Support for injured workers

Injured workers are not problem people, we are people with a problem!


Set up in August 2011, aworkcovervictimsdiary is a popular blog, run by seriously injured workers, whose primary aim is to assist and offer support injured workers by means of offering peer advice in gaining the benefits and services they are legally entitled to.

However, it is very important that you remember that the Authors, Co-Authors and Contributors of this blog are themselves (mostly very seriously) injured workers. This means that they are not (always) in any position to offer personalised support. We are not lawyers and we are also not counsellors nor therapists.

aworkcovervictimsdiary is also not an organisation, it does not have funding nor external “resources”. It is solely run by volunteer work from injured workers, like you and me.

We are therefore not always in a position (mentally and/or physically)  to personally respond to injured workers’ emails.

We would really appreciate, where possible, that you post your questions (anonymously) on our I need help page.

Doing so will enable many other injured workers to read your question and help guide you, or help find an answer based on their own experience(s). In addition, we do receive many similar questions and it is very useful to have all questions addressed on our site for (future) reference.

Support for injured workers

Dealing with workcover can be extremely stressful and overwhelming.

Below are some useful tips on how to get general, personal  and professional support, and what type of support is available for injured workers. We have also included some useful (emergency) support lines and injured workers support groups in various states.

Support for injured workers on Diary of a Workcover Victim

Help with your workcover claim

If you need help with your workcover claim or have  a particular question, you can post it on our “I need help” page. Chances are that the Authors, Contributors of this blog, our readers, frequent visitors and fellow injured workers may be able to answer your question, or at least offer you some guidance.

Injured Workers Forum

Our forum was (crashed in Jan 2014) and will again (soon) be a great place to meet and interact with fellow injured workers who understand you and what you are going through. You can seek (and offer) support, get to know people, and make friends. All you’ll have to do is register with the forum and off you go.

Share your story

You can also share your story or experience with workcover and we’ll publish your story on our site and comment on it This is not only good for our cause (showing the world what the real workcover is really like), but it can also be very therapeutic! It also gives other injured workers an opportunity to, in turn, share their experience(s) or to offer commentaries and additional useful information.

Professional Support

Psychological Counselling

We believe that psychological counseling is important and that the sooner you get it the better. It will help you “deal” with your “situation” and help you cope and it’s also very good for the purpose of documenting the impact workcover has on you (i.e. harassment, bullying, intimidation by workcover agent, case manager, rehab provider, employer etc.)

General: If you can’t wait for approval from your workcover insurer for psychological counselling, please consider asking your treating GP for a referral under a Mental Health Care Plan which will entitle you to a certain number of counselling sessions (6-8) at no cost.


In Victoria, WorkSafe can pay the reasonable costs of psychology services to assist a worker in the rehabilitation of a work-related injury or illness, following the provision of a written referral from a medical practitioner.

WorkSafe considers psychology to be a referral service. A referral from a medical practitioner (your GP) must therefore be provided prior to commencement of psychology services.

What WorkSafe will pay for

WorkSafe will pay the reasonable costs of psychology services that meet all of the following criteria:

  • A medical practitioner has provided a referral for initial treatment (excluding family counselling)
  • A medical practitioner reviews the service regularly

Further services remain subject to regular review of the injured worker’s progress by a medical practitioner. The service is in line with the principles of the Clinical Framework for delivery of psychology services to injured workers.

WorkSafe can also pay for group consultations by psychologists. Group consultations may consist of between 4 and 10 workers receiving a face to face service.

WorkSafe will pay for the reasonable costs of family counselling services up to a maximum statutory amount (currently $5000 per claim):

  • incurred in Australia
  • provided upon prior approval from the agent/self insurer
  • provided to the family member/s of a worker who has:
  • died as a result of a work related injury
  • sustained a severe injury under s99 of the Act.

A family member is a partner, parent, sibling or child of the worker or of the workers partner. Parent of a worker includes a person who has day to day care and control of the worker.

What is a severe injury?

  • A severe injury which:
  • was incurred on or after 1 July 2006
  • required immediate in-patient treatment at a hospital
  •  meets the definition of severe injury under the Act, being:
  • amputation of a limb
  • amputation of a hand or foot
  • severe head injury
  • severe eye injury
  • separation of the worker’s skin from an underlying tissue (eg de-gloving or scalping)
  •  severe burns
  • paraplegia
  • quadriplegia
  • severe lacerations
  • severe injuries arising from electric shock
  • any other work related injury giving rise to an imminent risk of death.


