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updated12 April 2015

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  1. @Sharman- we have received your guest post with thanks. Did you want us to publish it as is? Or wait for additional info? Have you considered legal aid? Have you considered bulk billing doctor?

  2. Hello,
    I need help. My weekly payment stopped a few months ago and I made redundant by the employer a month ago.
    I asked WIRO to help with backdated payment but it seems to take a long time.
    My treating doctor confirmed I am not fit to work but I need to get a new job for survival. If I get a job, can I still have an entitlement to claim lump sum compensation?

    • @Paul
      You may need to proceed carefully here and my advice would be to seek legal advice first. You may be better off claiming Centrelink until you are deemed fit for work. A lump sum (based on percentage total body impairment and you need min 11%) claim for permanent impairment should theoretically not be affected by any work, saying that, should you are eligible for a damages claim then your work capacity is a big big issue. Was there negligence in your case? If so I would not return to work until deemed fit. The insurer is likely to somehow hold your work capacity against you; eg, so Mr/Ms you claim to suffer from X, but I see here you have no problem working and even got another job,…, can’t be that bad, can it? I know money becomes a real problem when injured and more so when weekly payments are ceased. But just be careful and seek legal advice (1st consults are free, so get a few). The law does say you have a duty to mitigate your own damages, so any work may be in your favour but within reason, I would wait to be certified fit no matter what. In the meantime get Centrelink/disability benefits and hopefully, you can settle your claim in the very near future.

  3. Hello,
    I need help. My weekly payment stopped a few months ago and I made redundant by the employer a month ago.
    I asked WIRO to help with backdated payment but it seems to take a long time.
    I need to get a new job for survival. If I get a job, can I still have an entitlement to claim lump sum compensation?

  4. Hi,

    I am a hot mess right now. Long story short, I’ve been seriously injured at my place of employment twice. I’m on my second WorkCover stint and the surgeon has confirmed that I am no longer fit to work in the industry due to the seriousness of my injuries. Now that I am no longer of use to my employer except being an expense, they must have had me followed as they discovered that I help out as a guard at my friend’s bar (I have been cleared for light duty but my employer refuses to provide me with anything ‘light’) to maintain my sanity (I’ve been house bound for nearly a year).

    My employer dobbed me in and now the insurer have stopped my payments without any formal notification. Are they allowed to do that? I have two mortgages and my body is literally broken from working for my employer and they are investigating me? My employer has never been held accountable for unsafe work practices or bullying and I am now severely depressed, borderline suicidal and on anti-depressants from how I have been treated by them. I’ve made complaints to the insurer, WorkSafe and the ombudsman but the process is just to point you from one to the other with no resolution. I’m literally at my wits end…

    I am in VIC.

    Does anyone have any advice?

    • @DM – I am afraid to say that I believe you are in trouble. Weekly payments are influenced by your current work capacity. This establishes whether you can return to suitable employment, even if it is not the job that you were doing before the injury or illness. If you did not tell the insurer (or your lawyer) that you are doing some work, and you claimed weekly payments… then you are in big trouble as they will see you as being dishonest. I do know that in VIC you are allowed to explain video surveillance… But you would need a good lawyer, then appeal the insurer’s decision by going through conciliation and possibly a medical panel. I highly recommend John Typaldos (Zaparas Lawyers — see the bottom of page), perhaps it’s worth having a chat?

  5. For the last few months I have been on workcover in Vic as a casual worker and recently I am back on partial duties. The rehab is slow and my surgery site is still giving me issues but I am back due to a lot of pressured from employer and rehab provider who spoke to my inexperienced physio. I have a family wedding in a month, overseas, that I have bought tickets to prior to my injury, I am now trying to read up regarding taking leave, however I cannot find if a casual employee is entitled to taking unpaid leave while on partial duties. Will they cease my compensation when I leave/come back? Does anyone have experience in this, would appreciate some advice, thanks!

    • @pow – I think the answer will be within FairWork, you can even call them and ask.
      Just a note of caution: depending on the type of your injury, you may need to be careful travelling. For example, should your injury be ie a back injury and you claim you can not sit or stand for a prolonged period of time, then if you travel on a plane the insurer is likely to deny entitlements based on this.
      Conversely, if your injury in a mental injury and you claim for example having lost friends and not feeling like socialising, then attending a wedding may be seen as contradictory… Hope you get the hint.

