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Asking for money is challenging enough.

Would you consider a gift of $2? or maybe $5? Would you buy me a coffee? A sandwich?

Will you support our cause?

When it comes to asking for donations, most of us head for the hills….We get it. It’s intimidating to ask other people to part with their hard earned cash, in our cases, their hard fought weekly pay! They might ask, “Why?” And we might not have a great answer. Our only answer is to help Lisa (Workcovervictim) pay for the hosting fees for the humble but very popular diary of a workcover victim.


All the hosting fees have been and are being paid by Workcovervictim, Lisa (the founder of this site), out of her own pocket since aworkcovervictimsdiary’s conception in August 2011. Understandably being seriously injured (WPI >40%) and unable to work again ever, she is struggling to pay her bills, let alone pay for hosting this very popular site.

At its heart, fundraising or asking for money/donation for a cause is helping others connect an existing passion directly to our cause.

When I first started our Diary of a Workcover Victim, I promised myself that I would never ever make any money on the misery of injured workers. Things are bad enough as they are, everybody seems to be making a dollar on the pain and suffering of depraved, vulnerable and poor injured/ill workers, including those who are supporting us, such as our lawyers.

I still stand by this promise. Hence, in exchange for a tiny donation (from as little as $2.00) I will give you a very clever tip, that nobody will ever give you, not even your own sympathetic lawyer(s)!

As a very special thank you for donating a couple of dollars towards my hosting fees for www.aworkcovervictimsdiary, I am giving you in return possibly the biggest tip that could save you thousands of dollars; a tip not even a lawyer / solicitor will give you! And a tip that has proven to work!

All you need to do is “purchase” the TIP at whatever price you want (listed), and after payment an email with the link to the downloadable TIP will be automatically sent to you.


I don’t want to pressure or convince donors. I help them realise that they already care!

Available donations:

“BUY” the TIP at whatever price/donation you want (listed), and after payment the link to the downloadable TIP will be automatically sent to you by EMAIL under subject “shop”.




 Should you experience a problem with the automatic download of the tip (by EMAIL), please contact us