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Victorian firefighter begs for workers comp access

In most Australian states, firefighters who are diagnosed of suffering with particular types of cancer are automatically “deemed” to have developed the condition by reason of their job. Unfortunately and tragically this legislation is not currently in place in Victoria, even though there is increased community support for such recognition.

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Anti-bullying legislation – Call to give FWC compensation powers

Federal anti-bullying legislation has now been in place for almost 8 months. Interestingly, over this period of time, the expected flood of bullying claims anticipated by the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has not emerged. The general consensus among lawyers and victims of bullying  is that the victim is unable to receive any form of compensation and that this has deterred (many) applications.

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Some of the cruel workcover NSW cuts reversed – Media releases

As per yesterday’s article Workcover NSW reforms & cuts being wound back, promising NSW Finance and Services Minister Dominic Perrottet would announce some restorations of benefit cuts to NSW injured workers, here is Perrottet’s media release, as well as well as one from Peter Primrose, NSW Shadow Minister for Finances & Services.

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Workcover NSW reforms & cuts being wound back

Some injured workers will have their medical benefits restored as the NSW state government winds back some cuts to its WorkCover NSW scheme!Injured workers will also continue to be eligible for weekly benefits until a disputed work capacity assessment has been resolved, and thresholds will be decreased from 30% WPI to 21% to be eligible for medical benefits.

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