes report not a violent bone in my body. Highly recommended forensic psychologist Ian McKinnon



Vascular surgeons

Plastic surgeons

  • Mr Steven Salino – Moonee Ponds and Hoppers Crossing


updated28 October 2014


Please, add any “good doctors” you know – share them in the comment section or shoot us an email via our contact form below, so we can add them to our list.

We're always looking for decent doctors willing to help injured workers!

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102 Responses to “Good doctors”

  1. Ian McKinnon rude abrupt and aggressive don’t waste your time….

  2. If anyone has seen Mr. Proper- what were your thoughts?

  3. Looking for good ortho surgeon in Melbourne (eastern side preferably),
    Boss has been great no complaints there.
    – just getting the run around now as I started the process of getting surgery on my elbow before putting in workcover claim. (Was hoping it wouldn’t get to workcover stage so delayed it as long as possible)
    Still waiting for appointment to see surgeon, but unsure if he will want to deal with workcover.
    GP hasn’t givin me CoC yet as it will screw up the process with seeing surgeon at public hospital. I only followed instructions from on site OHS company, and the original GP (who told me it would heal in a few months “you can just go on the dole and wait and see”.. Douche)
    New GP been great trying to get the process back on track but yeh it’s all over the place now- told me to start looking for good surgeon who does workcover cases.
    Any help much appreciated

    • Can’t help with recommendations re surgeons, but wanted to wish you luck with your healing journey. Your commentary highlighted one of the big issues that so many face in the Workover, that of finding Specialists and GP’s who will take on Workcover cases.
      I’ve unsuccessfully tried to get a referral to a Psychiatrist several times in the last two years all because so many of the good ones have no available appointments, and/or, will not touch a Workcover case.

      • Yeh that’s pretty much what the GP told me..
        She said there is too much paperwork and actual harassment from the insurance agents to make it worthwhile/bearable for them-ringing them everyday to question every line in their reports- the surgeons have better things to do, eg operating on people.
        Thanks for the best wishes and I hope you have better luck getting a referral. If you can afford it best bet is the private road, there’s not much point getting stressed out just trying to get in to see a psychiatrist- kindof a vicious cycle there

        • Not sure if I can afford Private – probably only if they do it for the Medicare rate. Homeless and on disability pension from workplace injury, me. A good and suitable Psychiatrist is hard to find, since it’s like looking for a Specialist in a haystack. You have to find one who has good knowledge about your specific Psychiatric injuries and their treatments, and who “works” for you on a personal/political level. Psychiatrists rarely advertise their Specialities or the healing theories/protocols they adhere to, so making a reasonable choice in the dark is hard.

  4. Hi everyone. What an amazing website!

    I would like to know if there are any other recommendations for IME’S in South Australia. I have already seen Dr Potter, Dr Geoffry Graham and both were great. It is to my belief that I can not see them again in regards to conducting a section 43 so any others would be of great value.

    Also does anyone know of any other resources besides webmd for ratings or for information on specific doctors and their history of complaints etc .

    Any help is appreciated .

  5. Do I have a choice which IME I am sent to? My OHS Liason Officer told me that is who they use, is this right??  Also when I did attend Xchanging for my ” half hour appointment”, they did not send me to an orthopaedic upper limb specialist.  However,  I was upfront, with nothing to hide and I did tell them I had already been referred to a top Melbourne Orthopaedic Surgeon by my GP, (and let them see the letter from the Ortho Specialist) and my surgery was booked as I could not wait for Xchanging to get back to me, as I had already been suffering 24 hour pain and sleeplessness for over 4 months!!  No quality of life living like that even though I still attend work sleep deprived.  My private health insurance covered me for this as “No Claim was official as yet”   Xchanging  did reject me, as I only work part time (3 x 8 hour days) and say my so called injury/wear & tear is a “Medical Condition” and not an “injury!!”  How can they prove that??  And now I am wondering if because I took the initiative for surgery and not wait for “their” time delayed decision if this was the right thing or not.  My OHS at work said I could do this, but they may not like it.   Please comment??  has this situation happened to anyone else??  Thanks

    • @Kath – You CAN NOT chose the IME they will send you to – and don’t be shocked to find out that they will send you to an “occupational physician” or a “general surgeon” who deals with warts and gall bladders. I my very complex and very serious ortho injury I have never ever been sent to an ortho IME (5 years! and 4 surgeries). I also happened to have my 1st surgery done by myself, got referred by my GP to an top ortho surgeon who booked me in, cos I did NOT know how this workcover thing worked. When I eventually had my claim accepted the insurer paid back my private insurance, and then paid for all my other surgeries, weekly pay (back dated), physio etc.

