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How many people are really rorting the workcover system?

Workcover authorities in NSW, Victoria and Western Australia have confirmed the number of prosecuted (injured workers) frauds is very small – so negligible, in fact, it’s an almost incalculable fraction of the overall number of claims. Notwithstanding the evidence the media still tend to give a seriously skewed presentation on the fraud problems with the system.

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Workcover cheats ripping off millions – really?

According to the recent Herald Sun’s – rather over-sensationalised- article titled: Revealed: The WorkCover cheats ripping millions from the workers compensation fund , listing a handful of fraudulent injured workers’ cases, one can easily be mislead (again) that injured workers’ fraud is rampant and extremely costly. But is it?

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Justice is crucial to protect injured workers

An injured worker kindly shared an extremely well-written, to-the-point article titled “Justice imperative to protect injured workers” written by a decent, empathic and passionate Canberra Lawyer, David Lander.Whilst the article points the finger at the adversarial Comcare Scheme, it could well be applied to all workcover schemes and their agents…

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Media Bias: WorkCover Sting

The media once again reinforce the stereotype of injured workers as fraudulent malingerers. For every rorter there are 100 genuine cases.  Watching this report one is left with the impression that all injured workers are rorting the system when it simply isn’t the case.  Research indicates less that 1% of workers compensation claims are of a fraudulent nature.

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Narrow minded case managers:10 red flags of a bogus workcover claim

A couple of weeks ago, workcovervictim stumbled upon a bizarre and utterly narrow-minded write-up by a large workers comp insurance company  (name omitted for obvious reasons) featuring a “sample workcover claim” to “assist case managers to recognise the bogus workcover claims”, which are, of course so rampant.

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Worker jailed for ‘breathtakingly audacious’ WorkCover Vic fraud

Workcover fraud is frowned on by all. Deepening the stereotype to those who sustain legitimate injury. Time and time again, it is important to remind readers that only 1%  9or less) of injured workers defraud the system. Media sensationalisation has tarred injured workers with an unjust false brush….

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Fraudulent workcover claims: incidence and cost negligible

The employer fraud deals with not paying premiums, not placing importance on complying with employee safety. Read this article and weigh the differences. Enlightening. Pay attention to what is classed as fraudulent. For each in duty of care in quantity and quality….

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