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Independent Medical Examiners (IMEs) List

Updated: 6 Dec 2018

Many injured workers have been looking and asking (us) for a list of IMEs (Independent Medical Examiners). However because of the real potential for defamation we are no longer able nor willing to publish any “List” or name any independent medical examiner.

Do your own research if you have any concerns or questions with regards to attending your appointed independent medical examination. For example, Ratemds and similar websites often have patient / client reviews of Australian Doctors, including those who undertake independent medical examinations.

Also remember that there are some very ethical, honest, impartial and compassionate IMEs out there!



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  1. There is a very well known psychiatrist in Melbourne that many insurance companies go to for advice. Since she derives a large amount of income from her reports I don’t see how she could be objective. In my case she wasnt and luckily I took a family member into the interview. My solicitor laughed when he read her report and said she was well known in the legal fraternity as dr ratsak.

  2. Hi, I’m from the state of VIC Australia,
    I just looked into the IME (psychiatrist) that my works insurer has asked me to attend and found all bar one review on Rate mds made it very clear that he was untrustworthy and puts his pay check befor his duty of care to his patience’s. They basically say he twists what you say to the insurers advantage. Must I attend especially if the insurance company is not paying for psychological treatment as yet as I am seeing a bulk biller, or can I refuse? Iv been threw enough hard ship not to have to deal with a dodgy insurance doctor adding to my problems.

    • @Louis, by law you MUST attend an IME if your insurer asks for it and if it is reasonable. If you don’t, they may (and will) suspend any weekly pay or benefits. In some cases you can refuse to attend a certain IME, however, it is not easy. I once refused to attend a psych IME whom I had already seen and who was very -ahh well- “unprofessional” – my lawyer sent a letter to my case manager (insurer) and requested I see another IME. The argument was that “all IME’s are independent – so what is the difference?”. The insurer allowed me to see another one. Good luck!

      WorkcoverVictim February 6, 2019 at 7:45 am
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