      So it does not really matter you had surgery, in fact it may be in your favour as your surgeon will have a precise disgnosis (and images) + mechanism of “injury” – and he will be able to clearly demonstrate whether there is a link between the work you do and the “injury” (even if it is wear and tear, caused by repetitive use or overuse at work)

      If your claim is denied based on “pre existing” or “degenerative” (their favourites), and your surgeon believes it is work related (i.e. repetitive type of work) then please appeal the decision. Let us know in what state you are and we can walk you through the process. I.e in VIC you have 60 days from the notice of rejection to appeal the decision at conciliation, which will likely send you to  a medical panel.

      workcovervictim3 July 19, 2013 at 12:11 pm
    • Sometimes you are best getting on with your operations and then attempting to get your money back later. After all they may deny your claim anyway and then you have to fight to get it. If you are in NSW you can take it to the WCC but I don’t
      know about the other states.

  6. Dr William Rowston  psychiatrist North Adelaide is a great person (not  IME) but if you need to see one does workcover is really good regarding pain/depression, has a great understanding of why you get depression etc re workcover/employer

    Dr George Potter spinal assessments, IME East Terrace Adelaide   Fair, very professional makes you feel at ease

    Also recommend Gary Clothier

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  7. dr ralph poppenbeek is a animal treats you like dirt writes lies in his reports and is clearly in it for the cash writes in favour of the insurance comp that’s why they love him he needs to have a accident

  8. Totally disagree re Dr Hogg, the rudest narcissistic person I have seen. Certainly a case of little man syndrome. Both my Physio and GP were disgusted with his report. He made a completely incorrect conclusion and did not like been challenged that he was incorrect. Threatened me on at least 4 times that he was going to write a workcover report (he charges an enormous amount of money to see him privately x2). His receptionist was exceptionally rude to patients. He was taken aback when informed that I would not see him again.

    Dr Colin Davison IME examiner was the complete contrast. He is middle aged, had a good knowledge base (much to my surprise as my injury was quite involved and complicated).

    • @Elke-sorry to hear you did not have a good experience with this pain doctor. Guess a pain specialist, like a psychologist is someone you either “click” with or not; and can be highly individual.

      I note you marked your comment private, remember that this means only admin members can see your comment (as well as yourself) but nobody else, Is that how you want it? Also, you may want to consider using a nickname for privacy reasons… Just a thought!

