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If you’re stuck and need help with your workcover claim or have a particular question, please post your query here. Remember to please ensure you mention the state you are located in, as the workcover laws vary from state to state.

If you need help or advise, post your question(s) below in the comment section.


updated12 April 2015

2,598 Responses to “I need help”

  1. I called the regulators.. there are time limits and due to my health issues i haven’t been able to make the calls.. all I want is to get back to work, but as my injuries aren’t deemed to be operable and are now degenerative I am unable to.. I’m going back to see a psych.. we all know how much they can do… but … I’ll give it another go.
    I actually need someone to help me with this merry go round. But there’s no one.. that’s what the psych said last time..

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    • Hi Woowoo, we’ve both been around for a long time. Mine is still not settled. Are you interested in joining a group with the Vic Trades Hall and Unions to help support each other and share info and advice? I can recommend a good Psych if u need one.

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      Workcover is corrupt October 18, 2017 at 1:45 pm
  2. Vic Scam Watch – very good advice thank you. I’m looking for one atm and one that I spoke with when I was highly anxious and extremely distressed and it was one of the larger specialist no win-no fee firms endedup with her being quite rude, condescending and provided no proper legal advice, other than she’d take it on, run the case how she wanted but limit her fee to 25% of whatever I got.
    Most of us have numerous issues involved in our cases so for eg. one component might be worth $250,000, another might be $5,000 and another $205. If they put all the work into all of he cases, yet lose case one ($250,000) and two ($5000) but win case three for $205, then you will need to pay their WHOLE fee. It might have cost you $75,000 to fight for the bigger case but lost but you will still need to pay their fee’s for that. You MAY ALSO be faced with paying the costs of the other party if you lost. It’s a minefield. I’m trying to find a good one atm, any suggestions???

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    Workcover is corrupt September 23, 2017 at 8:03 pm
    • They used the other parties costs being presumed to get me to withdraw.. I was prepared to access my TPD to do it but they (my legal team) badgered me to withdraw. I wasn’t allowed back into the court room, and I’m guessing they didn’t think I’d stick around, but when both sides walked out of the court room they were having a good ole laugh and shaking hands.. til they saw me giving daggers..

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  5. Can I move? Or Can Workcover stop me doing yet another thing…..

    Live in Brisbane, have no help here and want to move to Townsville where I have friends who can assist me with the kids. I am on a back to work schedule and currently being assessed by an OT.

    Still seeing Surgeon every six weeks – daren’t call my case manager this week as my lawyer is requesting information and she will be p*ssed

    I know its the worse time ever to move but so depressed here –
    Can I move? Or can they stop me?
    Do I have to find a new job or does WorkCover give me a host employer in Townsville?
    Can you change specialists?

    Any help is appreciated

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    • Hi Sarah
      While your being assessed it would be better yo remain in Brisbane. No-one can make you stay, and as you need help with children especially difficult.. but if you do move your claim could be stopped. You can request home help, your GP should make the request.. also request a psychologist referral due to the depression. If workcover refuse there is a mental health plan available under Medicare.
      Speak to your lawyer.. she should be able to give you the answers you need..

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  7. Dear Friends
    My Question Is: in a car accident in NSW ( not at Fault), My Physical injuries WPI is %10 and my Primary psychiatric injury is %16 . with this Result can I access to Common law for non – economic Loss? ( Pain and suffering )

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  8. Hi Motlagh,
    In Victoria to be able to automatically be eligible for a serious injury certificate you need a 30% WPI.
    However I only had 10% and my lawyer applied to TAC, it’s then up to a panel if you are granted a certificate or go to court to be granted. There is a condition when there is a psychological injury but it would be best to seek opinion from a reputable lawyer. After my experience I would try one of the larger firms, they will generally give a no win no fee and free first consult.

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  9. Thank you very much for the Advise my Friend.

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  10. Hello everyone,
    Slipped disc, L4L5 been off now for 6 mths, still on a No work certificate until end of November 2017.
    Can Workcover breach this certificate, by means of organising a meeting between employer, RTW therapist and myself, without any IME examinations, I was also only given 2 days notice of said meeting. I attended meeting in good faith, was lied to by therapist and bullied by employer at end of meeting, on advise from RTW therapist I drove car over weekend ( first time since injury ) in short 15-20 spells, now have leg numbness back, virtually undone all physio work from last 2 mths.
    Doctor and Physios are livid,
    I’m very confused and now have trust issues
    What should I do?
    In Qld and don’t have a solicitor……yet. Please any advise

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    • Hi John,
      Suggest not using your full name for commenting on any sites.. work cover monitor and can use comments against you.
      All. Would suggest is that here in Victoria, we listen to our Drs. If your agent and/or employer are giving you issues seek the services of a lawyer.

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  11. Hi John,
    Firstly don’t post your real name on here. I’m from VIC so I’m not sure of the Scheme up there but these meetings can be arranged. Unfortunately as workers we usually don’t know our rights and get bluffed and bullied and unfortunately whether they had the right to go or not, u actually attended. In future probably get your Doctor to notify them that you are not well enough to attend. Don’t take the advice of their providers, take the advice of your own treatment provider. Don’t trust IME’s they work for the Insurer and are used to get biased opinions. Always take a witness if you ever need to go to one. In the meantime call some No Win No Fee Solicitors and see if you can get some free advice. Check and see if there is a online manual about the Scheme or look for info here: https://www.worksafe.qld.gov.au/online-services Don’t speak with your any of them in person, send emails or fax so you have records and don’t agree to anything unless you know your rights. If you’re up to it I suggest reading the Legislation.

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    Workcover is corrupt October 18, 2017 at 1:23 pm
  12. Sorry Woowoo, didn’t see your post, looks like we agree 🙂

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    Workcover is corrupt October 18, 2017 at 1:34 pm
    • Workcover is corrupt..
      Yes we agree.. I just can’t go into too much detail, I have ongoing headaches.. on bad days it’s just don’t talk to me..

      May I say TAC is too.. corrupt that is 😉
      In response to your query about trades hall.. yes please.. would be good to meet up with or chat to others in similar circumstances.
      I’m also after new legal team.. just don’t have much faith in the ones around Geelong. I’m thinking Norwicki but I believe they’ve teamed up with one of the big 5.My ex had better than great results with his team at Norwicki.. they really know their stuff, and mine is TAC/WC..
      Never thought of that before.. WC= water closet.. and workcover.. real sh#$ts..

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      • OK, I’ll set up a way of us contacting each other so that hopefully it can’t be traced. As you know if they want to they do all sorts of things. I am in same boat atm with engaging a legal team. Nowicki got bought out by Slater & Gordon. I researched the top Lawyers from this site here: http://doylesguide.com/leading-work-injury-compensation-lawyers-plaintiff-victoria-2016/ That might help. I wouldn’t panic about being located outside of Melbourne bc a lot of them will skype or do telephone calls for interviews. I think if u can a face to face interview is always good so that you can get a sense of who you will be working with. I’ve engaged firms in the past and had to terminate the contract and it’s best to be avoided if you can.

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        Workcover is corrupt October 18, 2017 at 4:01 pm
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