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If you are not represented by a (decent) lawyer, shame on you!

Why do you need a (decent) workcover lawyer?

Do I need a lawyer?  Yes!  This is the number one question asked by just about every (more seriously *) injured worker, and we say this without the slightest hesitation.  The only bargain or leverage you’re going to find in this sick and twisted system, is your right to have a lawyer of your choice represent you.

Without a lawyer specialising in workers’ compensation, you basically have little to no chance of getting what is rightfully yours – it’s that simple.

You see workcover insurance companies use nothing but a form of “anti- compensation terrorism” that starts the minute you enter the system, especially once you start claiming for lost time.

Your weekly payments start getting late for no reason and your endless calls to your case manager get you nowhere.  You then call your state’s workcover authority – for example the Victorian WorkSafe “Advisory Service” and they’re on a break or really can’t help you unless you have a ‘denial notice’ (for conciliation).  Weeks go by, still nothing… you and your family now struggle to put food on the table… the panic really sets in.  What do you do? Take it from us, get a lawyer  at the first sign of trouble! Decent lawyers will help you with ensuring you obtain what is rightfully yours (such as weekly pay, home help, taxi, physio, even surgery etc) as part of their service (and usually at no extra cost).

Worker’s compensation (or personal injury) lawyers are actually your very last line of defense against a multi-billion dollar, profiteering workcover-insurance industry.

If you have been (trying to) representing yourself up to now, you can -and should- switch  and get represented by a lawyer now.  Just walk into an office of a reputable workers’ compensation lawyer/ law firm and say you want to be represented. First consultations are free of charge, so ‘shop’ around if you don’t feel comfortable with the first (couple) you consult.

You’re probably wondering why the authors (and the founder) of such (yes, totally amazing) blog on the ins and out of workcover compensation is telling to get a lawyer.  We can tell you the reason why you need a lawyer in three little but big meaning words: “insurance company lawyers”aka the defence lawyers (see below for a list) for the very deep pocketed workcover insurance companies.  Most of the trouble injured workers will eventually face with their workcover claims – i.e. comes settlement time for example – can be traced directly to these parasites, excuse our French, defense lawyers.

Many of those defense lawyers  have probably caused more pain and suffering to injured workers than any combined physical and psychiatric injury or trauma imaginable. They’re immoral, their job is immoral and they are ruthless.

Unless you know your rights and how to protect them, defense lawyers for the insurance company will pay their bills with your mistakes.  Please don’t make it easy for those immortal parasites defense lawyers, get a good lawyer.

(* by more seriously we mean, more than just spraining your ankle or suffering from for example a broken leg that will heal with no complications within 4-6 weeks)

What is a decent lawyer?

In a nutshell there are basically only two kinds of lawyers: Those who remember your name and those who don’t – simple! Those who rip injured workers off fall under those who don’t remember your name.

Some workers comp lawyers are definitely the real thing.  They care about their clients – us – the injured workers. Unfortunately those genuine, caring lawyers are harder and harder to find.

The worst lawyers are the assembly-line-factory-type lawyers or law firms (aka sharks or ambulance chasers).

They are strictly in the business for the quick money.

They represent hundreds of injured workers at one given time, so many that we know of one such a lawyer talk five injured sods into settling in one and a half hours!  This shark- by the way -also had to have his PA call out the injured workers’ names before he went into “conference” mode, because he couldn’t even remember their faces or their claims! These lawyers often talk about “take it and run” – be very very careful!

Decent workers compensation Lawyers

In this (and the comment) section we’ll list some decent workers compensation lawyers – based on “word of mouth” reputation from injured workers


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goog-lawyer2Please contact our beloved, good-looking (hey girls!), down to earth, warm, empathic but “kick-ass” Managing Associate – Lawyer John Typaldos. The most compassionate and ethical lawyer we have ever met!

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goog-lawyer2Contact: Mal Byrnes
South Australia

tipBeware of UNION-affiliated lawyers

Disgraced personal injury lawyers

warning bad lawyer ahead

Fined workers compensation lawyers

Lawyers or law firms to avoid


Below is a list of workers compensation specialists who work for the defense side – that is, they defend the greedy workcover insurers (and employers), and should therefore best be avoided by injured workers! We’re not saying they are bad lawyers, immoral or whatever, but they do defend the insurers (and employers).

Workers’ Compensation Law Specialists to avoid by injured workers for obvious reasons include:



We regularly publish cases involving bad lawyers. You can find them by searching under the tag or category “lawyer”.


Do you know of a good, caring non-shark lawyer or law firm specialised in workcover injuries? Please share them!


