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Technical and Administrative updates, issues and  gossip

Here we – the Diary of a Workcover Victim Administrators – will alert you to any issues we may have with the site, upcoming new features, maintenance, and keep you posted on some of the weirdest queries we do receive!


Feel free to alert us to any administration or technical difficulties you are having with the site, discuss any site features you’d like etc. You may also want to visit our general ‘website use’ page.

No, we do NOT advertise and we do not run PAID ads (ever)

Here is an extract of an email we recently received – again asking us to advertise (for payment).

“…My company represents a leading provider of xxx. They would like to purchase ad space on your site’s page,
Ideally, we’d like to mention our client in a sentence on your site, which would link to our client’s site. We could pay you via PayPal for your time and efforts as soon as an agreement is made.
Please let me know if you are interested so we can discuss the details. Thanks for your time and consideration….”


Unlike some “workcover blogs and sites” we do not make or attempt to make any money out of injured people’s misery, including our own!

aworkcovervictimsdiary does not advertise for services and products, and certainly never accepts any money for ads, simple as that.

The few “ads” (we prefer to call them resources) we feature on our site are solely word-of-mouth ‘resources’ and are published from our own injured free will and are totally free of charge, as we believe they are a useful, genuine resource for our injured readers.

No, we do NOT pay our authors, co-authors

Here is an extract of an email we recently received – again asking us to “help with the admin” of our site (for payment). The most disturbing part is that many emails come from injured workers!

“…I would love to assist with the administration of the site in any way I can and would like to have a quick chat as I am buried under $37 K …”  is solely run on the hard volunteer work of seriously injured workers and their families/close friends.

Nobody gets paid, nobody makes money.

Everybody does what s/he can, when they can.

Seriously injured workers are recipients of workcover “benefits”, which really means that we are legally not allowed to:

  1. make money, i.e. by running this popular site (i.e. ask for payment, subscription section, run paid ads etc)
  2. pay our injured volunteers for writing an “article”

Making money out of the misery of injured workers, is in our seriously injured opinion, fully sick in any case.

And, we know that there are quite a few “websites” and “blogs” out there pretending to “help injured workers”, while in reality all they’re doing is trying to make a quick (and often illegal) buck out of it for themselves, i.e. by asking for “subscription fees”, “download fees for a “copy paste” paper “they” wrote”, running paid (nonsense and misleading) ads and so forth. We say shame on you for making screwed-over, poverty-stricken injured sods pay for knowledge!

278 Responses to “Tech & Admin matters”

  1. We have recently had some serious spam attacks on the blog, and many hacking attempts. We even lost a few posts and comments because of it. So we have had to upgrade our site’s security and from now on the secured system only accepts valid email addresses (no fake ones). Rest assured emails are never published but you can also create a free alias email via Gmail or Hotmail for use on sites like this one.
    Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  2. Please contact me admin about an idea i have to help us all as no government agency will help! I am sick of being told it’s unfair what they did to our pre 2015 group but there is nothing we can do! Arrrgh if we don’t stand up together we won’t change anything!

  3. Just to let you know that the blog may experience some little issues or go on brief maintenance mode today and over the next day or two; we are upgrading many settings etc to make our site better.

  4. Sorry haven’t updated our blog lately – having a bit of a hard time with my own injury, which includes switching to different heavy duty meds (causing some unwanted side effects which I hope will go soon). Meanwhile keep each other going 🙂

    • I know exactly what you mean i am trying to get off my Opioids and it’s hell i would never recommend Opioids long term can’t get my brain to function properly that’s why i am reaching out on your site . Thanks heaps for your efforts i appreciate it but choose not to read much as it gets more frustrated with my situation but great to have somewhere for advice cheers

  5. Apologies for the inactivity over the past week — I have recently moved house and am awaiting internet connection. I am only able to briefly tether onto my husband’s work phone at the moment to access internet and email.
    Hopefully not much longer.
    In the meantime keep each other sane!
    Thanks for your understanding and patience!

  6. Just to let you all know that I have been off-line for the past 4 days due to internet connection issues, and as such no articles have been posted, nor emails/inquiries answered. Hope to get things back up and running by tomorrow.

  7. Just to let you all know that we are (again) behind we catching up with emails, inquiries, publishing submitted stories etc, because of personal issues. Some of us are going through court proceedings, sucking up time and especially energy ( how demoralising indeed); and one of us is also moving house… So please accept our apologies and keep each other strong!

  8. Just to let you all know that we’ve changed our generous and very helpful volunteer lawyer’s nickname to the nickname of PARAGON. Why? because s/he is a very prized & great person to us (indeed!) [Look up definition of Paragon]
    In doing so we (admin) have replaced the lawyer’s former nickname to “Paragon” in all our posts and comments.

  9. Congratulations on the site, great content, however I am unable to activate the print mode of items on the site. Have tried a number of ways and different printers but it continues to come up with an error message. Is there a secret to this process?

    • Not sure what happened to the link.

    • My sister was bullied in a sector of defence, for trying to get a transfer to a different dept…. she ended up quitting as it just became too much of a nightmare for her… “the boys club” stick together…..

  10. @WCV- really sorry to hear the news. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Take care

    • @Mad Chef, thank you so much for your well-wishes, much appreciated. Again it is people like you who keep ME going and for that I am eternally grateful. It’s actually quite ironic how much comfort I find in my own website/blog, especially when things are tough!

  11. Hi all, we have received a number of emails from injured folks stating they were/are unable to post comments on the site (yesterday and the day before). We’ll have a closer look today at what the issue may be. Will keep you posted.

    Workcovervictim3 April 17, 2015 at 9:27 am
  12. Just to let everybody know that we are a tad behind on publishing submitted (Guest) posts and stories, as well as replying to emails. Grand Poo (Workcovervictim / Lisa) is currently curled up with high fever and severe pain in her reverse prosthetic shoulder, yet another flare up of her prosthetic infection. It’s a nightmare come true, she has been septic 4 or 5 time in under 1 year and whilst on therapeutic antibiotics. The bug appears quite resistant. She says it really sucks to be physically ill, it was/is bad enough to be disabled and in constant pain but to become septic (as in blood poisoning) so often from her prosthetic infection is just terrible. As far as I understand the situation, in an ideal world this prosthetic should be removed asap, however she has not enough bone stock left and cannot have the total reverse prosthetic replaced, which if it comes out, would leave her arm painfully attached to her body by means of skin and some left over tissues (no joint has that has been removed). Plus there are huge anesthetic risks, hence they’re trying to preserve the prosthetic…But the way things are going it looks like her worst nightmare will come true.

    Beware anyone contemplating / needing total joint replacements, when it goes wrong, you’re royally sc*wed 🙁

    Thanks for your understanding and patience!

    Workcovervictim3 April 16, 2015 at 10:57 pm
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