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If you are not represented by a (decent) lawyer, shame on you!

Why do you need a (decent) workcover lawyer?

Do I need a lawyer?  Yes!  This is the number one question asked by just about every (more seriously *) injured worker, and we say this without the slightest hesitation.  The only bargain or leverage you’re going to find in this sick and twisted system, is your right to have a lawyer of your choice represent you.

Without a lawyer specialising in workers’ compensation, you basically have little to no chance of getting what is rightfully yours – it’s that simple.

You see workcover insurance companies use nothing but a form of “anti- compensation terrorism” that starts the minute you enter the system, especially once you start claiming for lost time.

Your weekly payments start getting late for no reason and your endless calls to your case manager get you nowhere.  You then call your state’s workcover authority – for example the Victorian WorkSafe “Advisory Service” and they’re on a break or really can’t help you unless you have a ‘denial notice’ (for conciliation).  Weeks go by, still nothing… you and your family now struggle to put food on the table… the panic really sets in.  What do you do? Take it from us, get a lawyer  at the first sign of trouble! Decent lawyers will help you with ensuring you obtain what is rightfully yours (such as weekly pay, home help, taxi, physio, even surgery etc) as part of their service (and usually at no extra cost).

Worker’s compensation (or personal injury) lawyers are actually your very last line of defense against a multi-billion dollar, profiteering workcover-insurance industry.

If you have been (trying to) representing yourself up to now, you can -and should- switch  and get represented by a lawyer, like our personally most highly recommended lawyers now.  Just walk into an office of a reputable workers’ compensation lawyer/ law firm and say you want to be represented. First consultations are free of charge, so ‘shop’ around if you don’t feel comfortable with the first (couple) you consult.

You’re probably wondering why the authors (and the founder) of such (yes, totally amazing) blog on the ins and out of workcover compensation is telling to get a lawyer.  We can tell you the reason why you need a lawyer in three little but big meaning words: “insurance company lawyers”aka the defence lawyers (see below for a list) for the very deep pocketed workcover insurance companies.  Most of the trouble injured workers will eventually face with their workcover claims – i.e. comes settlement time for example – can be traced directly to these parasites, excuse our French, defense lawyers.

Many of those defense lawyers  have probably caused more pain and suffering to injured workers than any combined physical and psychiatric injury or trauma imaginable. They’re immoral, their job is immoral and they are ruthless.

Unless you know your rights and how to protect them, defense lawyers for the insurance company will pay their bills with your mistakes.  Please don’t make it easy for those immortal parasites defense lawyers, get a good lawyer.

(* by more seriously we mean, more than just spraining your ankle or suffering from for example a broken leg that will heal with no complications within 4-6 weeks)

What is a decent lawyer?

In a nutshell there are basically only two kinds of lawyers: Those who remember your name and those who don’t – simple! Those who rip injured workers off fall under those who don’t remember your name.

Some workers comp lawyers are definitely the real thing.  They care about their clients – us – the injured workers. Unfortunately those genuine, caring lawyers are harder and harder to find.

The worst lawyers are the assembly-line-factory-type lawyers or law firms (aka sharks or ambulance chasers).

They are strictly in the business for the quick money.

They represent hundreds of injured workers at one given time, so many that we know of one such a lawyer talk five injured sods into settling in one and a half hours!  This shark- by the way -also had to have his PA call out the injured workers’ names before he went into “conference” mode, because he couldn’t even remember their faces or their claims! These lawyers often talk about “take it and run” – be very very careful!

Decent workers compensation Lawyers

In this (and the comment) section we’ll list some decent workers compensation lawyers – based on “word of mouth” reputation from injured workers


Visit Zaparas Lawyers Website>>


goog-lawyer2Please contact our beloved, good-looking (hey girls!), down to earth, warm, empathic but “kick-ass” Managing Associate – Lawyer John Typaldos. The most compassionate and ethical lawyer we have ever met!


