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If you are not represented by a (decent) lawyer, shame on you!

Why do you need a (decent) workcover lawyer?

Do I need a lawyer?  Yes!  This is the number one question asked by just about every (more seriously *) injured worker, and we say this without the slightest hesitation.  The only bargain or leverage you’re going to find in this sick and twisted system, is your right to have a lawyer of your choice represent you.

Without a lawyer specialising in workers’ compensation, you basically have little to no chance of getting what is rightfully yours – it’s that simple.

You see workcover insurance companies use nothing but a form of “anti- compensation terrorism” that starts the minute you enter the system, especially once you start claiming for lost time.

Your weekly payments start getting late for no reason and your endless calls to your case manager get you nowhere.  You then call your state’s workcover authority – for example the Victorian WorkSafe “Advisory Service” and they’re on a break or really can’t help you unless you have a ‘denial notice’ (for conciliation).  Weeks go by, still nothing… you and your family now struggle to put food on the table… the panic really sets in.  What do you do? Take it from us, get a lawyer  at the first sign of trouble! Decent lawyers will help you with ensuring you obtain what is rightfully yours (such as weekly pay, home help, taxi, physio, even surgery etc) as part of their service (and usually at no extra cost).

Worker’s compensation (or personal injury) lawyers are actually your very last line of defense against a multi-billion dollar, profiteering workcover-insurance industry.

If you have been (trying to) representing yourself up to now, you can -and should- switch  and get represented by a lawyer, like our personally most highly recommended lawyers now.  Just walk into an office of a reputable workers’ compensation lawyer/ law firm and say you want to be represented. First consultations are free of charge, so ‘shop’ around if you don’t feel comfortable with the first (couple) you consult.

You’re probably wondering why the authors (and the founder) of such (yes, totally amazing) blog on the ins and out of workcover compensation is telling to get a lawyer.  We can tell you the reason why you need a lawyer in three little but big meaning words: “insurance company lawyers”aka the defence lawyers (see below for a list) for the very deep pocketed workcover insurance companies.  Most of the trouble injured workers will eventually face with their workcover claims – i.e. comes settlement time for example – can be traced directly to these parasites, excuse our French, defense lawyers.

Many of those defense lawyers  have probably caused more pain and suffering to injured workers than any combined physical and psychiatric injury or trauma imaginable. They’re immoral, their job is immoral and they are ruthless.

Unless you know your rights and how to protect them, defense lawyers for the insurance company will pay their bills with your mistakes.  Please don’t make it easy for those immortal parasites defense lawyers, get a good lawyer.

(* by more seriously we mean, more than just spraining your ankle or suffering from for example a broken leg that will heal with no complications within 4-6 weeks)

What is a decent lawyer?

In a nutshell there are basically only two kinds of lawyers: Those who remember your name and those who don’t – simple! Those who rip injured workers off fall under those who don’t remember your name.

Some workers comp lawyers are definitely the real thing.  They care about their clients – us – the injured workers. Unfortunately those genuine, caring lawyers are harder and harder to find.

The worst lawyers are the assembly-line-factory-type lawyers or law firms (aka sharks or ambulance chasers).

They are strictly in the business for the quick money.

They represent hundreds of injured workers at one given time, so many that we know of one such a lawyer talk five injured sods into settling in one and a half hours!  This shark- by the way -also had to have his PA call out the injured workers’ names before he went into “conference” mode, because he couldn’t even remember their faces or their claims! These lawyers often talk about “take it and run” – be very very careful!

Decent workers compensation Lawyers

In this (and the comment) section we’ll list some decent workers compensation lawyers – based on “word of mouth” reputation from injured workers


Visit Zaparas Lawyers Website>>


goog-lawyer2Please contact our beloved, good-looking (hey girls!), down to earth, warm, empathic but “kick-ass” Managing Associate – Lawyer John Typaldos. The most compassionate and ethical lawyer we have ever met!