  6. Can anyone tell me what happened about trying to get a Royal Commission into Workers Compensation?
    I am the wife of an injured worker who has been fucked over badly by a corrupt insuer. I think a Royal Commission is badly needed especially in NSW.

  7. Hi, am in Qld. Injured decades ago. Covered by Comcare. IME reports agree still injured. Recently requested files under FOI. They state that I am “an artist.” This is not true. This misinformation has been sent to my previous employer. What can I do about this? With Thanks

    • @Nen, ‘misinformation’ and /or ‘oversights’ are sadly a very common occurrence in the insurance world. For example, I personally recall that at one stage I received a copy of an “assessment” which stated I had ‘experience in the construction industry’- hello, I am/was an intensive care nurse my whole life (prior to my accident at work). At that time I wrote a letter directly to my case manager (insurance) and pointed out the “misinformation” (there were many), backed up with evidence. Unfortunately, it is rare that something is done about those ‘mistakes’.
      If it does affect you / your case, by all means, write a letter to your case manager in the first instance and point out the “mistake” and ask them politely to rectify the “misinformation” immediately. You can also attach a signed statutory declaration, and perhaps a copy of your resume (CV) and qualifications. Hope this helps a little.

  8. I claimed NSW based work cover.
    My weekly payment was stopped a couple of months ago but I received the termination of weekly payment letter a few days ago through my lawyer.
    I realised they didn’t send it a couple of months. Even the weekly payment termination effective immediately a couple of months ago.
    After receiving the termination letter the insurer asked me to attend IME
    the reason is my treating doctor and specialist’s medical record and clinical notes are incorrect.
    Also, my treating practitioners were unavailable to communicate with insurers. I am not sure why my insurer can’t communicate with my doctor as they held a couple of case conference with them.
    Is it a reasonable reason to ask to attend IME?

    My lawyer is working for a quite big and famous law firm but he never provided a legal advice even delayed to send a letter from the insurer. it always takes a couple of months. Also, He is not capable to answer my questions.

    I saw the name of lawyers working for my case when I receive a letter.
    Approximately 10 lawyers involved but no one does work for my case.
    I hope WIRO need to know the firm behaviour.

    Also, after termination weekly payment, the insurer arranged rehabilitation provider attended my regular medical appointment held case conference without any notice. I got shocked when I see the total stranger in my appointment time as I never seen the rehabilitation provider before. The insurer didn’t introduce the woman as well. Where can I complain about the rehabilitation provider’s behaviour?

    Please advice me should I attend IME for this reason.
    I only got work cover for five months and I am still very ill.

    • @feel terrible, sorry to read about what has happened (and is happening) to you. With re to your question whether or not it is appropriate for you to attend the independent medical examination, head on over to https://www.injuredworkerssupport.org.au/independent-medical-examiners/
      They are based in NSW and provide useful information on the process in NSW and your rights.
      I also feel, but that is my personal opinion only, that you should make a complaint to your lawyer about the delays. It is best to first write a letter or contact the Managing Director of your law firm directly and express your concern re the lengthily delays in receiving important correspondence. Most will rectify the problem.
      With re to the rehab service provider, from memory, I believe there needs to be consent on your part for another party to attend any of your regular medical appointments and that the insurer should at the very least inform you, explain the reasons and seek your consent. Perhaps this was done and sent to your lawyer who failed to forward you the correspondence?
      You can also instruct your treating doctor that you do NOT give consent (under no circumstances) for any third party to attend your medical appointment(s).

      • Thank you for your answer.
        Regarding the rehab service provider, she never contacted my lawyer and me and she held a case conference without my consent before then She got my medical appointment date and time through Medical centre receptionist then showed up my appointment time.
        I complained to the case manager about this issue but the case manager doesn’t answer about it.
        My lawyer told me they have the same experience from this insurer.
        However, don’t want to do any action for me.

      • @work cover victim,
        Thank you for your advice, I got a letter from my solicitor a couple of days ago.
        They feel I do not trust and don’t have the confidence to them as I raised the issues for delaying and failed to forward me the correspondence from the insurer and it caused stopping weekly payment and
        The solicitor told me “we recommend you contact the Law Society of NSW for a referral to another firm of solicitors”
        I need a help how I react to this terrible letter.