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goog-lawyer2If you are in Queensland, Please contact our absolutely delightful, compassionate and truly amazing Lawyer Stuart MacLeod. The nicest and most ethical lawyer we have ever met in Queensland!

tipBeware of UNION-affiliated lawyers

Disgraced personal injury lawyers

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Fined workers compensation lawyers

Lawyers or law firms to avoid


Below is a list of workers compensation specialists who work for the defense side – that is, they defend the greedy workcover insurers (and employers), and should therefore best be avoided by injured workers! We’re not saying they are bad lawyers, immoral or whatever, but they do defend the insurers (and employers).

Workers’ Compensation Law Specialists to avoid by injured workers for obvious reasons include:


We regularly publish cases involving bad lawyers. You can find them by searching under the tag or category “lawyer”.

Do you know of a good, caring non-shark lawyer or law firm specialised in workcover injuries? Please share them!


266 Responses to “Decent lawyers”

  1. It’s likely your employer and WorkCover will be incredibly corrupt and will attempt to ensure you don’t have any evidence. It’s very important you have evidence. Make sure you put things in writing (email) to create a record. They will deny things that have been discussed and notified etc.

    Also, I just found out from the police that if you can prove they lied in statements that would be required for proceedings etc, the police will charge them for perjury. I assume they will also charge for fraud, obstruction of justice (eg withholding evidence required) etc, provided you can prove it.

    I have lots of evidence and can prove gross corruption and fraud…. Two years later I have just been told the truth by police, while WorkCover has lied its ass off, tried to prevent complaints getting through their gatekeepers, and demonstrably conspired with the employer to fraudulently deny my claim. This should not have happened to me if the entire system was not corrupt, yet their corruption ruined my life. If this happened to me, no one has a hope in hell.

    Make sure you have evidence, even if they ignore your emails its proof they had knowledge and were negligent/wilful. Especially where there is criminal activity, get or create evidence by emailing everything to them and addressing all lies/incorrect or misleading information.

    I will be pressing charges soon and have also been advised by police that if the system is truly as corrupt as I say, the proper steps are to complain to IBAC (I have no faith in Vic IBAC who my criminal employer is involved with) or above that to initiate an inquiry or above that a Royal Commission. The police said if there are really thousands of people being affected, this shouldn’t be difficult to do.

    Nothing left to lose – watch out corrupt animals April 6, 2018 at 4:06 pm
    • Wow!! After reading this thread I realise that it is not just me who has been marginalised by my workplace and treated in a corrupt way by WorkCover. In my case, Qld WorkCover.

      Just before Easter i had my claim denied. EXACTLY 1 year after I left the workplace. Coincidence? Maybe – but reading through the 2016 Vic inquiry into WorkCover claims perhaps not (see insurer bonuses linked to time frames after incident date).

      Work has definitely ‘locked me out’. They have refused all my requests to access the types of evidence WorkCover said they needed to process my claim. Being locked out of the office (both physically and digitally) I had to resort to my (very detailed) diary entries of ongoing unreasonable behaviours from a subordinate. At no stage did WorkCover (Qld) inform me that my diary entries would not be considered as evidence.
      Only after I had submitted my claim documents, and the department had responded (ignoring 95% of my claim evidence taken from my work diaries), did WorkCover inform me that they could not consider and of my diary entries as evidence.

      I found this astounding as I represent the Department, giving expert evidence in criminal matters, and I have witnesses a defendant produce a personal diary record as evidence. The diary record he submitted into evidence was a three line entry of a telephone conversation. In the absence of alternative evidence the Judge accepted this evidence and found in favour of the defendant, despite all the technical evidence also being accepted by the court. It should be noted that the burden of proof in criminal cases (beyond reasonable doubt) is higher that in the Industrial Relations Court (balance of probabilities).

      Does anyone know of a good IR lawyer in Brisbane?