For those with a claim there is , in NSW -counselling available of 8 sessions without any questions asked so long as you get a referral from your nominated treating doctor.

If you are under the assistance of a return to work case manager – in NSW- they should recommend this, if not get the GP to call the insurer direct.Those who have claims in dispute can access free counselling again via the GP under a mental health care plan.

If you have a GP mental health treatment plan your GP may refer you for Medicare-subsidised sessions with a psychologist, or an appropriately trained doctor, social worker or occupational therapist. A psychiatrist may also refer you for Medicare-subsidised treatment with a psychologist, an appropriately trained social worker or occupational therapist. You may receive up to 12 sessions of individual therapy in a calender year (in NSW). An additional six sessions may be available in exceptional circumstances.


Please refer to your state’s workcover authority for information on eligibility criteria. (see workcover legislation by state.)

Injured workers support groups

New South Wales

Injured Workers Support Group (NSW)

The Injured Workers Support Network (IWSN), holds regular injured workers support group meetings in Sydney, Newcastle and Bathurst -meetings are listed on the IWSN website. These meetings provide a decent environment where injured workers can come together for some peer support from people going through similar issues and we try to provide a speaker on a topic of interest as well.

“The Injured Workers Support Network is a community based organisation and covers NSW Australia only. The Workcover systems in each state are different (but just as unhelpful) so any advice on Workers Compensation must by necessity relate only to the NSW Workcover system.”

The IWSN is run by the ‘Workers Health Centre‘, which is NSW only non-for-profit Health and Safety & Rehabilitation service provider for unions and its members. It provides a range of services including workcover accredited Occupational rehabilitation, return to work/injury management programs.

South Australia

Work Injured Resource Connection (SA)

Work Injured Resource Connection (WIRC), run by Mrs Ferguson-McKenzie.


P.O. Box 17
South Australia, 5007

Ph: 08 8410 0121

Crisis (emergency) support lines

  • LIFELINE: 131114  a national 24 hour telephone counselling service for the cost of a local call
  • BEYOND BLUE: info line 1300 22 4636
  • SUICIDE CALL BACK SERVICE : 1300 659 467 – telephone support for those at risk of suicide ,their carers and those bereaved by suicide.[popup url=’ ‘]Please visit their website.[/popup]

More help is available


Get Help
beyondblue info line

The beyondblue info line provides information on depression, anxiety and related disorders, available treatments and referrals to relevant services. You can call the info line for the cost of a local call or send an email. If you require a translator, the info line operator will request one through the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS).

Information about beyondblue’s info line service:

If you are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment, call through the National Relay Service:

  • TTY: Ph 133 677 and ask for 1300 22 4636.
  • Speak and Listen (SSR): Ph 1300 555 727 and ask for 1300 22 4636.
  • Internet Relay: connect to and ask for 1300 22 4636.


MensLine Australia is a professional telephone and online support, information and referral service, helping men to deal with relationship problems in a practical and effective way.

1300 78 99 78 Available 24/7

 Australian Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health (ACPMH)

Information on post-traumatic mental health problems and general advice about treatment

The Australian Psychological Society or 1800 333 497

Find a psychologist, information on psychological services and the APS

Multicultural Mental Health Australia

Mental health information for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds


Information and internet-based education and treatment programs for people with depression and anxiety

Carers Australia

1800 242 636 or

Family carer support and counselling in each state and territory

Brain Injury Australia

Information and advocacy for people with an acquired brain injury and their families

Spinal Cord Injuries Australia

Information, support and advocacy for people with a spinal cord injury and their families


Injured workers are not problem people, we are people with a problem!