        • @feel terrible – OMG that is a rather inappropriate and intimidating letter you received. Did you contact the managing director of the law firm branch you are attending? Or was the letter from your acting lawyer/solicitor? If so, please contact his/her manager (Managing Director), preferably by phone and raise your concerns. Also, ask what to do with your çontract! When you sign up with law firm, you actually sign a contract. To change lawyers / firm you normally have to pay your previous lawyer for all the work they have done to date (which can add up) and have your file transferred. I would personally speak with the MANAGING DIRECTOR of the firm in the first place and take it from there. You may well be allocated to a decent lawyer and receive a profuse apology too. It is not the first time we have heard of similar behaviours, most get rectified with interference from the manager.

          • @work cover victim-
            Thank you for your answer. I sent an email to the managing director of the firm and got an answer.
            There is no apology at all and they ask me to keep working with my previous solicitor’s manager who is actually sent an intimidating letter to me and has arranged assistance solicitor who seems to have experience for personal injury.
            I feel they have made my case miserable and failed to deliver all correspondence. It caused the termination of weekly payment.
            Also, I don’t have any signed contract with the firm. If I change the firm, should I pay their no service?

            Also, the insurer gave a letter “termination of weekly payment without notice. The letter says “effective immediately” it is not a breach of policy?

            • @Feel Terrible:
              I would suggest you call the WIRO and see where you stand with re to your current lawyer, and going forwards. It’s also good you learn all you can about workcover in NSW, as depending on your personal injury/illness, you may or may not be entitled to much or anything. For example, in NSW you would need a minimum of 15% whole person permanent impairment before you can make a claim for damages and you also need to prove that there was negligence on the part of your employer. See: https://www.sira.nsw.gov.au/claiming-compensation/workers-compensation-claims/work-injury-damages
              So before you decide whether it is even worth going down this path, ensure you meet the criteria, otherwise, you will be going through a horrible experience for no reason other than to be rejected by the insurer. Same with re to your weekly payments.
              RE: Stopping weekly payments in NSW

              Your ongoing entitlement to weekly payments are dependent on:

              you meeting your return to work obligations
              work capacity decisions made by the insurer
              whether or not you have exceeded the entitlement period of 130 weeks
              whether or not you have exceeded the entitlement period of 260 weeks.

              Work capacity assessment/decision

              The insurer assesses your capacity for work based on your functional, vocational and medical status.

              They use this information to make a decision about your ability to return to your pre-injury employment, or to suitable employment with the pre-injury employer or at another place of employment.

              If they determine you have some capacity to work, then your weekly payments may be reduced or stopped according to the amount that you could earn in that capacity.

              These decisions can be reviewed. See work capacity decision reviews for more information.
              Visit: https://www.sira.nsw.gov.au/claiming-compensation/workers-compensation-claims/weekly-payments

              Depending on your personal situation, you may be able to dispute the stopping of your weekly payments, and if you are still entitled to weekly payments, your lawyer has been pretty negligent in my opinion, by not forwarding the important correspondence and by not advising you about what you can do (ie dispute).

              • @work cover victim,
                Thank you for the kind advice and help.
                I have been very depressed since I have the entitlement of work cover June 2018. I have experienced a lot of horrible things by lawyer and case manager. They made me very ill.
                It is very cruel as an injured worker need to deal with terrible lawyer and insurer. Even I made redundant by the employer and my treating doctor wants to move away as the stress of case manger’s behaviour.
                Thank you again.