      I would also like to make contact with people who have had similar difficulties with WorkCover Qld (or any other State for that matter).

      Astounded - Brisbane April 11, 2018 at 1:05 pm
      • @Astounded, I am sorry to read what hell you are going through.
        I can personaly vouch for Mr Stuart MacLeod from Zaparas Lawyers, he has an office in QLD – Phone: 1800 927 272, Mobile: 0417784422, email:
        Give him a call, he will be able to help or at the very least direct you in the right direction. He is extremely compassionate, down to earth, ardent defender of your rights, fights for justice and does NOT rip off injured workers. He is currently also dealing with a good friend of mine’s PTSD claim and I am really impressed. I know him well. Just tell him Lisa from the blog asked you to call him, he will look after you. And no I do not benefit in anw way or shape from thinking he is one of the best lawyers on planet australia (I have met so many…).

  2. My perpetrator once held the highest rank in the Australian army reserve.
    I would love for my experience to not go to waste but i have no idea what to do.

    I’ve researched quite a bit into narcissists and can now clearly identify this person as a sociopath.

    There simply must be recognition of these broken systems. Too many people have and continue to suffer as a result of our systems. They are frightened of the reality and enormous scope of the problem.

    I would be more than happy to join with others to try to address this issue.

    Andrea Mancini April 3, 2018 at 5:53 pm
    • The best thing to do is to expose the injustice(s) inflicted upon you. The more victims share their stories, the stronger we become as we gain attention and create awareness, TOGETHER.
      Nobody should go through this ALONE. Just knowing that you are not alone, or the only person to be treated so badly is of some consolation to many.
      There are malignant / pathological narcissists everywhere, in all walks of life.I too studied them. Many also work within the workcover system. They have literally no soul, no feelings, and cause widespread damage and irreparable hurt. You are welcome to join us, we need likeminded people to help us spread the word, write informative articles, expose the vile system, and help so many other injured people.

      WorkcoverVictim April 3, 2018 at 7:18 pm
    • If it is a military based claim give Brian Briggs a call (he is at Slater and Gordon… sorry about that!! He is my old manager…. a damn good bloke…)

  3. You’re only astounded because you’re still in the reasonably recent stages. The more you search for answers, the more you’ll realise Australian government and institutions are packed with sociopathic communists who are there for one reason—to **** Australia and bleed its citizens dry for the benefit of themselves and foreign interests. The only positive actions are exposing the vermin, and wide scale class action.

    Nothing left to lose – watch out corrupt animals April 3, 2018 at 5:39 pm
  4. Hi fellow Aussies,

    I’ve been in the NSW Workcover system for 18 years and due to latest IME reports from insurer given the punt onto federal assistance now.
    As your probably aware it is a pittance. I had to find a lawyer who would take my case on again after 10 years passed from initial settlement.
    I can barely pay rent let alone buy food, I’m in a regional area and even that is getting expensive for rent.
    I have no work prospects and have battled depression for years as a result of all the system does to injured workers.
    Please give us injured workers/people in NSW a link on where we can find some assistance and not revolving doors. Thanks Joe!


  5. As I said, I can personally vouch for her. My case settled just before Xmas and she fought for everything I deserved plus more. She’s spot on with everything!

  6. If your in QLD and looking for a good solicitor, I can personally recommend Leeha James from James Law in Brisbane. Leeha is well worth her weight in gold, she has a no win no pay policy which was great for me as I couldn’t afford to pay upfront. For nearly 2 years she had been my council and not asked for a single cent from me.

    • Yes but what will it cost you at the end? Be wary of Uplift fee’s, disbursements and always ensure there is some cap so that if youo win and your costs end up more than your payment, then you are not out of pocket. I wouldn’t go through the process at all they can guarantee is that if the costs are more than you win, then they will cap their costs at whatever your payment is i.e. they get your total payment and you go through hell all for nothing! Read every contract carefully to ensure you understand it, ask questions and feel free to negotiate.