33 Responses to “Support”

  1. Hi
    Was curious to know is it worth sending an email to worksafe ceo in Victoria complaining about the horrendous way workcover agents treat injured workers I have had a long term injury and even an IME has stated I require surgery but agent still refuses to pay for my surgery is it worth it or just a waste of time any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks

    • @Cloud- have you filed for conciliation over their decision? You need to do this and if not settled there it is likely to be referred to medical panel. Noting that the IME report is on your side you should be able to force their hand into complying with their responsibilities and the law!
      Writing to worksafe will probably get you the same advise as I have mentioned, but they wont act on it unless you have followed procedure.
      Your lawyer should have told you this-or get one if you have not.
      Good luck

      • @Madchef thanks for the reply I did go to conciliation but the insurer still rejected my claim based on a report about my capacity for work not surgery and in conciliation they were told to ask IME if surgery was required due to original injury my representation at conciliation told me not to agree to the question to be asked and my lawyer advised against going to the medical panel so again I am in limbo not really knowing what is going on again thankyou much appreciated

  2. Hi,

    I leave a message to get some helpful advice.
    I injured my back while I was working at my workplace in the beginning of Feb this year, lifting a heavy bar fridge.
    I was not really bad right after the event, however the pain had got severe while I was working, I had to suffer very severe sharp pains and stabbings on my spine.
    I had half day shift on the day so I went back home hoping that the back would be better after some rest at home.
    Actually, soar pain got worse and I had to suffer more of sharps and stabbings so I had to GP.

    I reported the injury the day after, and luckily, the insurance company accepted my case.
    I took CT and MRI, the results say,

    L4/5 : There is minor annulus bulging with a shallow sperimposed 3mm right lateral foraminal and extraforaminal disc-osteophyte complex. This abuts the right L4 nerve at the lateral margin of the foramen. There is minor facet joint degeneration on the right side.

    L5/S1 : There is minor disc dehydration. Posterior annulus bulging and fissuring is present with endplate spurring. This abuts the ventral theca but does not result in nerve deviation or compression. There is minimal facet joint degeneration on the right.

    Comment : 1. Mild disc degeneration at L5/S1 with a shallow posterior disc-osteophyte complex and posterior annulus fissuring. This abuts the ventral theca but does not result in nerve deviation or compression.
    2. Very shallow 3mm right lateral foraminal and extraforaminal disc-osteophyte complex at L4/5. This abuts the right L4 nerve at the lateral margin of the foramen.
    3. Minimal facet joint degeration on the left side at L4/5 and L5/S1.

    It sounds like, ‘There are couple of damages but within the ‘not bad’ range, not that serious’. so I expected to get back to work in several weeks time because I hadn’t had any trouble with my spine before.

    I started to see physiotherapist and attend gym for hydrotherapy as requested by my GP. While I was struggling to get healed, I hired a lawyer because, as a foreigner who cannot speak fluent English, I did not know what I have to do with this issue, what should I do, who should pay for the medical bills, what is going to be happened next and so on.
    I just googled and majority of suggestions was
    ‘See a lawyer to protect yourself’.
    I didn’t know why my employer was so furious about hiring a lawyer, and I figured it out that the insurance complained about it to my boss. (Which I still do not understand why they complained and why my boss was furious)
    Afterwards, they requested my visa and copy of passport, tried to play a game with my visa conditions to cancel the approval for my case as I am on sponsorship visa. (But they failed as I am not breaking any law)

    Anyway, everything was alright, all I need to do was ‘getting better’.
    However, I have stuck in a certain stage about 2 months ago. The frequency of sharp and stabbing pains has got less than before, but bad soar pain on my lower back is still staying at the same level everyday all day long, does not get any better. Also, I have had funny symptoms on my legs since the accident like, pins and needles, numbness, strange muscle pain on both carbs, thighs & butt and cold feet.
    I have to suffer terrible pain afterword if I do liftings, sitting more than 30 minutes, standing/walking more than 30 minutes. Now I am worrying about my career whether I can go back to the industry or not. If the symptoms on my legs and pain on my back stay forever, I definitely need to change my job.

    I saw pain management specialist about 3 weeks ago and he suggested me to see another physiotherapy team for multi-disciplinary assessment and treatment, however, the insurance is delaying the approval.

    I was requested to see ‘their doctor’ tomorrow so I am so nervous about it.

    How long can I be covered by insurance in WA?

    What can I do if they keep delaying the approval for treatment?

    Can they send me back to work if their doctor says I look fine even though I am suffering pain for real?

    • Talk to your Lawyer, they can advise you on what steps to take, and as you are on a visa you may need more specialised advice.
      You are supposed to be notified of treatment approval within 28 days, but as you are being sent for an assessment by an IME they can delay until after receiving the report from the IME.
      Good luck with this, make sure you have all your reports, notes on the injury, what aggravates it, treatment to date… Don’t attempt to bend down to pick up anything, if you need help ask for it. No need for brave face, let the Doctor know how much pain you are in.

