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Here is an extract of an email we recently received – again asking us to advertise (for payment).

“…My company represents a leading provider of xxx. They would like to purchase ad space on your site’s page,
Ideally, we’d like to mention our client in a sentence on your site, which would link to our client’s site. We could pay you via PayPal for your time and efforts as soon as an agreement is made.
Please let me know if you are interested so we can discuss the details. Thanks for your time and consideration….”


Unlike some “workcover blogs and sites” we do not make or attempt to make any money out of injured people’s misery, including our own!

aworkcovervictimsdiary does not advertise for services and products, and certainly never accepts any money for ads, simple as that.

The few “ads” (we prefer to call them resources) we feature on our site are solely word-of-mouth ‘resources’ and are published from our own injured free will and are totally free of charge, as we believe they are a useful, genuine resource for our injured readers.

No, we do NOT pay our authors, co-authors

Here is an extract of an email we recently received – again asking us to “help with the admin” of our site (for payment). The most disturbing part is that many emails come from injured workers!

“…I would love to assist with the administration of the site in any way I can and would like to have a quick chat as I am buried under $37 K …”  is solely run on the hard volunteer work of seriously injured workers and their families/close friends.

Nobody gets paid, nobody makes money.

Everybody does what s/he can, when they can.

Seriously injured workers are recipients of workcover “benefits”, which really means that we are legally not allowed to:

  1. make money, i.e. by running this popular site (i.e. ask for payment, subscription section, run paid ads etc)
  2. pay our injured volunteers for writing an “article”

Making money out of the misery of injured workers, is in our seriously injured opinion, fully sick in any case.

And, we know that there are quite a few “websites” and “blogs” out there pretending to “help injured workers”, while in reality all they’re doing is trying to make a quick (and often illegal) buck out of it for themselves, i.e. by asking for “subscription fees”, “download fees for a “copy paste” paper “they” wrote”, running paid (nonsense and misleading) ads and so forth. We say shame on you for making screwed-over, poverty-stricken injured sods pay for knowledge!

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  1. Note to our generous donors:

    The recipient (me) of your donation is indeed a person that goes by the official name with initials LVC.
    This is ME. The L stands for Lisa (in DUTCH), the surname is also DUTCH 🙂 Been here for ages though!

    Hi, noticed the donation link and took note of the email listed on the PayPal payment, made a payment directly from my PayPal account, as I think this is an amazing site and want to help, I don’t follow links for payments just in case.. I am just curious as to the name of the recipient that has appeared on my receipt, initials [LVC] Is this right or should I pull the payment?

  2. @SIGI – could “SIGI” (WA) please re-contact us, I have accidentally deleted your email whilst responding (one of the most annoying things of having 1 arm/hand).

  3. YES, YES, YES PLEEEEASE! and can u add a comments sections where we can nominate which Case Managers/Insurers are using which IME’s and PI’s
    Case Manager: Ima Moron – Allianz likes to use – Psych IME: Dr Corrupt

    Eg. Kenneth Batrouney from Allianz likes to use Psych Ime Dohurty and DW Bowe & Assoc as PI’s

    I think the patterns will emerge quite quickly about who is working with whom!

    Let’s see how TRANSPARENT things really are at WorkCover and how accountable the VWA will be when the murky shit starts surfacing about what really goes on.

    We should start logging how many complaints we all lodge with each Insurer and VWA and see how that matches the stats they publish!

    Power to the people!!!

    • Actually that is not a bad idea. You would only need to put the state, the insurer, the case manager and the IME and year you were sent. Don’t even need any opinion as pretty soon there would be stats to see who is preferred and thus not impartial or independent. No defamation in that. That would soon give a good pattern of the usage of particular IMEs and in NSW we also have Injury Management Consultants (IMC) and Independent Physiotherapy/Psychological Consultants (IPC) and at the Workers Compensation Commission there are Approved Medical Specialists (AMS). Would be great to see the patterns emerge to see just who is getting the most out of this system.