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  1. An awesome article to know more about law agencies and their rules and regulations.

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  2. Everybody says you have to get a lawyer and so far, without one, I have been deprived of my legal entitlements and subjected to further abuse of my rights by the WorkSafe insurer and WorkCover Victoria. I finally got a complaint through the gatekeepers at WorkSafe Victoria and the inspectors merely helped the employer with their cover up.

    Do I need a lawyer? Yes. Am I prepared to fight via the WorkSafe system? Absolutely not! I will not pay a lawyer to access even less of my entitlement with no guarantees the whole system isn’t corrupt including the courts. I mean, even your own lawyer could be in receipt of bonuses from WorkSafe to minimise your compensation. (Unlawful and a conflict of interest, but this happens as with every other corrupt thing.)

    So if you, like me, refuse to engage in the abusive WorkSafe system that threatens to destroy you more than anything else, what are you options?

    Look into the FairWork Act and General Protections. Can you seek resolution via FairWork (including the courts that deal with cases if you don’t agree to conciliation and jump straight to court)?

    Re WorkCover system, you can:
    – write to your local MP and relevant MP’s. Keep copies to prove that you’ve brought unlawful and corrupt conduct to their attention and they were negligent, if they ignore you.
    – lodge a complaint with the state Ombudsman.
    – lodge a complaint with the state anti-corruption body. Make sure you do so via a protected disclosure avenue so the government cannot victimise you for making a complaint. And check out the law governing your anti-corruption body. Eg in Victoria, the IBAC will need some evidence upfront to show that there is something to investigate, although I believe they are now able to investigate on strong suspicion. However, you want to make sure you provide enough evidence so that they are able to investigate according to the relevant anti-corruption body’s regulating law.
    – write about your experience on the internet persistently.
    – start a group petition by many injured workers to raise awareness and pressure the governement to address the issue in good faith instead of trying to screw injured workers over more and more. If a large group of injured workers did this, it would be very effective.

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    Nothing left to lose – watch out corrupt animals August 1, 2017 at 3:58 pm
  3. There is a lawyer in Parramatta to avoid, liar, cheat and scoundrel of the highest order WDH.

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  4. It’s my guess that most of the WorkCover lawyers are scoundrels. Just like most IME’s and most employers.

    The whole system is set up to defraud injured workers, not to help them. WorkSafe is a Ponzi scheme. Ponzi schemes do not deliver what they promise, but exist to defraud people.

    If WorkSafe was not a Ponzi scheme:

    – would WorkSafe pay lawyers up to $1 million a year to minimise their own paying clients’ access to their LEGAL ENTITLEMENTS? Clearly not.

    – would WorkSafe pay insurers incentives to reject VALID CLAIMS? Clearly not.

    – would WorkSafe pay IMEs exorbitant amounts to issue FALSE DIAGNOSES? Clearly not.

    – would the state governments respond to repeated investigations and enquiries highlighting the same corruption only by tightening legislation to strip genuinely injured workers of more of their LEGAL RIGHTS? Clearly not.

    – would the Victorian government have stolen $500 million of funds raised for and DEFRAUDED from injured workers? Clearly not.

    This is not a system set up to help injured workers. From many accounts the system exists to abuse and defraud injured workers, and there are plenty of medical professionals with both integrity and experience with the system who acknowledge this.

    Sure, fighting the system MIGHT eventually result in you winning your legal entitlements, but probably not before it destroys you and any prospect of salvaging a future.

    Look to other avenues. FairWork. Human Rights legislations and bodies (but expect these to be corrupt too – see if you can pursue this via FairWork). Your state Ombudsman. And your state anti-corruption body such as IBAC and ICAC.

    Spell out everything in writing during your claim, and on your claim form. Address all bullshit when applying for senior review. Don’t leave the insurer any room for “error,” omission or bullshit justifications, rhetoric and spin. If the insurer and WorkSafe then reject your claim on corrupt, invalid grounds and you cannot get them to address this, you should have a body of evidence of corruption to send your anti-corruption body.

    Fight back, but try to do it on your terms. This system is set up to destroy you, not to be just, lawful, fair or helpful. WorkSafe is just a Ponzi scheme for corrupt assholes to benefit from.

    Good luck!

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    Nothing left to lose – watch out corrupt animals August 3, 2017 at 5:17 pm
    • Also:

      – Investigate cases of WorkSafe corruption and slimy practices, so you can see what may lie ahead for you. Certainly check out Ron Fenton. Here’s a guy who absolutely should not have had to fight for his legal entitlements. When he finally did win, they just changed the rules at court to deprive him of his legal entitlement. Worth the fight? Obviously not. (This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue them… Just not through a system set up to screw you. Look for systems set up to hold corrupt maggots accountable.)