      • Thanks for kind reply WooWoo.

        I met IME this afternoon and think the interview and examination was not bad.
        It looked like the doctor is more interested in what I have done so far rather than what pain I am suffering, however I tried to explain everything related to my accident and pain. He even did not read what I brought for him like reports from my physiotherapist and pain management specialist, just checked my CT/MRI films.
        He told me that he will advise the insurance to make approval for multi-disciplinary treatment requested. Also he asked me to consider for seeing re-hab organiser, even though I explained him that I cannot sit or stand more than 30 mins.
        Could you please let me know what does re-hab exactly mean and what kind of programmes are in it?
        I think it would be better to attend re-hab after several sessions of multi-disciplinary treatment as my back would get better with it.

      • @Foreeign Sand: you may want to learn about all your rights and entitlements under workcover WA. A good starting point is the COMPARISON OF WORKERS’ COMPENSATION ARRANGEMENTS 2013 99 which gives a detailed overview of your entitlements, incl medical and like, lumpsum, rehab etc (all schemes in all states)

  3. Hello everyone,

    Firstly, I would just like to thank “Diary of a Work Cover Victim” as the information and voice that this community provides is a true service to injured workers everywhere. I’m not a injured worker myself but I am looking after my mother who is suffering under the Work Cover system. She has had her claim accepted but both her workplace and insurance company are giving her a very hard time.

    My question is in regards to Occupational Rehabilitation Services. My mother was recently sent a letter by CGU referring her to a Occupational Rehabilitation Provider which would supposedly “help her get back to work and stay at work”.

    They provided three options being 1. IPAR Rehabilitation, 2. Work Able Consulting and 3. Workstreams. Has anybody had any experience with these providers? Are there any providers that you recommend to stay away from? Do you have other information or advice you could offer me?

    – Many Thanks

    • Hi Jensen – thanks for the lovely comment!
      From our own experiences (Editors – all seriously injured) we suggest not to come near IPAR (click for some articles re IPAR, but please bear in mind that some of our older posts have images missing as well as incorrect links – no ‘a’ in front of and which we are still fixing since moving our site).
      Warmest regards to your mother and to you, for being there and helping her understand the “system”.

      Workcovervictim3 May 27, 2014 at 9:08 pm
      • Thank you so much Workcovervictim3,

        I’ll be sure to read the IPAR article. Your kind thoughts are much appreciated.

        – Jensen

    • Hi Jensen, I have used Work Able Consulting, was promised help but not forthcoming. Pleasant enough and to your face but at the end of the day they are paid by workcover insurers….Enough said.

      • Many thanks for your input WooWoo,

        It’s nice to hear that Work Able Consulting was civil to you at least. However, it is extremely frustrating to hear that they didn’t help you. That basically narrows my list to Workstreams, but I have my doubts about the entire system.

        – Jensen

        • Hi Jensen,

          I’m also with workable who are nice but they do not help at all.

          • Hi Porsche47,

            Many thanks for your input. It is quite strange to hear that Workable is nice but at the same time unhelpful. I’ll be sure to stay away from IPAR and Workable as they don’t seem to be fair to workcover victims. I’m really hoping that Workstreams will be civil and helpful.

            – Jensen

  4. I have a question,

    Is anyone else being ignored by centrelink with any workcover related problems?

    I,m still waiting for an answer after many years

    Is centrelink complicit in the workcover fraud too?

    • @rattled, I am on sickness benefits because I am unable to work, I was also able to receive the same payment when I was working on reduced hours. If you have applied for disability it is up to you to keep chasing them. If the don’t reply there is an ombudsman you can go to. Keep in mind though most payments you receive from centrelink are repaid out of any settlement.

  5. Hey man, what can I say? the system is totally fucked!

    We are all in the same boat, we have all been treated the same way, thank god for WorkcoverVictim in providing this fantastic blog at her own expense so we can all share and vent about the total unfairness and brutality of these corrupt Worker’ Compensation Schemes throughout Australia.

    Keep doing the best you can, you are not alone.

  6. Yes I can see workcover authorities don’t care how much they spend on claims as stated a percentage of the total cost goes back to the insurance company for mangaging the claim. Within this is it possible to ask for a discription of how they managed the case by admin fees, assessing the victim and the rights of the person involved.