      Bashed and bullied March 30, 2015 at 8:03 pm
  4. Would anyone like a ‘rate a case manager’ page set up (similar to our IME list)? It appears that the same CMs are repeatedly ‘flagged’ by injured workers. Could be very interesting…

    • Workcover victim,please please and yes please rate a case mongrel oh sorry I mean manager not.

    • @WCV OMG absolutely. It would be safer than “going postal” at my Allianz branch! Can you imagine how big a page it would be-I’ve only had 6 (my choice, wanting to annoy the last one more than wanting to get her off my case! I am sure I f**k’d her bonuses up).
      Seriously I think it would help many of us.

      • @Mad Chef – U R AWESOME! I’m also sticking to my favourite moron atm because he is really reliable at stuff-ups which makes my complaints more valid and the more complaints I make the worse the Insurer looks (because they are), so eventually it has to bite them back on the arse or assist me when I get to Court.

    • Yes Do It !! Rate a Corrupt ( case ) manager Rosemary Dean From Allianz , After VCAT Is Over Coming For You !!!


      • OK – consider it done! We will publish a CM – list page as soon as possible. Work is underway.

        • If they like to do surveillance on us, how good would it be for us to have them rated on the internet, be able to download it for Court and then have 35 feloow injured workers all turn up to give evidence that they have suffered from the same type of dirty tactics! The day WILL come!!

  5. Sorry guys, our live chat system is malfunctioning, we’re working on the problem.

  6. Concerning Dr Paul Cotton, Psychologist and IME

    Taken From Court Verdicts on
    Dyer and Comcare [2011] AATA 748 (25 October 2011)
    Egon Fice who conduct the Administrative Appeals Tribunal said:
    ‘Although Dr Cotton said it was possible that Ms Dyer’s symptoms were more significant when she in fact ceased work, he said they had subsided since that time. It is difficult to work out from the evidence whether Dr Cotton was accepting that Ms Dyer had suffered some mental health symptoms prior to his examination. He described the symptoms as mild and not clinically significant. However, given the descriptions of her symptoms by other medical professionals, and having examined a number of emails written by Ms Dyer at around about that time and shortly after 12 November 2009 in which she threatened suicide, I cannot accept Dr Cotton’s analysis of her symptoms and her degree of incapacity to engage in employment following the events of 12 November 2009. Furthermore, his finding that Ms Dyer did not exhibit with any clinically significant mental health symptoms is obviously inconsistent with the fact that she continued with taking anti-depressive medication and continued to consult a psychologist. This is precisely the point made by Dr Dush Shan in his report. I am not persuaded by Dr Cotton’s report. Accordingly, I find that the aggravation of Ms Dyer’s existing mental injury arose out of or in the course of her employment with the Department of Defence.’

    Williamson v Vorbau & Transport Accident Commission

    ‘Dr Cotton re-examined the plaintiff in May 2009 … He found there were no indications of any significant Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms. He considered that the symptoms fluctuated but appeared to be generally mild. He considered that she would have been able to resume her pre-accident job, had it remained available.’
    However, Dr Edward Cole found ‘her as totally and permanently incapacitated for any form of employment likely to be open to her.’
    Judge Smith said ‘I am satisfied that the plaintiff has a Major Depressive Disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which can be fairly described as being more than serious, to the extent of being severe … Accordingly, I am satisfied that the plaintiff has suffered a serious injury in accordance with the definition of that term in s.93 (17) of the Act.’

    One thing to note in relation to Dr Cotton is that he does regular consultancy work for Insurance Companies (i.e. they pay him and others to provide medical opinions, many of which they use to oppose claims from injured workers and patients).

