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Workplace bullying and its influence on psychological wellbeing and work functioning – survey

Hoda is  currently conducting a research project as part of his/her  fourth year graduate diploma course in Psychology at Cairnmillar Institute, located in Camberwell, Victoria. The research topic is on workplace bullying and its influence on employees’ psychological wellbeing and work functioning. S/he has asked us to post his/her survey/questionnaire (approved by Cairnmillar’s ethics committee) on our site, which we’re doing.

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Workcover Stress Claims – common questions

Depending on the circumstances and the particular facts of your particular situation you may be able to claim workcover compensation if you suffer from severe stress in your workplace. However, as we have previously reported, stress claims can be -and often are- extremely challenging to prove and litigate.Set out in this article are the most frequent questions asked about workcover and stress claims.

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The Hurdle of Credibility for Bullied Workers

The following article re workplace bullying was submitted by “Harry Hatzis”, as a Guest Post, and focuses on the credibility of a bullied worker, providing some insightful tips. Harry is writing an academic legal thesis on workplace bullying, victimisation, harassment and racial discrimination and whether the laws provide adequate redress to psychiatrically injured workers.

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Who I am, What I stand for, Say no to workplace bullying

The following article re workplace bullying, harassment, discrimination and victimisation was submitted by “Harry Hatzi” (Facebook name Harry John) as a “Guest Post“. We were not quite sure whether or not to publish it as it may come across as an advertisement for a legal firm or lawyer, under disguise. However, given Harry appears to be genuinely interested in the topic (and writing a thesis), we have decided to publish the article.

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Bullied worker had nowhere to turn but Labor has plan to change that

After being constantly belittled and yelled at in her office, Lynne Magee had nowhere to turn, because she was working for the authority in charge of regulating workplace bullying. The big issue was (indeed) who regulates the regulator,” she said. “But that question was never answered. You can’t report WorkCover to WorkCover.

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Workcover stress claims surge in Victoria

According to an article in the Age, job-related stress is a growing problem in Victorian workplaces with 58  stress compensation claims for psychological injuries being approved every week. And lets not forget all the countless rejected claims. The annual number of claims for mental disorders has risen by almost 470 in five years while the annual amount paid out in compensation has risen by 45% to $273 million

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