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  1. Hi
    I need help, my wc claim decision was recently overturned by the medical panel. The insurance company has started payment but the weekly is about 60 % of my income. I am on income protection insurance and informed the insurance company before payment.

    I resigned from my employer after the injury .

    My question is whether I need to repay for the income protection insurance given to me during waiting on the workcover claim to be sorted out.

    • Hi Kirsten,

      My understanding is that you can’t “double dip”, that is to receive both income protection and workcover in excess of your weekly income at the time of the inuury. That makes sense otherwise you would be doubling up.

      If workcover have now paid you backpay that covers the period you were receiving income protection, then yes you will have to pay back the amount of over 100% of your weekly income you received from your income protection insurer. As stated earlier, you can’t double dip.

      If you are now only getting 60% of your income from workcover, your income protection insurer should cover the workcover shortfall of 40%.

      Best thing to do is talk to your income protection insurer and they will put you on the right track.

  2. @Meljorjelea – sorry to read about your situation. It is very difficult to put any “number” on your injury, as it will depend on what state you love in, the severity of your injury, your total permanent impairment rating (WPI) which can – sadly- be very low for crippling back injuries, your age, your capacity to undertake any work (desk job, anything), your education, skills etc. The bullying, discrimination, sacking etc should be dealt with at Fair Work (as you are doing). Your employer can terminate you if you are unable to undertake the inherent requirements of your job. Be aware that if you dispute unfair dismissal, you essentially prove that you can still work, which may affect your claim (read between the lines). Let us know in what state you are and we may be able to help/guide you further.

  3. Hi Ben, what were the warnings for? Are you in a Union at your workplace as they can sometimes help if you are being threatened.

  4. Hi ive hurt my back at work im on light duties boss pull me in for 2 verbal warnings now I dont want to go back to work i feel they are bullying me what to do.

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