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The bastard laws of workcover

Our workcover system is not about care, compassion, truth, justice, fairness, equity or even honesty! It’s about money and power; about workcover insurance companies who will stoop to the lowest of levels to minimise their liabilities in every workcover case. In their eyes, injured workers are oxygen money thieves that suck in their mighty dollar profits!

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Workcover compensation and Centrelink

We often receive emails and inquiries from injured workers about the unfortunate, but real fact, that after their long fight with workcover resulting in some monetary compensation, a (large) part of that compensation is simply taken away by Centrelink, leaving the injured worker with little compensation for their work injury, pain and suffering and economic loss…

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ICA-workers-comp-overhaul workcover-disease

Workcover is a disease – injured workers are dying from it

‘With all the obvious and sometimes deadly symptoms, there has to be some kind of disease [within workcover]’ said an injured worker recently. Everyday we hear from injured workers and at times dread reading their stories. Sometimes we receive 10 emails from badly treated injured workers  a day. in the same or more serious situations. Did I say 10? Sometimes it’s 20. And the sheer number of badly treated injured workers means not only is that there something clearly wrong with the workcover system, but that it is systemic.

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Let’s have a look at what’s wrong with workcover

Workcover and its agents, and particularly those who work for them ought to be deeply ashamed of themselves. Not only do they mess with the lives of injured workers, but they are also experts in wasting a huge amount of money….Perhaps what really needs to be fixed in the first place is nothing but the workcover claims handling practices!

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Concern about workplace cover for older workforce

Workplace injuries are set to rise as a result of the expected increase in the number of people working past the age of 65, raising concern about cuts to workers’ compensation schemes around the country and pressure on welfare services, lawyers warn. If the government expects people to work longer, where does it expect that these people will receive support if they are injured?

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workcover-stinks diary-of-aworkcover-victim-we-are-back2014 weekly-payments

Your weekly payments have stopped but you are still injured

WorkCover weekly payments can be stopped for many reasons. If you receive a Notice from your workcover case manager/insurer stating that your weekly payments (income maintenance) are to be terminated you should seek  legal advice as soon as possible, bearing in mind that there are strict time frames within which a dispute can be lodged.

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Workcover does not work and does not compensate

Workers’ compensation (aka workcover) was created for two primary purposes—to provide at least partial compensation for lost income and to pay for medical treatment and rehabilitation services for workers injured or made ill on the job. This approach seems to offer a good deal—if it only worked.

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