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Former PM Julia Gillard house keeper workcover claim reinstated

You may remember the case of former PM Julia Gillard’s house keeper’s workcover claim for an injury she sustained to her back while straining to fit a sheet on Julia Gillard’s king-size mattress in 2012. The house keeper had initially some issues with her claim, also re-injured herself and now it turns out that she was accused of “fraud” by means of surveillance. However recently the AAT overturned the decision of Comcare to cease her claim for compensation. The article gives some worthy tips re surveillance.

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How many people are really rorting the workcover system?

Workcover authorities in NSW, Victoria and Western Australia have confirmed the number of prosecuted (injured workers) frauds is very small – so negligible, in fact, it’s an almost incalculable fraction of the overall number of claims. Notwithstanding the evidence the media still tend to give a seriously skewed presentation on the fraud problems with the system.

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Workers Compensation Fraud – Get the facts

We continue to find it interesting, and alarming that so many people in the community continue to question the “genuine” status of injured workers. The media obviously has a large role to play by reinforcing the stereotype of injured workers as fraudulent malingerers, even though research has proven over and over again that injured workers (employee) fraud accounts for less than 1% of all workcover fraud.

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Workcover cheats ripping off millions – really?

According to the recent Herald Sun’s – rather over-sensationalised- article titled: Revealed: The WorkCover cheats ripping millions from the workers compensation fund , listing a handful of fraudulent injured workers’ cases, one can easily be mislead (again) that injured workers’ fraud is rampant and extremely costly. But is it?

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Employer made up injured workers fraud

The Fair Work Commission has found an injured worker who was falsely accused of (workcover) fraud and dishonesty in relation to a WorkCover claim was unfairly dismissed from the company he worked at for more than 20 years. This case highlights again the “witch-hunt” culture of so many employers against injured workers.

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Worker jailed for ‘breathtakingly audacious’ WorkCover Vic fraud

Workcover fraud is frowned on by all. Deepening the stereotype to those who sustain legitimate injury. Time and time again, it is important to remind readers that only 1%  9or less) of injured workers defraud the system. Media sensationalisation has tarred injured workers with an unjust false brush….

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Plastic surgeon reprimanded for careless practice under NSW Workers Compensation Scheme

Sadly, we suspect that there are a few doctors who treat patients under the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme, less favouably than others outside of the ‘Scheme’.  It is also interesting to note that Dr Mc Carten’s ‘questionable’ billing practices only seemed to have occurred when billing the ‘Scheme’.  And it is injured workers who are accused of ripping off the system?

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