      – Make sure you read and educate yourself on relevant laws, including your state’s OHS Act and WIRC Act, and the FairWork Act and its General Protections. Austlii is a fantastic web resource for this. Also read relevant case law to see how judges have applied the law in similar cases. Even WorkSafe itself will OUTRIGHT LIE to you about the law. You are a human being with inherent and legal rights. Know what they are and defend them! Nobody else will try to protect your rights rather than try to deprive you of them. All these maggots take advantage of vulnerable people’s positions and attempt to push people into more of a vulnerable position so they can take further advantage. These people are sick and I’m sure psychopathic. Could you do the unethical and sometimes unlawful things they do to destroy people for their own financial benefit? If you’re normal, probably not!

      – Read and save your state’s WorkSafe pamphlets etc relevant to your injury. If what WorkSafe says on paper doesn’t match what it tries to insist to you, this equals deceit and corruption. WorkSafe is lying to you to DEFRAUD you of YOUR LEGAL ENTITELEMENT which it wants to share with fat cats instead.

      – Keep everything! Sometimes it will not become clear until later that a piece of documentation evidences corruption, where corruption has not yet become apparent. I have had many things become clear later, and have every email, text message and voicemail. This is the only positive in my case, and I have irrefutable evidence of WorkSafe corruption and also of WorkSafe conspiring with my employer to reject my claim based on lies rather than fact and evidence (although some of this was obtained by mistake and wasn’t supposed to be given to me).

      – Remember that these maggots are supposed to be accountable, and are breaking the law when they reject valid claims on invalid grounds and conduct themselves corruptly. Be resolved to hold the bastards to account at the end of the day, and collect evidence for these purposes as you watch them hang themselves with their unjustifiable conduct.

      It’s not easy. But for all the system does to you, you should use this as motivation to see it through (on your terms) and eventually hold the criminals to account!

      Class action, anyone?

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      Nothing left to lose – watch out corrupt animals August 3, 2017 at 5:42 pm
  5. i agree 100% theres plenty of corruption with in the system, ive been shafted big time 7 yrs it has been going on for and now its in the hands of another lawyer, how can one be knocked over by a overhead crane (faulty due to brake failure) snap not tear all ligaments, in need of a knee replacement, have chronic pain daily & after 7yrs carrying my R knee my left now needs surgery ive, the only treatment i have left to try is a dorsal fin (50K) and have to sell my house for that money & still not a 100% of improvement, Ive been deemed never to return to any employment in todays market (as they say) & have been since 2010 lost 40-50k per year in wages + super in the last 7yrs and work commision still says im 4% permanet impairment 9yet the board wont asses me directly) there decision over rides the 4 reports from different specialist & countless reports from knee, pain specialist. . These dickheads dont see what goes on inside my walls the countless days in bed, hours & hours laying in hot baths trying to feel some type comfort, the mental strain of being injured let alone feeling low from unemployment, ive worked since the day i left school paid my taxes, insurances, supported my family to nearly on the streets from these corrupt arseholes, its destroyed my life my dignity and so much hate-tread towards the government and the system its as corrupt as f**K FTS

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  6. Hi Troy,

    I’m sorry to hear you are being so unfairly screwed by the unlawful, corrupt government and their unlawful, corrupt cronies. Remember, corruption is illegal and they are meant to be held to account.

    The state governments are corrupt, negligent at the best of times, and criminal at the worst. They are DEFRAUDING people like us of money that legally belongs to us. We are talking about white collar CRIME.

    Have you kept evidence of being defrauded on invalid grounds? Have you written to your MP? Have you written to the state Ombudsman? Have you made a protected disclosure to your state anti-corruption commission?

    I note that after calling a WorkSafe Victoria inspector out on corruption, I cannot get them to respond and she (Pam Curslake) keeps trying to fob me off to someone else to find out if Pam did something she said she would or not. Yep, they are corrupt as f***, and while happy to help ruin innocent people’s lives, they are too pathetic and cowardly to handle so much as a question once called out.

    Try to understand Troy, it’s not that “these dickheads don’t see”. They do understand exactly what is going on and what they are doing. But they are criminals and obviously psychopaths. No conscience, no empathy, just reckless lunatics who only care about gaining unfair advantages for themselves and their cronies. They’re the criminals, they’re the ones that should lose in the end.

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    Nothing left to lose – watch out corrupt animals August 7, 2017 at 2:03 pm
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