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If you’re stuck and need help with your workcover claim or have a particular question, please post your query here. Remember to please ensure you mention the state you are located in, as the workcover laws vary from state to state.

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updated12 April 2015

2,624 Responses to “I need help”

  1. Hi Aaron,
    It is a normal process for them to send you to see an independent medical examiner, your doctors are your treating doctors and it is up to them to say if your fit to go back to work in any capacity.
    It is possible that your normal duties will be assessed to see if you are able to perform any part of those duties, or if there are lighter duties available that may suit you with your injury.
    They are not permitted to give you demeaning tasks, or expect you to sit around doing nothing.
    If your doctor is advising you require surgery then they cannot force you to return to work. Your doctors must agree that some work would benefit you not cause any further harm and give strict limitations on what you can or cannot do.
    This is part of the process, not necessarily bad.

    If you have further concerns you can seek advice from a lawyer, most give the first consultation free and may offer no win no fee.

    Good luck.

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  2. can i say no to having a return to work person to attend my treating gp appointment?

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    • @azza, yes you have every right not to allow a RTW person attend any GP appointments now or in the future. Just ask the RTW person if they have any questions for your GP to pass it to you (written) and you’ll relay it to your GP for their response (these are things they don’t want to hear but they can’t force you to allow them in).

      In my case I had a RTW person ask me if they could attend my next GP appointment? I was like of course you can. The appointment date and time came, we sat outside the office and waited for my turn to be seen. When it was finely my turn, the doctor calls me, I stand up and so too does the RTW person. I then proceed to walk into the office and so too does this RTW person. I stop them in their tracks and politely say, I said you can attend my next GP appointment, but I didn’t say that you could come in.

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  4. Comcare has sent me to 12 IMEs. Some of the resulting reports have no regard to my actual medical history and are in the realm of fiction. For starters, does anyone have experience with a couple of them:

    Dr Peter Stevenson
    Dr Antonella Ventura.


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  5. If they are sending you to MLCOA avoid that company like the plague. Where are you?

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  6. Hi I am currently on workers comp and am likely to go back to light duties next week (only been off this week) I have been offered another job closer to home but my question is can i resign and still be able to do somephsio through workers comp . Can I resign while I’m still being treated even though I a back at work on light duties?

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  7. HI,
    I had a car accident while at work as a courier driver. I was taken to the hospital and have been on work cover. When i returned to work, i was paid on ly 70% of what I was getting paid before for the same hours, and my employer says that this insurer will make up the rest, but only to 80%. is this right? they are effectively discriminating me for my accident as now they pay me less per hour.


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  8. Best to consult with a lawyer.. go God a no win no fee and free first consult.
    Not too many people with the in depth knowledge keep track here anymore. The original lady has not been well for some time. Miss the chatter..

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  9. Oh my goodness! Impressive article dude! Thank you so much,
    However I am encountering prblems with your RSS.

    I don’t know why I cannot join it. Is there anybody else hasving the same RSS issues?
    Anybodyy who knows the solution can you kindly respond? Thanks!!

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  10. Hi, I have a lower back condition and am in constant severe pain and have trouble sleeping, sitting, etc. I am coming up to the 130 week mark and have been told that my weekly payments as well as my laser acupuncture and remedial massage expenses will be stopped. I was sent for two IMEs – a psychiatrist and a GP. Before that, I had won an impairment benefit of 10% from the Permanent Impairment IME. The Psychiatrist had ruled that I have a work capacity but the GP had ruled that I have no work capacity. According to my case manager, the insurance company conducted 4 surveillance in a period of 3 weeks on me recently and the first three showed nothing as I am normally 99% at home. The fourth one was on the day I visited my GP for treatment. After treatment, I felt better (I have always openly declared that to the insurance company and IMEs that I always feel better and have my pain relieved but unfortunately the relief does not last) and went to the nearby shopping centre. The report stated that it appeared that I had better movement compared to the time I was examined at the IME and that I could walk around, turn my head, my upper body and that I looked calm. They also noted that I did not buy anything and hence other than a small handbag that I was carrying, I was not carrying any other load.
    The total time at the shopping complex was about 25 to 30 minutes. I am perplexed as to why that would work against me as the occupational therapist from the rehab centre that they sent me to had advised me to get out of the house more to exercise and try to walk more, etc and socialise. I have hardly followed the advice as most of the time, I am just not in the mood due to the pain and the one time that I followed the rehab centre advise, I have been penalised. According to the case manager, the surveillance report, the Permanent Impairment IME report and the Psychologist report have been sent to the IME GP and now this GP has changed his decision. This seems totally unreasonable and bizarre.Can anyone please advise me whether they have been through the same situation? What are my chances at Conciliation? What should I do? Thank you very much in advance for your kind advice and guidance.

