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I need to see a Psych called Dr Julian Parmegiani, has any one had any experiences with him in regards to whole person impairment?

Hi. I am in Vic an reached a measles settlement in 2012 for L 4 & 5 disc prolapse.The moment I received my settlement Workcover took my weekly payments saying I was healed!!. At the medical review panel 6 months later it was noted I had a severe weakness of L leg. I won my appeal but had many falls since. This escalated last6 months with my sciatica causing my peroneal nerve to shut down in my L foot. I revisited my lawyer as paralysis wasn’t included in original settlement. He says he can apply to have me back on… Read more »
Mike Wilson


I just signed the petition, “NSW Upper House Members: It’s time for an Inquiry into the real impact on Injured Workers..”

I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

Here’s the link:


12 months in and nothing but crap
12 months in and nothing but crap
Its a joke, i spent 8 years working in an industry i cant anymore and after all the crap of its time to think of what you would like to do im told the option to study something that takes longer than 3 months is unrealistic. Go tell someone with a diploma or trade qual that they cant use anymore they cant qualify themselves again in something decent becouse new legislation says it takes to long wanting to become a better and more productive tax paying member of society.It is an unrealistic expectation after you suffer the most unfortunate accident… Read more »

Can anyone recommend a suitable rehabilitation provider to assist in helping me to seek suitable employment?

Catch 22?!
Dearest Injureds, After 3 years, my Comcare claim has finally reached the conciliation stage where I have been offered an insignificant amount to settle my claim so the matter is not escalated to a hearing. My Barrister said she would ask for more given her experience in such matters and that it’s standard practice for the respondent to throw such a low offer on the table. Despite having a significant disability caused by work and that some of the reports from the respondents own IME backing my claim my advocate states she feels it’s best to settle my claim for… Read more »