      • Hi everyone,

        My name is Seamus Barker and I am a PhD Candidate in the Sociology Dept at Uni of Sydney. Previously I worked as a physiotherapist, both in pain clinics and in private practice, where I tried to help people recover from workplace injuries and chronic pain. Sorry to jump into your conversation, but I tried to contact this site’s admins and it seems they are not actively maintaining the site. I wanted to seek permission to post about a study I am conducting, which involves interviewing people living with chronic pain, and in particular those who have had to deal with Workers’ Compensation / litigation / Disability Support Pensions / IMEs / Occ Rehab Providers. I appreciate the extreme sensitivity and need for caution for people on Workers’ Compensation, given the surveillance practices of insurers. I am not asking anyone to disclose any information over the internet, but am hoping to hear from people who might be interested in being interviewed about their experiences. Interviews could occur in person, for those living in or near Sydney, or over Skype. Privacy would of course be fully protected in any publications arising from the study, and any sensitive information (such as names of insurers/doctors/employers) would be anonymised. Your personal information would not be shared with anyone, and the interview transcript would only be seen by one other person – my PhD supervisor, Associate Professor Melinda Cooper. I cannot offer any remuneration for participation, but the interview may be beneficial, insofar as many people have not had the opportunity to tell their story, and can benefit from talking about their difficult experiences. The study also aims to reduce stigmatisation of those in chronic pain and/or on Workers’ Compensation, and to expose the human costs of the economic and legal realities of the Workers’ Compensation schemes in Australia, and so participation may be indirectly beneficial insofar as those aims are met. I derive no financial benefit from the study, although of course it will help my career as an aspiring sociologist. If anyone would like to hear more about the study, or potentially be involved, please contact me at

        Thanks for your time and consideration.

  7. Has anyone used Shine? Any feedback at all please?

    • I used them and had a horrible experience with them. It was quite a few years back and I had to go to the Legal Services Commissioner to address the problem. That lawyer is no longer with them though.

      • Thanks Joe, was it the particular lawyer or the company policy? I am a little worried by the contract etc

        • To be honest it was a bit of both. I wouldn’t recommend them but I know that others have. If you don’t like the contract you can negotiate. Also I would recommend getting several opinions before you commit from different Firms and Solicitors. They vary if fee’s and even advice dramatically. It’s probably one of the biggest decisions with this process. Pls don’t take the first offer you get. Interview several and remember that you have the power to negotiate!

        • Kathy at Melbourne Injury Lawyers is the best. We went through lots a crap before finding her

      • what state?

    • had a terrible experience with them

  8. Hi John. Sorry to hear, but not surprising given what I’ve learnt about Australia’s WorkOver Ponzi scheme. How about a class action? A few people have already registered their interest here. I’m planning to start a website in the next few months for this purpose (and to provide information for WorkOver’s unsuspecting fresh-blood). Good luck and keep fighting the bastards!

  9. I’m looking for a good lawyer who is in berwick area .

  10. I am in!! What should have been a straight forward short process has ballooned into something I could make into a movie. And yes I have all the evidence (too much evidence to the point I have considered hiring a secretary to help me organise it all into dates with corresponding legislation breaches) I have sooo many other avenues to pursue compensation and at the time of my injury I made a claim purely for the purpose of insuring a safer workplace for me.. my claim was anitially a clear cut disciplined for exercising a protected right, psychological injury and all I really wanted was an apology….. and it almost happened but fast forward five months and I just can’t believe how it all snowballed due to what seems like the inability to follow the legislation by the shceme as a whole. My claim consists of over 70 breaches of legislation and counting. I feel like because I have taken my time and not pushed for accountability yet it has allowed all the cracks to appear so to speak.
    I have nothing to lose because I wasn’t out to gain.. they messed with my life and my mental state for no reason.
    So yes I want blood
    Not money
    I want to see change and I am willing to fight for it
    (And if in doing so karma pays a visit to those who personally screwed me then it’s a win win)

