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Let’s have a look at what’s wrong with workcover

Workcover and its agents, and particularly those who work for them ought to be deeply ashamed of themselves. Not only do they mess with the lives of injured workers, but they are also experts in wasting a huge amount of money….Perhaps what really needs to be fixed in the first place is nothing but the workcover claims handling practices!

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treated-like-criminal-by-wworkcover class-action

What are Class Actions really?

We recently received a very insulting message via our tip us off page stating “I think this site is a scandal in itself. If you people were genuine, you’d do everything in your power to help injured workers. I’m still waiting for the class action against workcover nsw. (Seems no one on this site is interested). I think this site is run by workcover….” [extract]. So, let’s address some of these ‘issues’, specifically the issue of class action(s).

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Workcover does not work and does not compensate

Workers’ compensation (aka workcover) was created for two primary purposes—to provide at least partial compensation for lost income and to pay for medical treatment and rehabilitation services for workers injured or made ill on the job. This approach seems to offer a good deal—if it only worked.

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Injured workers forced to jump over hurdles just to be compensated for their loss

Imagine being a hard-working Australian with a family of three or four and a job that perhaps just barely supports them. Now, imagine you are injured at work in an accident or incident and through no fault of your own, or through the sheer negligence of your employer. You are suddenly forced to survive without any income while your employer’s workcover insurance carrier attempts to determine if you were really, really “injured at work.” Hey, it could well be that you suffered from ‘old age’ degeneration, or worse, the insurer may try and blame your injury on a ‘pre-existing’ condition, after all you may have fallen off your rocking horse when you were 5 years old.

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medical-care-obstructed-by-workcover injured-workers-and-anger I-dont-like-bullshit

Workers COMPENSATION and nothing else

Our evil system is called workers’ COMPENSATION. It is NOT called workers’ Return to Work nor No-medical-bills-for-amputees or anything else for that matter.

Here’s the dirty bottom line – All the current discussions about Return to Work – especially forcing RTW- have no place in workers’ compensation. In other words RTW (Return to Work) is bullsh*t.  And all ridiculously insulting cessation or capping of payments for medical and like services for permanently INJURED WORKERS is also bovine excrement.

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