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  1. @ LUCY – to Lucy who contacted us via the contact form and asked a return call – we called but you did not seem to remember anything about your reach out. If you would like some help please contact us in writing using the contact form and provide a brief background. Ta.

  2. First off thankyou for your site and efforts it’s appreciated more than you know!

    I am one of the people who got screwed by Return to Work South Australia. I am one of the group who were injured before 2015 when the new legislation came in . This group of people were the guinea pigs for the new legislation and being in this group we have no option for common law even though my employer has over 20 workcover claims which is proof of poor work practices but our government mandate is to cut premiums for employers and made it easy for the employer to get out of any support to a injured worker!
    I had a serious injury at work 9 bulged discs and have had cleaning and gardening support up until the new legislation cut off date and then BANG everything cut off even though 3 months earlier i had a catastrophic neck collapse and was rushed in for urgent surgery and had 3 discs removed with further surgeries needed but if i wanted future medical support i had to apply by October 2016? What? i was not informed of this and i don’t have a crystal ball how was i meant to know my neck would collapse ? I have been on high dose of Opioids for 8 years and suffer the side effects from them which is a horrible way to live WARNING opioids are bad long term try find a better alternative!! I have tried local government for help and the only thing I got back from them was a copy of Return to Works position with no contact to me or any investigation of my side! Shame on you Rob Lucas you spoilt out of touch brat!
    I am at a loss now i don’t see any help coming my way I’ve now spent all my super money from my Total and Permanent disability insurance and will soon be destitute and homeless but does our government or Return to Work care not at all! There will be suicides from this group i am in all because the government no longer cares about citizens of Australia!
    Is there anybody in South Australia in the pre 2015 seriously injured group that wants to join together and fight these corrupt politicians?
    We need help anyone with constructive advice please contact me

  3. I have been scheduled to see Dr Graham Vickery . I understand he has a history of finding for the insurer . Does anyone have any official evidence of this ?

  4. Just wondering if anyone has dealt with IME Ronald Haig??
    Felt he was very uninterested in my responses to his questions

  5. I need a second opinion ime as the 130 week ime is completely different to previous ime reports. Can someone recommend psychiatrist?

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