    Questions could be asked are you or the insurance company paying for a falsified document, investigations into the victim, and always wanting more information, can you then bill the insurer for this or is this entailed in the claim?

    In asking for this it’s the same as asking for entailed work by the lawyers thats completed and processed by a monetary term (forget the actual term) in which is a legal binding document that can be overturned.

    Due to reasons of firstly your pain and suffering claim could it be proved and aggravated by this information and secondly to improve the services while on workcover. This also effects the payment to legal represetives in some cases work on a no win no fee a marketing term and should be expelled due to the pain and suffering you are certified with. A impairment governed by a percentage in which varies from state to state. Differentiation of interests become apparent now! l state to legal reps l am now disabled, proved by medical experts and the condition is becoming worse provided with more medical evidence, they state legal personal we also work on a hourly rate go back we need more information.

    The system in all states are confined in completely differnt percentages of impairment and why is this so?

    A person impaired in one state does not have the right under state legislation in another state but they are compelled as a disabled person by law not from a local court but by a Federal court.

    Honestly the system in play especially for a person cut down in his prime (mid30’s) has devastating effects on life and not just from a perspective of work ethic but also family, social, employment and ones pastrol care of him/herself. Something l had been taught in school to maintain and showed by my parents.

    My life after still trying to maintain a workcover incciedent/s has become non existent and within saying this the law of the land “never show your injury in public” due to reasons of defense if you become attacked or a target of other people for self reasoning you have made yourself volatile and easy prey by revealing ones injury. I state this as I am always by myself with no help at all when in public.

    I have become depressed along with major anxiety also with other problems and have watched people older than myself suffer more and more and not only from a physical injury but now more of a mental and psychological impairment. This effects the whole welfare system in general with (Australia in General as a population) certain personal only want to help only when they want to as stats show after two-three weeks people just give up or states government imply a new form of legislation for trying for the ‘top job’ or ‘votes’ and to think of how many people they are keeping in a job by doing this.

    In 2006 I was homeless and the state government placed people on the street in emergency accomidation then when the Commonwealth games was over threw them back onto the street as a form of propaganda for reasons of tourism. To treat a person that does not understand a system in place while being highly emotionally and mangaging injuries and difficulities along with stress has scared me for life. No money, not able to see family, no shelter, no food goes totally against Marslow Hierarchy of needs in which psychologist work off.

    Insurance companies should be able to manage this through Human Resources or be sued under legislation but I forgot they come under cooperation law and are a law to themselves.

    In support l have always thought people are the backbone of the economy not just the finances on the country. Working for the better of the country and ones own gratifications is how l have been brought up to do. This system in place has cut me to shreds and my self esteem has been at all time low for years and possible for life because I would never treat a person like this.

    Tricks that l see is the people involved need people like myself so they can work the system in play and become employed. I would never wish for anybody to become a statistic in a work place incciedent never ever especially after working for a major company with heavy machinery.

    Wouldn’t it be better by overcoming these problems have them heard straight away in a court after being medical assessed instead of becoming a burden on society?

    Now l live in a life of fear of who knows my information that maybe or has been passed on by word of mouth or other forms and how authorities can inflict more pain by living with a life changing event.

    I had to wait in welfare lines as I was not employable but still had to try and find a job. I was dismissed for reasonings of not being impaired enough by a government body then a year later I was approved so this must state the older lm getting the worse I am becoming. Nobody wants to know me or wanted to help with the problems I had been placed in (l tried to appeal the discussion only to have it thrown out by a time factor of legislation that l had no idea about due to trying maintaining my disability and understanding the workcover system that I wanted nothing to do with due to again maintaining my simple needs in life) . It’s like if it ain’t broken don’t fix or he or she is someone else’s problem in a country I respected and also voted in only to again be treated like not even like a second class citizen.

    Using legislation under the OHS act and manual l have learnt “how to contain hazards or to deal with a difficult person” is to isolate them and confine them and that’s what the system has done to a working person in a most difficult and appalling situation. It has been pushed under the rug so to speak as once admitting they are liable the case can be used in all cases in a court of law and insurance agencies would not like this at all.

    Thank you for reading as all information can be supported by mean’s of receipts and diaries kept throughout this disrupting time of my life.

    Dead man walking January 21, 2014 at 3:16 pm
  7. @Dead man walking

    Long term injured workers are seen as “assets” by rehab providers, lawyers (for both sides), IMEs, some treating doctors etc.

