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Allianz TMF spill the beans part 3

Further to “Whistle Blower”‘s most enlightening guest posts Allianz whistle blower spills the beans and Allianz TMF bean spilling session part 2 here comes the much anticipated Allianz TMF bean spilling session part 3, giving the injured worker more of an understanding into what it’s like working for Allianz from a senior case managers perspective and shedding light onto there dodgy practices for all to see.

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former-allianz-employee-spills-beans former-allianz-employee-spills-beans

Allianz whistle blower spills the beans

arronOh my, we are truly privileged to have received an anonymous bean spilling by a former Allianz TMF (NSW) employee! It is alleged that Allianz TMF uses some extremely unethical tactics to mismanage workcover claims, but also to ‘manage’ their own staff! From bonus payouts to the teams who achieve the lowest costs and highest claim declinatures (=rejections), to skewed ‘stats’, to… demanding sexual explicit deeds!

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The Hurdle of Credibility for Bullied Workers

The following article re workplace bullying was submitted by “Harry Hatzis”, as a Guest Post, and focuses on the credibility of a bullied worker, providing some insightful tips. Harry is writing an academic legal thesis on workplace bullying, victimisation, harassment and racial discrimination and whether the laws provide adequate redress to psychiatrically injured workers.

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Who I am, What I stand for, Say no to workplace bullying

The following article re workplace bullying, harassment, discrimination and victimisation was submitted by “Harry Hatzi” (Facebook name Harry John) as a “Guest Post“. We were not quite sure whether or not to publish it as it may come across as an advertisement for a legal firm or lawyer, under disguise. However, given Harry appears to be genuinely interested in the topic (and writing a thesis), we have decided to publish the article.

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