                • That is absolutely disgraceful what happened. I feel like that with my lawyers as well, don’t worry. I think all lawyers don’t communicate well? But I told my lawyer to improve and he did not reply like that! you must keep fighting because no one is going to stand up for you. You just have to keep going and going and one day eventually it’ll all be over. Hang in there

  9. Hi
    My work cover was accepted on May and a couple of days after the acceptance I got information from company my role was redundanct.
    Since then my insurer ceased work cover payment until I signed redundancy letter. During the time they held case conference without my consent and found my medical appointment from medical centre reception and suddenly showed up my medical appointment day for helding case conference. I was so painful to deal with them but my lawyer does not help me.
    Finally, I accepted redundancy as I can’t survive no food then they suddenly gave me back dated payment.
    Now, I expected my redundancy payment for my termination day but they sent me a letter today.
    they suspended all my work cover claim then I will forfeit any compensation for my last all entitlement now.
    I so shocked this letter. My company has their own insurer and they using the work cover money by themselves.
    So they can deduct any money from work cover and redundancy.
    In this case what should I do? My lawyer seems don’t want to do any action for it and send me the dates they called me for asking payments Also, they told me if I want to change lawyer they don’t mind it.
    Please help me.

    • What state are you in?

    • Une, I would seek the advice of a decent lawyer. Some of the more reputable ones are Australia wide. Your position cannot be made redundant unless the job no longer exists, you would need to check they haven’t just replaced your duties under a different title. They also shouldn’t insist on your signing anything that would impair your ability to claim payments, but some agents will do anything, legal or not.
      Which city/ state are you in.

      • Thank you for answer woowoo.
        My position made redundant and the company replaced slightly different title but same duty.
        and I am not sure decent lawyer can help me as my previous lawyer will take money for their poor service.
        I feel hopeless.

  10. Sorry I am not in WA, I have spoken to two groups of lawyers, first group wanted $50,000 upfront before they would assist and the second advised me that the amount I was seeking to recover was too small for them to worry about. I can no longer mentally take it, I rather take a knife to my wrist than deal with Comcare again, Sorry to so negative.

  11. Hello,
    Based in VIC. I recently had my claim approved and now I have received from the Insurer an OR provider – Services Approved form.
    My GP has stated that I have no capacity for employment, so what is the best way to handle the OR provider? I do not want the OR provider to attend with me GP visits if this is at some point suggested.
    Please advise what is the best way to handle this situation.

  12. Hi, my name is Joe,
    I had a workplace accident 18 months ago and have yet to return to work due to my injuries. My employer is now requesting that I participate in a Functional Capacity Evaluation for my pre-injury role. What personal information/medical information is my employer required to provide to the doctor he is referring me to to do the Functional Capacity Evaluation without breaching my privacy? I am in Victoria.

    • Hi Joe,

      When you filled out your initial workcover claim you would have signed an authority on page 2 agreeing to the release of medical and personal information between insurer, doctors and employer. This is a requirement to manage your claim. I don’t think there is much you can do about it.

      • Does it make a difference if the employer is doing this for their own in-house return to work as opposed to being workcover initiated?

        • Check you initial claim form for wording. I am also in Victoria. This is what is written on mine and it is the standard form:-

          “I authorise and consent to the collection, disclosure and release of any personal and health information in connection with an injury/condition to which the claim relates by the workers’ compensation authority, my employer or insurer/claims agent to each other, or to any person who provides a medical service or hospital service to me in connection with an injury/condition to which this claim relates. I understand that if this claim results in my receiving weekly compensation payments, I am required to notify whomever is paying my benefts if I commence employment with some other person or in my own business, or of any change in my employment that affects my earnings, and that failure to do so is an offence. I consent to the WorkCover Authority of NSW using the information collected in connection with my claim for the purposes of research about workers compensation, workplace injury management and occupational health and safety.”

          Good luck!

  13. The argument about natural degeneration vs work-related injury is a common one and is cynically used by IMEs to provide a reason for the insurer to deny valid claims. There are lots of case precedents on this issue. Don’t give up. A good lawyer would know how to deal with this. If the work injury activated previously asymptomatic degeneration this is an argument you must push. The insurer will exploit any loophole and they pay their doctors well.

    • I personally don’t deal with Comcare claims but it can be researched, and if you need me to look on a database for something that would help let me know.

  14. How does one fight Allianz / Comcare decision that ones injury is from degeneration and not from the action that caused ones injury, it seems like to get out of having to pay compensation, they claim degeneration and under section 5 of the Comcare act they don’t have to cover it, legal action is expenses and will not cover the amount requested for compensation? Also at no time was any other duties offered, they would not be, was the answer to that question. They do not seek your treating Doctors or Specialist reports, I can supply at my cost. I feel like I losing my mind and for my own sanity, have to drop the whole case, great system for injured workers, not.

