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Injured Workers are subject to the whims of the insurance company

Let me ask you to picture this …You were badly injured at work and just had surgery. In this surgery, your surgeons literally touched and manipulated your bones. Metal was placed in your bones. When they were finished screwing and sawing your bones, they sowed your skin together and sent you to the ward with a Morphine pump for pain control.Then after a day or two in the hospital, you are sent home to recover…

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Medical treatment decisions and workcover

Let’s just imagine that we are a doctor or specialist and that we’ve accepted to treat an injured worker.Who is really making the medical/surgical decisions about our injured workers? Shouldn’t the workcover insurers at least share the liability or at least bear the responsibility of their own actions or lack thereof?

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Ahh Allianz – how can I arrgh-gravate you

When injured on the job, many workers may be surprised to learn that workcover insurance companies routinely stop payments or deny many workers comp benefits.Whilst we have previously written about common tactics used by insurance companies to minimise workers compensation payouts, this article focuses on manipulation of information, power, or a communication process to deny a benefit, in this case household help.

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WA Injured worker denied required surgery after impairment assessment

A Western Australian injured worker (“S’) has been brave enough to share his workcover WA ordeal with us. He has currently lost all purpose and joy in his life, after his workcover WA insurer has denied his required (second) back surgery. The injured worker believes that the surgery may have been denied because he has undergone a permanent impairment assessment (at the advice of his lawyer), however he has not settled his case (yet). Any advise, help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Non-existent epilepsy used to decline my claim: Injured worker

This is quite and amazing story from a recently injured worker who had her claim declined because an insurance company quack claimed her injury resulted from of an epileptic fit. Sarah writes:

I was referred to a neurologist by my insurance company to obtain references to what initially caused me to blackout after the event of my injury his initial diagnosis was that of probable epilepsy a condition which I have never experienced in my child or adult hood to date and have no evidence of it being in my immediate family, from this consultation based on the form of being of an epileptic fit my compensation claim went into denial of liability.

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