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Stuff worth shouting about – injured workers testimonials

Very grateful

I for one am very grateful that resources like aworkcovervictimsdiary exist to allow injured workers Australia-wide to come together and compare notes


I was going to commit suicide

This web site is awesome, I was going to commit suicide over all the crap they have put me through...


Lucky to discover your site

I was very lucky that I discovered your website , i really have learned much from this site, because as you know when one is injured and on workcover, "You Are Presumed Guilty Until Proven Innocent"


A way to keep your sanity

This place is a way to keep your sanity and dignity . Also opens your eyes to the tactics the insurance companies use...


Make it easier

Share your story and the tips to make it easier for someone else navigating such a horrible system. That’s why I love this website.



Personally you and the team have been a lifeline to me for over 2 1/2 years of having to deal with the crap these narcissistic pricks put you though IMEs dodgy case mangers up to number 44 so far not paying wages etc etc..


Without it I would have crumbled

I have been visiting this site since its inception, without it I would have crumbled into an isolated ball of despair. Thankyou to WVC and all your supporters, this is a wonderful place to learn, commiserate and debate. What are injured workers supposed to do, sit back and just take it? This site gave me hope when I had none, it clarified my rights and gave me the confidence to fight back and know that I am not alone, if that is hurting injured workers, then I suppose co payments for doctor’s visits help the budget (which of course they don’t). So to all who mistakenly think this site is not a haven for us injured workers, take a reality check and go and find out what it is like to live in our shoes.


Invaluable resource

My dear WCV,

I was relieved to find aworkcovervictimsdiary. Discovering that you are not alone in how WorkCover Insurers treats seriously injured workers was a huge relief.

As you well know, you start doubting your own sanity when the dirty tricks and the lies start flowing from the Insurer and their representatives.

Like many others that have written on this blog over the years, when I was first injured, I genuinely believed that Workers Compensation existed to support me through my injury and assist my rehabilitation back into the workforce. Being that naive let me vulnerable to unscrupulous service providers.

Even if the insurance companies started to act ethically [no - I am not really delusional 🙂 ] then the emphasis of this blog would surely be focus even more heavily on helping the injured get better.

As Workers Compensation schemes around Australia focus so heavily on saving money at the expense (both health and financially) of the injured worker, then there can be no option but to use this blog, and others like it, to warn others of the insurance industry tactics, lies, traps and deceit that unfortunately has become part of many, if not all, workers compensation claims.

WCV, you started this blog for that very reason. If you were treated fairly, respectfully and empathetically in your own claim, then this blog may have developed very differently. No-one is compelled to read this blog. If you don’t like, don’t come back!

Thank you WCV for aworkcovervictimsdiary is an invaluable resource for the disempowered injured worker. And thank you to the other authors and contributors to this blog.


This site is very important

This site is very important as it allows injured workers to understand the tactics and methodology used by insurers and workers compensation authorities alike. People once thought this abuse was only happening to them, but via this site we know that there are systematic efforts to wear down injured workers.

The insurers and government authorities have years of experience in this field, many of them being subsidiaries of large multinationals. These organisations have the collective knowledge to be able to wield great power against an injured worker. This site changes that balance ever so slightly, giving the injured worker and his or her family the ability to fight back against bullying and uncaring people in the system.

Those who work in the system are not just cogs in the wheel, they are integral to it. If they do wrong, you must hold the individuals to account. If individuals are held to account, then others may think twice before acting the same. Don’t be afraid to stand up to these people. Often we have little left to lose.

Stand up and fight!



From the perspective of someone in NSW, the ability to obtain useful and relevant information about Workers Compensation Legislation, decisions and developments, is very limited.
AWV provides insight into insurer tactics. It has helped guide me on issues of social media and surveillance. It has assisted in understanding new developments since 2012.
It has shared real stories. Real heartache. It enables me to guard against what is to come as well as to prepare.
This site is enabling and empowering. Those who criticize are free to go elsewhere and please themselves.


Thank you

I would like to thank you for what you are doing - you probably have no idea how many people you help. For me it was great to know I was not alone - it has given me a lot of strength...



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