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  1. Thanks Layla, I believe they term this ‘covert surveillance’ 😉 don’t think they’re all like these some really are sneaky and things like private property mean nothing, if they think there is no one watching the law is there to be broken!

    • Yes Jo, I think they’re all snakes! The Black Holden Cruze YJA-724, does try to be ‘covert’ he will sit further back in traffic and chooses the shade of a tree to park under a few houses down. Please everyone note there was a typing error to my original post, the correct registration for the black Holden Cruze sedan is actually YJA-724!

  2. I am being followed by two separate private investigators and I’m located in Victoria. I have the registration and make of the vehicles to share for everyone to be wary of;
    Honda Jazz, colour is gunmetal grey with dark window tint, and registration plate is 1EM6KZ. An older man with white hair and glasses.
    Holden Cruze sedan, colour is Black with very dark tinted windows, and registration plate is YJA264. A middle age tall man.
    Easily spotted as the follow you very obviously. The older man in the Honda Jazz will get out and follow you into shops etc while videoing with his mobile phone.

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