Click to read more

goog-lawyer2If you are in Queensland, Please contact our absolutely delightful, compassionate and truly amazing Lawyer Stuart MacLeod. The nicest and most ethical lawyer we have ever met in Queensland!

tipBeware of UNION-affiliated lawyers

Disgraced personal injury lawyers

warning bad lawyer ahead

Fined workers compensation lawyers

Lawyers or law firms to avoid


Below is a list of workers compensation specialists who work for the defense side – that is, they defend the greedy workcover insurers (and employers), and should therefore best be avoided by injured workers! We’re not saying they are bad lawyers, immoral or whatever, but they do defend the insurers (and employers).

Workers’ Compensation Law Specialists to avoid by injured workers for obvious reasons include:


We regularly publish cases involving bad lawyers. You can find them by searching under the tag or category “lawyer”.

Do you know of a good, caring non-shark lawyer or law firm specialised in workcover injuries? Please share them!


265 Responses to “Decent lawyers”

  1. Zaparas Lawyers are a caring family group of solicitors who look after their work injured/TAC injured clients. Most recommended.

  2. nowicki carbone victoria
    they have been fantastic
    we changed from another mob who lm sure took under the table bribes from Tac they were a multi national company

  3. I was referred by my Pysciatrist to a Scott MacDougall from the firm Soothill & Associates in the Sutherland. Scott listened to my story (which I must admit, was at times incoherent) and after almost an hour when I asked him what I owed him, he told replied “Don’t to be silly”. He was kind and compassionate and most importantly he was not seeking to make a quick buck. “If your computer doesn’t work don’t punch the screen, understand how the device works” That was his advice when dealing with Government agengies. Simple, but true. Once you take the emotion out of the equation, it ceases to be such an ordeal.

    Susan Gates-Head October 23, 2013 at 8:44 am
    • I hope you all realise the NSW WorkCover scheme covers the costs of the solicitors and they also apply to have their disbursements covered this means when your case goes to arbitration both sides solicitors put in their costs, including any costs of doctors they send you to, so the doctor is paid by your solicitors who recoup from WorkCover. WorkCover sets the costs and solicitors can ask the arbitrator for an uplift in costs if the matter is complex.
      With the new legislation the solicitors apply to ILARS for approval to be paid for your costs and if approved they are paid so they won’t take on work if ILARS doesn’t approve their costs.

      The solicitors weigh up whether they can take your matter into common law if your percentage of injury is over 15% WPI.
      If they think you have a fair chance of proving your employer had a duty of care and they placed you at a foreseeable risk of injury and you were injured because they did nothing to prevent the risk then your solicitors will advise you of the costs because if you lose you get costs and if they are saying they don’t charge if you lose they will have to bear the costs themselves.
      This is the reason solicitors don’t usually take on common law cases unless they are sure about winning.
      If your solicitors win at common law you do have to pay their costs from your common law settlement and the legislation sets these costs.

      You will find most people don’t get to the point of civil/common law ie suing for negligence and costs for the solicitors are covered by WorkCover up till the point you step out of the system into common law where you have to pay costs from your award or what you negotiate in mediation.

      Solicitors are not freely giving you support and if they are charging you along the way contact WorkCover 131050 or WIRO, NSW for advice.

      Even union solicitors are under the same laws so they don’t miss out as they too recoup their costs from the system.

      The work capacity part of the Legislation bans both sides from paying solicitors so if any solicitors are helping you with work capacity decisions they legally can’t charge for their services at all. If you have a solicitor willing to help with work capacity decisions then they really are doing this for free but if they try to charge you it is illegal so contact WorkCover or WIRO.

      Bashed and bullied February 22, 2014 at 8:55 am
  4. We’re looking for good lawyers! Recently a SA based injured worker has asked us for a referral to a good SA Lawyer – does anyone have any suggestion please? Greatly appreciated.

  5. I can’t stress enough every body has to lobby the politicians ask for answers as to why injured workers are treated like convicted pedophiles

    ..................... September 12, 2013 at 9:19 pm
  6. I am really disgusted by this action of the ‘law firm’, I have no idea of what advice I can give to those already in the system. In my own experience, I was supported 100% by my union and their lawyers at no cost to myself. I am fully aware that there are useless unions around, however if you are a union member many times it will help. For those still in the workforce, join your union, go to their meetings and push to get a better deal for injured workers. For individuals that have been hurt, it is minefield to find decent lawyers, of course they exist, but the horror stories abound. And WCV, I think it would be a good idea to spread the accountability like ……… has said, all injured workers could have a stake (easier said than done). There are high profile lawyers in Australia who will defend on principle, we need them to become aware of what is happening.