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  11. You should seek a good lawyer.. I also have back issues and understand totally.. I may have an odd good day but that quite easily goes pear shaped if I walk too far or lift anything bend and getting in and out of the car..
    Good luck.. it’s not a pleasant journey.
    I’ve lost a lot because my lawyer stuffed up. I would suggest one of the bigger firms I think you’d get better value for money.

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  12. You should seek a good lawyer.. I also have back issues and understand totally.. I may have an odd good day but that quite easily goes pear shaped if I walk too far or lift anything bend and getting in and out of the car..
    Good luck.. it’s not a pleasant journey.
    I’ve lost a lot because my lawyer stuffed up. I would suggest one of the bigger firms I think you’d get better value for money.
    And just because you have reached 130 weeks doesn’t mean anything more than them trying to save money. Don’t let them write you off.. i still get my treatment 6 years post injury.

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  13. I hear so many injured people being treated so poorly and attempting to self navigate the maze and hurdles, its beyond ridiculous.
    Most “no win no fee” lawyers are unscrupulous thieves.
    what I have learned: never forget its your money from your injury they are spending. Most injured people treat lawyers like they are doing them a favor – THEY are in it to take as much of your injury claim as possible.
    on your first “free” consultation” ask the right questions. Copy and leave with them or send in advance information about your injury.
    -lawyers will tell you “we are experts in the injury law field” – if so they should be able to tell you what lump sum compensation you could expect for your injury, the cost and process involved (upfront), ask if they will provide you with a monthly account so you are aware of whats being spent all the way along, they normally will tell you “no we don’t take a percentage (because its i;legal for them to do so) but ask if they charge an “uplift fee”? most of them do at a nasty 25% – but this info is hidden in the “cost agreement”.
    think about this- they tell you your case cost x – then they tell you the “uplift is because” they carry the risk, (if there is a risk they wouldn’t take the case) then many of them ask you to sign an agreement to borrow the funds. Work cover may be a nightmare but the lawyers selling their clients out are an equal disgrace, taking near 50%, in a matter I heard recently, the lawyer told the client 50K was a good offer but failed to tell the client they intended to take 47K of that. She is now seeking another lawyer.
    never sign any agreement on the day of your free consultation: the sales person is always just that, a salesperson. Always ask to take the agreements home and read them carefully. Tell them you will probably call them with questions after you have read it and make sure you write as many questions as you have down and record your call and ask away. you then will have a record of the answers given which you can refer to or ask friends for advice on. REMEMBER a lawyers business is billable hours and to charge you as much as they can – its your money which you need to rely on to support yourself because you are INJURED. So don’t be fooled into giving it away to lawyers who are very skilled at how to take it from you.
    If you call for any other service by any other industry – you want to know how much prior to work commencing. Lawyers are no different they have just trained the public to think they cant tell you. NOT TRUE. remember they are experts. this means they have done this work for may years and guess what – they know the cost.

    AVOID the SCAM Victoria

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  14. Excellent advice..
    I wish I’d had this sort of information when I was first consulting.. instead my lawyer lost my serious injury claim.. made me withdraw then tried to get me to sign off on a no further claim document.. I guess he didn’t believe me when I said I had headaches and blurred vision.. that caused me to cease work because they didn’t pull that our at court.. instead I was held to be a liar because I couldn’t answer the opposition questions..

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  15. My serious injury case was last year. I want to seek advice from somewhere else but don’t have faith on the system . I also find it difficult getting around and getting everything on the table.. headaches are a real pain..

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    • maybe get on the phone and get some more information from several different lawyers about where your case is. if you think your lawyer has not done right by you maybe a call to the Victorian Legal Services Commissioners office, they are a regulator and may give you some direction also.

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