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If you’re stuck and need help with your workcover claim or have a particular question, please post your query here. Please ensure you mention the state you are located in, as the workcover laws vary from state to state.

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We always like to hear the stories of all injured workers in Australia to help us compile anonymous, but factual, evidence from as injured workers about any abuses they have experienced by workers compensation systems across Australia.

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If you’re stuck and need help with your workcover claim or have a particular question, please post your query here. Remember to please ensure you mention the state you are located in, as the workcover laws vary from state to state.

If you need help or advise, post your question(s) below in the comment section.


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2,759 Responses to “I need help”

  1. Hi Folks,

    Could someone please fill me in…
    Once you’ve submitted a claim application e.g. for a workplace harassment matter
    is Workcover meant to do the digging around or is it up to the employer if Workcover has been lazy and palmed off all the questions requiring answers to them?
    I’m based in Qld. Thanks

    • @Tickedoff, I believe BOTH will be digging around, but in the first place WC will ask your employer for answers, then you may get interviewed as well as witnesses (where applicable). So WC may conduct an ‘ínvestigation’. You do need to suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder for your claim to be approved, so make sure you have been diagnosed by GP, Clinical Pysh and possibly Psychiatrist.
      If you need a wonderful lawyer, I personally highly recommend Stuart McLeod from Zaparas, based in QLD.

  2. Hi, I was wondering does an insurer have to put in writing they will continue to pay you if you have received letter from medical board you have zero capacity to work?

    • @Newbie, assuming you are in Vic (Australia) and the medical panel deemed you unfit for work for the foreseeable future, then your weekly payments will continue (or you can settle your case). The insurer will not put this in writing unless it is part of a settlement. If your work incapacity is temporary, the insurer will likely send you over and over again to IME’s (which the findings can be disputed at conciliation and possibly referred to a medical panel again).

      WorkcoverVictim February 6, 2019 at 7:40 am
  3. @Alan, sorry for the delay in replying (underwent surgery 3 days ago). There are a few good articles about the process of applying for serious injury via the qualitative (narrative) test (if you do not meet the 30% total body impairment threshold). The timeframe depends on the court, as they are usually overbooked. On average 6 to 12 months…

    WorkcoverVictim January 27, 2019 at 8:07 pm
    • Thanks WorkcoverVictim,

      Yes I’ve read those articles, they tell you what you need to know, but I’m curious about criteria – does it just fall on the WorkSafe panel lawyer to make a subjective decision about whether they feel you have a serious injury under the narrative test?

  4. Hello fellow sufferers,

    I thought I would post to get your collective views on my situation.

    I submitted a Serious Injury application. 2 days before the 120 day limit, WorkSafe Vic rejected my application, but not before the following happened:

    1. They sent me to an IME. I researched the IME on ratemymds.com(.au) and saw dozens of horrible reviews. I asked the switch and Worksafe said no. If I don’t see him then they will suspend my application until I do. So I saw him and he wrote the most favourable report he could have. In fact the report was so strong I’ve also them to re-instate my weekly payments as well as it says “no work capacity for any employment or alternate employment likely to continue for the forseeable future.”


    2. WorkSafe offered me a Pain and Suffering certificate only at about the 100 day mark, which I rejected.

    Now despite 1 and 2, I found out today they’ve rejected my application. I wasn’t shocked I’m just curious how they go about determining whether they grant or deny an application? And roughly how long does it take to get an origininating motion to hearing in the County Court?

    Thanks guys and girls

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