    At the 13th Annual National Workers Compensation Summit 2012, Dr Cotton claimed his research and that of others in other Australian states and the UK (he doesn’t mention if these other researchers receive payments for consultancy work on behalf of corporations as he himself does) showed (according to him) that for 1/3 of people who lodged psychological injury claims, at the time they lodged them, they didn’t really have what they were diagnosed with which was Adjustment Disorder but rather “low morale.” Have a close look at this comment from him ‘SO WE NEED TO IDENITFY THOSE PEOPLE AND KEEP THEM OUT OF THE COMPENSATION SYSTEM.’ What all this essentially means is that he believes 1/3 of people who have psychological injuries should not receive compensation as part of Workers Compensation. He also infers that, despite psychologists and psychiatrists diagnosing these people with Adjustment Disorders (as per international standards in the DSM and ICD), he apparently knows better and that these injured people shouldn’t receive financial compensation as part of workers compensation. MUSIC TO THE EARS OF INSURANCE COMPANIES WHO LIKE RECEIVING PAYMENTS FROM PREMIUMS BUT HATE HAVING TO PAY PEOPLE OUT!

    Dr Cotton stated all this at the 13th Annual National Workers Compensation Summit 2012, in a YouTube video that was active on March 10, 2015,
    He said from the 21st second mark ‘ (RE: Interpersonal and Bullying claims) What we know is that they have increased dramatically … because bullying … (has) had a an enormous run in the media with numerous high profile cases, there is a lot of frivolous reporting as well. So it’s about sorting out the serious claims from the frivolous claims … A research project I was involved in, and this is consistent with work done in other states and in the UK, a third of people who lodged psychological injury claims, at the time of lodgement, don’t have any significant medical symptoms. What they have is low morale. So what they really need is an alternative pathway to other employment or HR and conflict resolution interventions. What happens unfortunately for those people at the moment is that they get this dreadful adjustment disorder label from GP’s and Psychologists and they get medicalised and often get worse. SO WE NEED TO IDENITFY THOSE PEOPLE AND KEEP THEM OUT OF THE COMPENSATION SYSTEM.’

    patients4justice March 12, 2015 at 1:55 am
    • @Patients4justice -Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information, much appreciated. We’ll be adding your findings on our IME List.
      This is also the exact kind of ‘research’ injured workers ought to undertake on any biased IME (report) to make their case against such IMEs (as per article: Tips to defend an IME opinion or report).
      As previously stated we believe that any IME doctor who has been the subject of repeated adverse judicial commentary due to unqualified, incomplete, or shoddy assessments – that IME doctor should be barred from participating in the system. In order to attempt an ending to the practice of substandard, biased IMEs we should all add links to interesting stories and legal cases with quotes from the judges (where applicable) of fact that speak volumes about the inferior quality of these IMEs.

  7. Hi WCV Admin,
    I’m hoping you will share this call to action on your site. The Workover won’t end until the resistance to it becomes loud enough to be heard in every home in Australia.

    Proposal to Initiate a Campaign of Resistance to Over-ride the Workover aka CROW
    (Just came up with name because it says what I think we need to do to end the abuse and torture of Injured Workers that is carried out under the State and Self-Insurer models of worker’s compensation in Australia, and because it makes for a catchy acronym to use on campaign materials. If any other Injured Workers are feeling creative about this, I am very open to hearing your ideas and to having all suggestions considered by the general membership of the Campaign.
    Another possibility re name of group – GROWL – Groups of Resistance to Overthrow the Workover Laws.}

    Why Injured Workers and Their Supporters Should create CROW
    While there are a number of excellent injured worker support groups and websites, most are fully occupied offering support and information to help individual injured workers negotiate the system. These website provide excellent services at the very coldface of the Workover, and are extremely helpful in building individual Injured Worker resilience in the face of the Workover. Unfortunately most have had little time for facilitating the political organisation of Injured Workers.

    In my opinion, the political organising by Injured Workers must be Autonomous .e.g. self-organising. Self organisation by Injured Workers is paramount both to achieving Injured Workers’ long term survival interests, and to the creation of a system that protects, heals, compensates, retrains and returns to employment its injured worker clients. We have been in the system and we have known its horrors in the most intimate of ways. We Injured Workers are in the best place to design a system that works in ways that heal and rebuild human lives instead of destroying them.