    • I had a number of accepted injuries (3 were accepted, two had been accepted for nearly 15 years) but when Allianz came in to trial Comcares work they seemed to have a blanket policy of deny deny deny. This was so they could be seen as saving the govt costs. In fact one rogue IME acting for Allianz ignored an earlier report that proclaimed one condition permanent. How claiming that an injury becomes unpermanent again many years later is almost comical but you have to realize this. Their actions are all about strategy, not the facts and completely void of compassion for the injured worker. I had no choice but to take legal action and whilst I am waiting for all reports to come in from our IME’s, it is looking like Comcare will have to reinstate everything, and compensate more than original because of some technicalities. So not only has Allianz lost in my case and caused additional work for Comcare, they have actually increased the cost to the govt. This is also happening for others because I have been informed that over the last few years a lot more people are going to the AAT to undo what Allianz has done. Don’t let then drive you mad. Just see it for what it is, the govt only wanting to drive its costs down, but being bitten in the bum as the strategy backfires. Yes, unfortunately you will be up for legal fees but if you back down, unscrupulous companies like Allianz can duly demonstrate to the govt’s that contract them, that they can lower costs. I for one will not let them win!

    • Peter Doe – Don’t give up. If you’re in WA I can offer to help you, pro bono. Otherwise, I’m happy to offer advice (via email). As mentioned, I don’t specifically do Comcare but the Act is very similar in many regards. It’s important that Allianz not get away with such tactics or be allowed to take advantage of the vulnerability of injured workers.

      • Here Here!!

        VictornotVictim October 2, 2018 at 12:42 pm
      • Sorry, I am in SA, last lawyer that believed they could do it pro bono stated there was not enough money in it to take the case.

        • Have you looked at the resources from the AAT for lodging a review yourself? If you already have the Independent Medical Expert Reports you can represent yourself. I represented myself around 2008 over an unpaid treatment bill which was less than a solicitor would have charged (so like you was not worth engaging one), and was able to get the decision to not pay reversed. I believe it is now no cost to lodge a review at the AAT. It is the AAT who has jurisdiction over Comcare anyway and they have offices in every major capital city. http://www.aat.gov.au/about-the-aat

          VictornotVictim October 5, 2018 at 3:39 pm
  15. I claimed NSW based work cover.
    Hope I can get a answer here.

    I got Incident of Psychological (bullying at work for many years) and I got acceptance letter from insurance company. The next day of acceptance letter, I got a letter of redundancy from the company.

    I asked legal advice to my lawyer but I lawyer didn’t answered my email and phone for a while. Three weeks later, the lawyer answered the email.
    The email said I should find industry law lawyer as they don’t expert for redundancy during the work cover. They asked me to pay for legal advice.

    After 21days later since I got redundancy letter. My weekly payment suddenly ceased without notice. I asked to my lawyer to investigate the reason why the weekly payments suddenly stopped without notice. Lawyer told me they asked insurer but they haven’t got any answer from them.

    One month later lawyer finally contacted them and the insurer told they don’t have medical certificate. However I sent all medical certificate to them on time.
    The insurer realised I sent medical certificate to them on time but they told they don’t have enough information from my treating doctor.
    My treating doctor said they never asked the info to my treating doctor for last a couple of months.
    The insurer asked me to deliver their information request letter to my treating doctor.

    So, I attend to my treating doctor office and delivered the request letter.
    They sent all required medical information to them a couple of weeks ago. Now insurer asked me to attend case conference and IME.

    Now, The weekly payment ceased three months ago and my treating doctor didn’t get any medical expense from them.
    I am looking for legal advise from the blog and internet as my lawyer is too busy to answer my phone and email as they look after other expensive case. They told me the wiro fund is very limited. What a ridiculous situation!

    I was so stressed and want to finish these stressful work cover as I have’t got any payment for three months and can’t get legal advise at all. Also, my symptom is getting worse for work cover stress.
    I also really stressed lawyers behaviour as well.

    I can’t change lawyer as the next lawyer probably have no fund to get from WIRO.

    Should I attend IME even my weekly payment ceased and medical expense didn’t paid for a while?

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