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The answer to changing workcover insurance companies: debate

We recently received a rather highly controversial email from an injured worker. The aggrieved injured worker believes that ‘killing’ ‘defective’ workcover employees (such as case managers) is the answer to fixing our horribly broken workcover system. We believe that the fundamental problem is that of bad faith…

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Xchanging case manager: at best terrible, at worst bunch of bullies

Yesterday we received the shameful story of “Severely Injured” who, rightly, describes his Xchanging case manager as a crazy ex-girlfriend who went from my ‘new best friend’ to nothing short of a stalker. She
would ring the injured worker up to 8 times a day, and berate him, scream abuse, make outrageous claims – “I am stopping your payments, its up to me, and you are getting nothing, which is what you deserve”…Sound familiar? You bet! And here is what you can do about it!

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Injured Workers are subject to the whims of the insurance company

Let me ask you to picture this …You were badly injured at work and just had surgery. In this surgery, your surgeons literally touched and manipulated your bones. Metal was placed in your bones. When they were finished screwing and sawing your bones, they sowed your skin together and sent you to the ward with a Morphine pump for pain control.Then after a day or two in the hospital, you are sent home to recover…

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Allianz whistle blower spills the beans

arronOh my, we are truly privileged to have received an anonymous bean spilling by a former Allianz TMF (NSW) employee! It is alleged that Allianz TMF uses some extremely unethical tactics to mismanage workcover claims, but also to ‘manage’ their own staff! From bonus payouts to the teams who achieve the lowest costs and highest claim declinatures (=rejections), to skewed ‘stats’, to… demanding sexual explicit deeds!

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Workcover case manager does not respond – what to do

The workcover case manager’s job is to save the  workcover insurance company money, period.
Many case managers get bonuses and ‘special’ recognition for saving their workcover insurance company money. And, you guessed it, the only way to save money is by stalling and denying claims and by paying the least amount possible. In this article we’ll give you some tips on how to deal with a non-responsive case manager.

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Your workcover insurance case manager will not take care of you

Do you really think that your workcover insurance company is a humane and considerate entity that aims to pay claims promptly and fairly? Think again. Your workcover insurer’s main purpose is not to protect yo, nor care for you; in fact, insurers often try to avoid paying legitimate claims. The name of the game is delay, deny, defend or, as we came to abbreviate it as “SSS” – Stall, Starve, Settle. Insurance companies will delay payments, deny legitimate payments alltogether and defend their actions by forcing injured workers to litigate. Why? To maximise their profits!

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Workcover insurers – sometimes their actions are beyond ridiculous

Does the workcover insurance company care about injured workers? Does your workcover case manager care about you? Most are just big mean ogres that wants to do everything they can to screw you over, and, as you’ll see, some times (read: often) their actions are so ridiculous, you have to wonder if they are really run by humans!

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