    Everything To Gain November 9, 2017 at 1:22 am
    • I am totally new to this forum however your comment could have been written by me. I have a situation in Queensland Government that saw two people injured (myself and a direct report) by the actions of the same person, at the same time and due to the same circumstances. It’s nearly two years later and having dealt with Work Cover and WorkSafe. WorkSafe verify that the organisation was in breach of its duty of care. Work Cover acknowledge that I sustained an injury however hide behind reasonable management action. I have numerous examples of the organisation providing false information to Work Cover and my advising this fact to both organisations. I considered going down the path of industrial relations however have pretty much lost any faith in any system.

      Work Cover annual reports clear show a pattern over a number of years of the inequity between physical and psychological claims.

      I’m astounded that they are getting away this blatant corruption.

      Andre Mancini April 3, 2018 at 4:48 pm
      • I am a first respond-er and need a good lawyer in relation to bullying and PTSD

        • @VIC, check out Zaparas Lawyers, John Typaldos (VIC) and Stuart MacLeod (QLD) are truly the most competent, empathic, non-shark lawyers we ever met. There is an äd”at the bottom of the main page (footer) and on the sidebars (right) of page. A good friend of mine is being helped by Mr Stuart MacLeod for severe PTSD and the claim is going very well. Stuart has been unbelievably supportive to my friend, as well as an ardent fighter for my friend’s rights. Contact John or Stuart and I am sure they will be able to help you, or at least guide you. Tell them workcovervictim told you so. Good luck

        • after being shafted and deceived by terrible lawyers – we found Kathy at Melbourne injury lawyers. a fighter works for YOU

      • RMA the delightful hold all defence for these scum.. please contact me!!

    • I am very interested in this.

      I also would like to add Cameron Seymour of the firm Mullins and a Ms Isaacs. I can go into gory details but lets just say they are on my shit list and know it.

      Mr Seymour embarrassing had a security detail at our compulsory conference. Needless to say I pulled him up for the insult.

      I also worked out with much more than they were authorised by Workcover to pay.

      I was a lawyer and I knew every single trick the played.

      I have that advantage…..

      Overly complicated letters.

      Minor inaccuracies that make you question your own mind and recollections.

      Downright lying in correspondence.

      Falsely presenting legal facts (one major reason a lawyer is almost essential)

      I had to refer the 2IC of Workcover Queensland to the Crime Commission (was then the CMC now the CCC)

      Be tough but sensible!


    • You don’t work for a certain transport company by any chance?
      As i was reading your account it felt like I could have written it!

  11. Hang in there, Simon. It is upsetting, but the government and its agents are breaking the law. Let’s hold them to account. Are you interested in class action?

    Nothing left to lose – watch out corrupt animals October 28, 2017 at 1:04 pm
  12. Is very upsetting to be honest.. Very upsetting!!

  13. I was also recommended a gaming site that allows live group chat to be set up (for non-gaming purposes). Will find out what it was if you think this would be useful. From my understanding, it would allow us to set up a room so when people sign in they can chat live with others in the room.

    Nothing left to lose – watch out corrupt animals October 26, 2017 at 1:05 pm
  14. Protonmail is fully anonymous — no personal details whatsoever required to sign up if you remember your password, or you can add any backup email in case you forget. Whereas Gmail etc require identifying details to signup.

    With the thousands of people being screwed over by WorkSafe each year, surely it wouldn’t take too long for interested people to group for a class action in each state? Do you agree?

    Probably good to see if we can get help — do you trust them?

    Nothing left to lose – watch out corrupt animals October 26, 2017 at 1:00 pm
  15. The great WorkCover Ponzi scheme! Time to run class actions against the miserable criminals!

    Nothing left to lose – watch out corrupt animals October 25, 2017 at 4:15 pm
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