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Workcover NSW broken, pointless, complex and unfair

Last year (March 2017) an upper house inquiry into NSW Workers Compensation released its report recommending a range of reforms. But at the end of our readings we see that nothing has really changed, or has there?

The Law and Justice Committee report found that the dispute resolution processes – called “dysfunctional” by stakeholders – were “inefficient, caused delays, and resulted in inconsistent decision-making and a system that is difficult for scheme participants to navigate”.

The review made 26 recommendations to make claims simpler for injured workers and for the NSW government to establish a ‘one stop shop’ forum for the resolution of all workers compensation disputes.

Other recommendations clamp down on aggressive covert surveillance by insurers, stop insurers “doctor-shopping” to deny claims and require case managers to have mandatory minimum qualifications and training.

The review also recommends the removal of the distinction between ‘work capacity’ and ‘liability’.

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National review WHS, have your say, quick!

National review of WHS legislation

We recently received an email informing us that a Marie Boland is conducting the 2018 review and is interested in hearing from everyone with an interest in the model WHS laws. This includes businesses and workers. Ms Boland wants to hear about what is working or not working in practice. You can provide a written submission, make a brief comment online, or participate in an online discussion forum. Please visit the consultation page on their Engage website to read the discussion paper and share your views and experiences. Please note that written submissions close next Friday, 13 April, but the discussion forums will remain open for a few more weeks.

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VIC-Ombudsman-workcover wanted inquiry finds bullying within workcover NSW

WorkCover NSW under pressure to respond to entrenched bullying culture

Members of a parliamentary committee who found widespread evidence of a culture of bullying, denial and cover-up in WorkCover NSW have increased public pressure on the state’s work, health and safety regulator to show that it is actually cleaning up its act. They have also told WorkCover NSW to hurry their apology over internal bullying.

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WorkCover NSW bullying inquiry slams WorkCover culture

aworkcovervictimsdiary welcomes the recent findings and recommendations of the Parliamentary Inquiry into the bullying culture that exists in WorkCover NSW, which seriously damages its credibility. The report confirms what we have known and loathed for many years, that a serious culture of bullying exists in the NSW WorkCover authority.

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No! You won’t be covered: Workers in QLD need to brace for assault on worker comp rights

Working people in QLD need to prepare for a similar attack on their rights and entitlements as we have experienced NSW…No they won’t be covered once this sham inquiry takes place.

This just goes to show how much time and consideration the rights of injured workers are given by Liberal Government’s – ZERO.  We agree with Ms Mohle “It just seems that working people and their rights are about to be reduced to almost nothing”

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Compensation bombshell: Maladministration and psuedo-scientific measures add insult to injury: Professor

Gordon Davies, Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Wollongong raised some  extremely important points which were either overlooked or blatantly ignored at the NSW Workers Compensation Inquiry in June this year.

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