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Possibility of realistic suitable employment was, at best, theoretical – Vic Court

Further to our article “Alternative jobs for injured workers unrealistic” and the practice of “dodgy” rehabbers proposing bizarre “suitable/alternative work” to injured workers, here is another legal case have where a court has found the proposed alternative occupation for an injured worker to be unrealistic.

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Alternative jobs for injured workers unrealistic – weekly pay restored

Further to some recent comments about the widespread practice of “dodgy” rehabbers proposing bizarre “suitable/alternative work” to injured workers, courts have found that some (many!) proposed alternative occupations for injured workers are simply unrealistic.

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The average time from injury to rehab and return to work services is 90 weeks.

Rehabilitating injured workers or referring them to a rehab service as soon as possible following a work injury (or illness) is crucial, according to the authors of an Australian study of 95,470 injured workers. The report found that the average time from when an injury occurs to when return to work or rehabilitation support is sought is a whopping 90 weeks, or just under 2 years.

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Tips from a former rehab consultant not suited to position as spent too much time focusing on assisting injured workers with RTW!

aworkcovervictimsdiary was recently very fortunate to be contacted by a former rehabilitation consultant, who after working for a rehab provider (recently mentioned on this site) for about one month was deemed unsuited for the position as he spent too much time focusing on actually assisting injured workers with return to work (RTW) outcomes, rather than endless, mind numbing report writing! This very kind and empathic rehabilitation consultant furthermore offers us all some great insight into the inner workings of rehab providers and has kindly shared with us a free easy and effective guide that he developed for assisting injured workers to apply for advertised positions.

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Workcover QLD admits damaging psychological effects of its own poor claim management processes

Further to our co-author Trinny’s article of yesterday “Red flagging” injured workers as difficult or not employable, our co-author Madame Zena just forwarded us the following article she read on the WorkCover Queensland website – “Spotting the secondary psychological injury red flags” – and it would be hilariously funny if it were not so true! Whilst this article could just be posted at the bottom of Trinny’s “Red Flag” article, a it’s about the same topic, we found it so painfully hilarious that it deserves a spot on its own!

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danger-red-flag dodgy-rehabbers

Dodgy rehabbers – a story and a warning

A few days ago, an injured worker kindly contacted us, not only to share his ordeal at the hands of a very dodgy “rehabber”, but also to help warn injured workers “about the methods used to get injured workers to just give up”. In fact in this injured worker’s case, his own doctor has even recently told him he may be “better off on Centrelink payments” rather than put up with the insane stress and hassles dealing with his workcover insurer. Sounds familiar? You bet!

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Vocational re-education (retraining courses) under workcover

Further to Survivor’s post “Fighting For Retraining In The Workcover”, and the many obstacles Victorian injured workers face when it comes to obtaining approval from their workcover insurer for “retraining”; we undertook some additional research into the frustrating “vocational re-education & retraining courses” process.

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