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Allianz whistle blower spills the beans

arronOh my, we are truly privileged to have received an anonymous bean spilling by a former Allianz TMF (NSW) employee! It is alleged that Allianz TMF uses some extremely unethical tactics to mismanage workcover claims, but also to ‘manage’ their own staff! From bonus payouts to the teams who achieve the lowest costs and highest claim declinatures (=rejections), to skewed ‘stats’, to… demanding sexual explicit deeds!

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Allianz involved in unconscionable sell of insurance policies

Insurance giant Allianz Australia has been caught up in the collapse of payday lender The Cash Store, agreeing voluntarily to refund $400,016 in insurance premiums to consumers after the payday lender was found to have acted unconscionably in selling Allianz insurance products. Needless to say that Arrrrghlianz “doesn’t think that the case was presented in the clearest light”.
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Workers Compensation Fraud – Get the facts

We continue to find it interesting, and alarming that so many people in the community continue to question the “genuine” status of injured workers. The media obviously has a large role to play by reinforcing the stereotype of injured workers as fraudulent malingerers, even though research has proven over and over again that injured workers (employee) fraud accounts for less than 1% of all workcover fraud.

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WorkCover NSW Privacy officer collects misleading health info to deny claim

In the following, recent, disturbing Workcover NSW legal matter—kindly shared by “Nemesia”—the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) upheld an injured worker’s claims about the “extraordinary conduct of WorkCover’s privacy officer”, and made factual findings that amounted to contraventions of privacy principles without specifically stating them.

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