    • I saw Dr M Hogg for more than 12 months through the public system. I’m not really sure how I became his patient, I had been admitted to hospital as I was no longer able to control or handle my pain at home.
      The Nuerosurgery department had done all they thought could be done-and So Dr. Hogg appeared by my bed one day, and I guess he just took me on.
      It started off promisingly enough. We started a ketomine infusion in hospital, which continued in an inpatient physical rehab clinic once a bed opened up there.
      The ketamine failed (it was supposed to reduce my ‘tolerence’ for opiod medication. But the physical therapy/physio was awsome, I did things there that I had been afraid to attempt for months (I used to do some pretty advanced yoga, before my injury)
      After the ketomine failed, he tried various anti-convulsant medications for nerve pain, and kept me on all the opiods (I’m allergic to that tramadol, so ther’s not many options) I becme increasingly medicated and decreasingly mobile. I was using a walking frame by the end of the 12 monhts, but he still seemed to be certain that I had some underlying psychological issues which was exserbating my level of pain (or perceived level of pain) To be fair, I was always upset when I saw him (I was 31, with a baby just turned one, a 4 year old and a 6 year old-unable to drive or walk, and barely able to clean and dress myself-I was terrified) So I probably seemed like a bit of a basket case. Either way, he wasn’t interested in doing anything interventional. He suggested I see a psychologist, and (As always) I did as he advised. I still see that psychologist, and after finally taking myself into my own hands, went to get a second opinion about my pain situation from a private Pain speciaist. My new specialist decided on trying some interventional proceedures immediately, and I WALKED out of my appointment, folded up that walking frame, and it’s been in my garage ever since.
      My Psychologist remarked on the difference in language used by Dr Hogg, and my new doctor in regards to me, and how I was coping with my pain.
      I strolled in to see Dr Hogg after my intervention, and he said he was glad I’d had some improvement, btu he still favoured a more ‘conservative approach’.
      I honestly think he never really belived I had been in as much pain as I was telling them. I’m very grateful it wasn’t a workcover issue, as I’m certain any reports furnished by himself wwith regard to me would not have been favourable.
      I’m sure he was doing his best though, and I’m sure he’s seen a lot of people who whose pain was not all pysical, and I almost certainly ticked whatever boxes there are, in his experience to pick those people. But in this case he was wrong in that assumption, and it caused a great deal of additional suffering. I felt like I wasn’t trying hard enough, but didn’t know what to do, and my husband din’t know WHAT to think. Dr Hogg was no longer available for me to see after that last appointment, where I told him that in another case like mine, in the lack of any physical ‘evidence’ of a source of pain, to maybe take a little more notice of that person’s explanation of the pain. Because, clearly mine had a source, outside of my mind. He could have administered the EXACT interventional treatment I’d had at any ime in those 12 months, but because he never had faith in me, he never did it.
      I honestly believe there are plently of people out there blessing this man’s name, and he is responsible for a great deal of relief of much suffering, and a provider of invaluable support to many, many people. you don’t take on a career like that- a vocation like that without having the very best of intentions and motivation.
      But it seems, he sums up people pretty quickly, and sticks with that perception. Perhaps he’s dead on 99% of the time. It sucks to be the other 1% though. THAT I can assure you.

  9. Dr Joanne Griffiths (psychologist) works in Berwick and Mentone (VIC) and is fantastic.  I have been sent to Hillol Das (psychiatrist) for IMEs in the past and he has been relatively fair.

  10. Could you please advise on great (and not so great) IME doctors in Sydney?  Thanks

  11. Paula F Piccione Psychologist Will take on WorkCover Patiants Highly Recommended.

    Couburg & Moonee Ponds

  12. Psychologist: Ms Evelyn Field in Melbourne (expert in bullying)

    Psychiatrist: Dr Albert Kaplan in Melbourne also.

  13. Would love some suggestions for

    Psychiatrists Pain specialists and nero in SA from both a IME and as a treating doctor

    • Hi Jane,

      Good pain specialist is Dr Gary Clothier. He’s fair and when my case manager wanted me back at work, he said ‘No, she’s not ready.’

      Don’t see Dr Jules Begg the psych. He sucks you in with kindness then spits you back out with venom.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  14. Can someone please let us know of the good impartial IME’s in Sydney NSW? Thanks.

    • Dr David McGrath Occupational Physician Canberra I live in NSW and was sent to the above Dr and found him to be a true gentleman, he did not monopolise the assessment and after 1.25 hours he wrote a true and fair report. Believe me it was worth the trip to Canberra just to see that there are some highly trained Dr’s who are still human and are prepared to treat the patient as a human being also. Thank you so much Dr McGrath.

  15. I can confirm two of these people as being very fair and not intimidated by Insurance companies. My ex employer Chubb tried to bully me with a psychologist who pushed and poked me to try and get a violent response, Chubb call in psychologists to counsel any injured workerthat making a workcover claim is adopting a victim mentality. I applied to Fair work austraia and Commissioner Lewin allowed me to choose my own psychologist as Chubb falsely claimed I was aggressive. Ian wrote me a great report saying not a violent bone in my body. he was great and also Dr Lefkovits.

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