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National review WHS, have your say, quick!

National review of WHS legislation

We recently received an email informing us that a Marie Boland is conducting the 2018 review and is interested in hearing from everyone with an interest in the model WHS laws. This includes businesses and workers. Ms Boland wants to hear about what is working or not working in practice. You can provide a written submission, make a brief comment online, or participate in an online discussion forum. Please visit the consultation page on their Engage website to read the discussion paper and share your views and experiences. Please note that written submissions close next Friday, 13 April, but the discussion forums will remain open for a few more weeks.

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Workplace bullying: why no code of practice but a guide only?

According to the branch manager, WHS & Governance at Safe Work Australia, the main reason behind Safe Work Australia’s decision to scrap its draft WHS Code of Practice on Preventing and Responding to Workplace Bullying and re-convert it as a Guide only, was because of the difficulty of establishing robust control measures for people’s perceptions of bullying to the required level of evidence.

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Failure to return to work – what’s behind it?

Referring back to our article “SafeWork Australia: no improvement in our national return-to-work rates for the past 15 years” in which a recently released report by SafeWork Australia shows that there has been no improvement in our national return-to-work rates for the past 15 years, despite substantial growth in the international body of evidence about what works and what doesn’t in returning injured workers to work, researchers – such as The Institute for Safety Compensation and Research (ISCRR) at Monash University- are wondering what lies behind our failure to return more injured workers to work.

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The first Safe Work Australia report devoted to work related mental stress

It has come to our attention that Safe Work Australia recently released its first work related mental stress report, entitled ” The Incidence of Accepted Workers’ Compensation Claims for Mental Stress in Australia”

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Safe Work Australia Bullying Code – the proposed changes

As we’ve posted fairly recently, Safe Work Australia has released the draft model Code of Practice for Preventing and Responding to Workplace Bullying (the Code). The draft Code is accompanied by a “Guide to Managing Workplace Bullying”. The Guide is available to be downloaded from http://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au.

The initial draft Code was first released for public comment in September 2011. This latest version of the Code includes amendments made following feedback received about the initial draft.

On closer inspection of the proposed Draft, we couldn’t help but notice that the Code continues to include what is not workplace bullying, which is of great significance, particularly for workers who believe they have been bullied at work.

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How to determine what is reasonably practicable to meet a WHS duty – Safe Work Australia

Safe Work Australia has recently published its Guide on “How to determine what is reasonably practicable to meet a health and safety duty” (the Guide).

The Guide is aimed at assisting a person conducting a business or undertaking (the duty-holder/PCBU) to meet the standard of health and safety required under the model Work Health and Safety Act (the WHS Act).

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