    • Lobby the politicians good place to start is your Premier of the state your in. The Attorney General of your state, The Assistant Treasurer Hon Minister Rich-Phillips. Prime Minister Abbott. can anyone else add to this call for a royal commision make noise to the politicians they are the ones that have let this mess happen and they are the only ones that can fix the damage. Get to it people start badgering them now!!!!

      ..................... September 12, 2013 at 3:04 pm
  7. What a shame this website has had to been censored. Is it possible to post some remedies that people have if they are not happy with their current lawyer.

    And possibly some helpful tips when looking for a lawyer.

    You don’t need to name names – but where a person can go if they are having problems, would be helpful.

    will the pain ever end? September 12, 2013 at 8:42 am
    • Our admin(s) are thinking that a way to get around these (unfounded) defamation law suit threats are to try and implement a “rating” system. You know one of these “star” systems and we could list all known lawyers and simply allow injured workers to “rate” them via “starts” or “thumbs up” and “thumbs down”. What do you think?

      • Name them and shame them its not defamation if you have proof 😉

        ..................... September 12, 2013 at 2:44 pm
        • @…. and all those who wrote some negative reviews about “that law firm” – as far as “evidence” goes, in this case we only have those anonymous injured workers comments, again if they could provide us with hard evidence of wrong doing, the site admins could easily refute the “defamation” law suit threat, and if need be those affected injured workers could be called upon as witlessness and help air the (dirty) laundry.
          The same goes with naming IMEs – again without providing us with written evidence we cop the blame for publishing “defamatory” material.
          So, we believe best would be to come up, if we can, with a rating system to individually rate IMEs and lawyers/law firms.

          It is very disturbing to be gagged into silence or censorship, notwithstanding that there were more than 8 or 9 different injured workers who expresses serious concerns with this law firm.

          So either you come up with the evidence (send it to us in writing via email) either we can not republish those (saved) comments. Ultimately it is the person or the persons who authorise the publication of the “material” who are held accountable (sued), and not those who write the comments behind an alias.

          • Sent me and email and I’ll discuss what evidence I have with you – and provide information on my experience. I think that the public has a right to know about the law firms that are going to make life worse. I would be willing to provide a stat dec – or present as a witness in a defamation case. I only wish that I had knew what others had experienced before I signed with “that law firm”. I wouldn’t be in this situation at all if these postings appeared long ago. I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what I have experienced. I think that the public (and injured workers especially) have the right to know. If the rating system is the best way to get by this in the mean time – please start this. People have the right to know and make their choices accordingly. You must know that for every single complaint that was posted on this site – there must be at least another 10 people effected!

            will the pain ever end? September 13, 2013 at 10:16 pm
      • That sounds like a great idea!

        What about a similar rating system for IMEs?

      • That is a great idea, with a rating system there would not be any defamation questions.

  8. workcovervictim3 and your scared by these hollow threats you need to make this blog ownerless or multiple owners so no one can be held accountable just like the workcover system. Defamation my ass people here have proof to back up what they are saying tell em to go and get stuffed and stop being scared of them

    ......................... September 11, 2013 at 8:33 pm
  9. IMPORTANT NOTICE: as you may have noticed sudden positive comments are appearing about “that recent law firm” – needless to say that this person behind this “law firm” has just sent a law suit threat for DEFAMATION to the very seriously injured site owner(s), the main one who is currently extremely unwell and in hospital.

    This means that -until the main site admin(s) can address the legal side of things, we (I) have removed all these comments on behalf of the site owner(s), even though they’re are many different injured workers who have expressed serious concerns with this law firm. The “positive”comments will of course also be removed shortly.
    It just shows what kind of “law firm”this is, suing injured folks, rather than addressing the many concerns injured workers (their clients) have (had)!

  10. in NSW we have the Law society which you can raise concerns with surely there is an equivalent in Victoria.