    The insurer doesn’t care how much money they spend on harassing long term injured, because each Workers Comp Insurer get paid a percentage of the total cost of the WorkCover Scheme to manage the claims.

    Returning a seriously injured worker to work quickly (say within 3 months) gets the insurer (and case manager) a “performance bonus”. If they can’t get earn a performance bonus out of you, they’ll drag it out and spend obscene amounts of money getting you to give up and walk away (that also increases their revenues, via the percentage)

    It’s a very cosy little scam these bastards are running and we are the pawns getting fucked over for insurer profit!



  8. I understand what you do, although l am in a different state and states legislation are completely different throughout Australia. Could this be explained further as l am in suffering with major pain and it seems no legal representative, doctors or personal staff take my matters seriously and it’s feels like lm being treated like a outcast by smarter people than myself using the system against me a trying to turn myself into now a bludger on welfare.

    Dead man walking January 20, 2014 at 12:54 pm
  9. So if a company is its own insurance, they have falsified all in volved including worksafe, the state government and all other parties involved all for the sake of money. By doing what has been explained they make themselves liable for more prosecutions in a court of law and also a extremely un morally or unethical company to deal with. This also may work for the lawyers representing they case and if this is the case the whole system of worksafe, workcover benefits and legislation is a form of corruption. No wonder l have a extremely bad case to deal with.

    Dead man walking January 20, 2014 at 12:32 pm
  10. Is it true that insurance companies aim to reject a certain amount of claims for reasons of hoping that the injured worker/s will just go away and love in limbo?

    Dead man walking January 19, 2014 at 3:23 pm
  11. Yes! you can go on a holiday and still get paid workers comp…
    I’ve done it and so have many others that I’ve met on this journey…
    My Lawyer said you are entitled to go on a Holiday even though you are on workers comp! However, I’m in NSW…

  12. Does anyone have experience with Seacare/Comcare.
    Also I was advised that if I went on holiday then I would not be entitled to workers comp for the duration of the holiday.
    I was injured at work in Dec 2009 and have had numerous operations and I will never be fixed and it is doubtful I will be able to return to my career. My insurer id QBE, the employer has sold the business so the insurance company has taken over the responsibility for payment.

    • @Kawasaki,

      Re counselling, hopefully your GP can recommend a psychologist. Also, your GP can write a referral for a psych under Medicare. Even though I think it is only 10 appointments a year – it is something to get your started.

      If your original work injury had a psychological component (cannot be a secondary injury i.e. arising from the injury or the treatment of the insurer or medical treatment) talk to the QBE [loving, friendly, kind, compassionate and caring people that they are – I’m joking of course :-)]

      It is true that you cannot be paid workers comp when on holidays. BUT, check your State Legislation because your should be entitled to holiday pay, and, if your Award includes it, holiday loading.

      You case may be complicated by the Business that employs you has been sold. Unless a wiser and more experienced blog member has more info, I would be running it past you lawyer.

      Good luck

      • Thanks, I was aware of most of that but it is always great to hear from others. The business was sold to a similar company and it kept all employees on, and is operating out of the same premises. Thanks for the clarifacation regarding holidays. I will have to look into this further.

        I’m holding on just….

  13. Can anyone reccomend a good councilor in Perth. I have been on workers comp for 3 years and have just about hit the bottom.

  14. Also Pauline, when I gave my solicitor my information I gave her the 15 staff statements, she contacted my employers solicitors and said she didn’t have the statements. Is this the sign of a bad solicitor and I should go elsewhere?

  15. thank you so much for this support

    I think a lot of people are afraid to write anything therefore the private emails


    why are injured workers so afraid why ? 🙁

    • Because we get injured at work one day and wake up some time later to find ourselves locked in the jaws of an irrational and rabid beast that gives every indication of wanting to consume us. Our jobs are history, our health (mental and physical) is gone and we’ve been cast in the role of victim which Claims Management reinterprets as “scamming malingerer who should get nothing from Workcover.” We’re all paranoid to some extent. If the surveillance doesn’t do it to you, the constant cruel and irrational behaviours of Claims Management will.

      Welcome Katy to the Workover juggernaut, and the fine injured worker human beings who scramble around in its moving gears, trying to find a way to bring it to a halt.

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