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What the ef is going on within the police force and with Metlife?

We are receiving more and more gut-wrenching stories and emails from both NSW and VIC police officers who are being ill-treated both by the “force” and, yep, by their workers comp insurer aka as Metlife…and wonder what the hell is going on?!! Bullying within the police force appears rife and on the increase, and once a police officer is injured – whether physically or psychologically- their nightmares truly begin.

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WA is the only state that does not have workcover for injured police officers!

If you get hurt at work there’s an expectation you’ll be covered by some form of workers’ compensation.
But not if you’re a police officer in Western Australia.
That’s because WA is the only state that doesn’t have a workers’ compensation scheme in place for injured police officers!

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NSW Police call for inquiry into treatment of former police

aworkcovervictimsdiary received the following important message from Injured Police Officers Of NSW:
NSW Police suffer at the hands of the insurer daily. These officers are pushing for an inquiry.The community is encouraged to report bullying to the Police. Who do police report this to?

NSW Workcover is the regulator which is rife with bullying itself?

Injured Police Officers Of NSW
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A fear of injury combined with bosses who don’t listen or cannot be trusted is crippling police officers

Sadly this disturbing report will probably be ignored whilst injuries, both physical and psychological, will continue to skyrocket.

 Police don’t trust bosses, feel burnt out, fear injury at work, research shows – Herald Sun

  • Five year university study into nation’s police
  • Up to 40% of officers feel burnt out
  • ‘You  kiss your loved ones goodbye and you may not come home’

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Former QLD whistleblowing cop wins court battle

A Queensland police officer, Dave Whyte, was forced to retire in 2007 due to bullying and a character assassination orchestrated by corrupted colleagues. Their deliberate attacks on his character and  honesty led to a decline in his health and the loss of his career. A long seven years has finally seen the beginnings of justice. More needs to be done in the defence of the honest in the battle against the corruption in our workplaces.

Dave Whyte won his court battle. Clearing his good name and placing QPS in a position to explain their failure to investigate appropriately.

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