    • NSW Law society Toothless tiger sure complain to them but rest assured they won’t do anything you need to write to the minister for workcover the minister for employment and the minister for centrelink as a lot of people are winding up on centrelink after being burned by the workcover system! Lobby them!

      ..................... September 12, 2013 at 9:11 pm
  11. Thank you Madame Zena for your incredible support, and Professional opinion and advice.

  12. I am using Firths the compensation lawyers for both workers comp and TPD super claim. Even though they are fighting an up hill battle with NSW laws they have been fantastic, I have had a few payments (only small) but each time my lawyer has successfully sued the insurance company for costs. I didnt have to pay Firths anything.

    These guys are the best!!!!!

    • Snoddy, you are right on. I saw a lawyer in my NSW country town. Early in my “free” consultation he steered the conversation around to a “loan” that he could organise to cover my legal costs in pursuing my WC case.

      I had heard of Firths, and went to see them in Sydney about four years ago. They have not charged me a cent since! and my case is now nearing completion. to put things in perspective, I suffered a facial injury at work, have had between fifteen and twenty operations, have travelled over 50 000 km to and from home to Sydney to see doctors, have been examined by probably ten IME’s and Firths have been with me all the way. Firths will recover their costs when my case completes, directly from Workcover. Well done Stephen and James.

      • The solicitors in NSW are paid from the WorkCover pot and now they have to apply to ILARS. They should not be charging people as they apply for costs additional to your claim up to the point you sue for Work Injury Damages. Then they can take out costs from your award. This is all legislated so if you are having to pay costs for representation to obtain a Section 66 award or to fight for treatment you may be getting ripped off by your solicitor.
        Ask you solicitor how they obtain costs. They are entitled to have you sign a cost agreement and even if you do that does not apply until you reach the WID stage. After you have claimed a section 66 lump sum, and section 67 for pain and suffering under the old legislation, you can choose to settle your claim if you are over 15% WPI and if your employer was negligent but you can only sue for economic loss. Up to that point your solicitor is paid from the WorkCover Scheme, then it is up to you if you want to take the risk of litigation because you will have to pay both sides costs if you lose.

        Complaint maker December 7, 2013 at 8:48 pm
  13. A TPD claim usually attracts a FLAT FEE of $8000 regardless of the amount you may receive (covered for)

    workcovervictim July 8, 2013 at 8:28 am
    • Hello,

      Thank you for that however I have been told it set out by the courts and could cost between 20-45k it’s been one year now so I’m getting nervous. Where did you get the 8k from?

      Thanks again

      • Most decent personal injury law firms such as Shine Lawyers and co, offer TPD service as part of the work injury claim, and they all charge a flat fee of $8000

        workcovervictim3 July 12, 2013 at 5:21 pm
        • I was just quoted up to $50k for my TPD claim from shine? This was for up to the 2nd Stage and included disbursements, i.e. arbitration, and did not include going to court, that was extra and a new cost agreement to be made if the first and second stages i.e. the easy stages weren’t approved. And they also have clauses in their conditional costs agreement that even if they lose, and you get a lump sum from “a statutory body” (i.e. Workcover) that you are still liable for the costs, So they want a slice of your work cover settlement even if they had nothing to do with the proceedings. Also subjective clauses for them to make you pay disbursements if you lose, like if they feel you have “indicated” you have lost your confidence in them, so by that token, if they have not been able to secure the claim, and you say anything that remotely looks like you’ve lost your confidence in them you’ll be charged disbursements. Is there anyone else you can recommend that actually only charges the flat $8,000 (plus disbursements I imagine). Thanks, Anon

  14. Can someone point me to a good Sydney law firm or lawyer who is not a gouger?

    I have a very good case. but don’t want the lawyers to take most of it?


    • Lawyers in NSW cant gouge! the Payments are set and I would recommended you seek a firm that only deals with victims not both. Choose wisely as there are many out there who claim to be one thing or another.
      may I suggest you go to the workers compensation commission website and go through their cases/decisions see which firms you are happy with and call them.

  15. Patrick Robinson & Co in Melbourne are really good.

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