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Your weekly payments have stopped but you are still injured

WorkCover weekly payments can be stopped for many reasons. If you receive a Notice from your workcover case manager/insurer stating that your weekly payments (income maintenance) are to be terminated you should seek  legal advice as soon as possible, bearing in mind that there are strict time frames within which a dispute can be lodged.

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Going interstate whilst on workcover

For a variety of different reasons, injured workers on the WorkCover system want or need to move interstate. Quite often, understandably,  injured workers lack the ability, resources or support to properly look after themselves whilst injured, and feel that they need to reside interstate with family, partner or friends, at least until they recover. The question asked is what happens to an injured worker’s claim and weekly pay when they move interstate?

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Workcover and redundancy – you can be paid out a redundancy and receive weekly pay

Fact, under the current economic climate, many companies are currently laying off a record number of workers. One just has to look at the recent developments in the Australian car industry. We believe that there are quite a few injured workers out there who are literally “hiding” their injuries, working through their pain, or staying on some sort of restricted duties, and not filing a workcover claim, out of fear for being the next target for a redundancy.

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How long will it take for workcover to approve my surgery

We very often receive emails from injured workers asking us how long it will take for workcover to approve their surgeon’s request for (elective) surgery. The answer is however long it will take for your dimwit case manager/  workcover insurer to decide whether your surgery is “reasonable” or not, and this -unfortunately- includes the all too often the “need for additional information” request, be it endless communication with your surgeon, or an “independent” medical opinion (IME).

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Injured worker weekly payments reinstated after 9 years

Talking about work capacity and weekly payments, the possibility of an injured worker’s weekly payments being reinstated, despite a termination many years before (in this case nine years), has been highlighted in a fairly recent Magistrate’s Court decision – Smith v Woolworths (Garnett S, 2 May 2013).

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