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Former PM Julia Gillard house keeper workcover claim reinstated

You may remember the case of former PM Julia Gillard’s house keeper’s workcover claim for an injury she sustained to her back while straining to fit a sheet on Julia Gillard’s king-size mattress in 2012. The house keeper had initially some issues with her claim, also re-injured herself and now it turns out that she was accused of “fraud” by means of surveillance. However recently the AAT overturned the decision of Comcare to cease her claim for compensation. The article gives some worthy tips re surveillance.

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Facebook can ruin your workcover claim and show you can work

If you are an injured worker with a (potential) serious injury application and/or a common law damages claim with a Facebook account, you really need to read this article. No matter what privacy settings you use on Facebook, you must assume that everything you post will be viewed by the workcover insurer defense lawyers. And, what’s worse, your Facebooking can also be used to demonstrate your ability to undertake an office, or computer based job!

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CGU workcover insurer films wrong injured worker to discredit comp claim

CGU workcover insurer secretly filmed a wrong injured worker for ‘surveillance’ purposes in a (fully sick and undoubtedly disguised) attempt to discredit the genuine injured worker’s workcover claim. Was it not for a most ethical Dr Timothy Wood this poor injured worker’s claim would have been jeopardised, more so as the covert surveillance was undertaken at the famous 130 week (weekly pay cut-off) mark.

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Workcover surveillance – running online searches is standard practice

WorkCover insurances and their hired fraud or private investigators are spying on injured workers’ social media in increasing numbers. Intensive surveillance of Facebook postings, tweets, YouTube videos, photo sharing sites etc. are all being used in an attempt to untangle “a web of lies” and discredit any injured worker. In fact it is now standard practice for them to run computer searches and investigations to obtain information about your personal life.

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