    Starting to CROW
    I am sending this proposal to the Administrators of the following websites where Injured Workers gather for mutual support, assistance and timeout from the Workover. I invite all Administrators to post this online to let injured workers and their supporters know that such an organisation is taking shape and there is room for everyone who wants to be involved in this Resistance:-
    A WorkCover Victims Diary

    Bullying and Harrassment in the Workplace

    Injured Persons Association

    Injured worker’s group of Victoria

    The Injured Workers Support Network

    Workers Comp Support Group

    Workcover – A forum for injured workers and those who care.

    Workcover Problems with real people who understand. and Care

    Workcover Support Australia

    Workcover Victims Blogspot

    I am posting this proposal on my facebook timeline and inviting supporters to join our movement. I invite all injured workers and supporters to do the same and to spread this call to action as widely as possible.

    My proposal is this:-
    That all Injured Workers, their carers, family, friends and health care professionals work together to create an independent online organisation that enables us to initiate and build a campaign to achieve the following:-
    1. An end to all private control of and profiting from the worker’s compensation systems;
    2. The establishment in Australia of a single Federal worker’s compensation system that is financed by Employer levies to do the following:
    i. Provide Injured Workers with “No fault” access to immediate health diagnoses and ongoing treatment from a provider of their choice who meets Medicare standards;
    ii. Provide all Injured Workers with “No fault” access to rehabilitation, employment capacity building assessment and financing of retraining and workplace support;
    iii. Provide funding for independent advocacy services for Injured Workers to assist them in accessing all services available to them;
    iv. Provide funding to effective Workplace Injury Prevention Programs; Workplace Accident Investigations; Occupational Health and Safety Monitoring, and Prosecution of Breaches of the Workplace Health & Safety Laws;
    v. Provide funding for the provision of independent oversight into the reasonable and effective functioning of the worker’s compensation system in delivering its services to the Injured Worker;
    vi. Provide for the independent non-adversarial assessment of Serious Injury Claims;
    vii. Provide for an Independent Non-Adversarial Offer of Compensation to Seriously Injured Workers;
    viii. Provide for the funding of legal services to Injured Workers who have serious injury claims and who wish to pursue their rights to compensation under Common Law.

    If you have ideas and energy you want to contribute, you can join the campaign of resistance to the workover at:

  8. Wondering if anyone else is having problems with the commenting system on the site??
    I often read the site from my ipad and I can see and view comments. But if I look at the web site from my computer or phone then many comments don’t appear or can be read. On the side bar that lists all the recent comments many newer comments listed when viewed on my ipad aren’t listed at all if I look at on my computer. Same as if I click on a comment on the side bar it takes you to that article but the comment does not appear on the article all though its listed on the side bar. But if I click on the comment on my ipad it takes me to the article and the comment is there.

    If I post a comment they don’t appear but if I go to my ipad they are there.

    There seems to be a week or 2 delay between posted comments appearing when looking at the site from certain devises. Some devises comments appear as soon as they are posted others they don’t appear or cant be read for some weeks. I’ve check using the computers of various family members and same problem.

    Wondering if the commenting system had only been set to work properly only a particular browser???

    • @Bullied – I have no problems and use Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone and tablet. I have noticed though that my spouse’s antispam/antivirus program is very restrictive (but can be manually adjusted) and may delay or not show recent comments.So have a look at the settings of anti-virus, firewall etc. The site works best with Firefox in my opinion but I have had no problems with IE or Safari. Sometimes when the site is very busy (lots of visitors and lots of comments) the comments that appear on the sidebar may be a little delayed to read, just refresh your browser when that happens.

    • @bullied, I also use different modes to access and have noticed an odd delay in comments appearing, as wcv3 says it’s normally ok when I refresh

  9. Hello , well done on rate an ime , fantastic job , i just rated my old mate clive !!! now please do one on case managers .

  10. Just to let you all know that my good old computer has died on me last week, kaput! So I have been unable to contribute to the blog as I am using a tiny little tablet that does not operate with dictation software. The good news is that I have now been provided with the use of another PC, quite an old one but good enough.

    So, saying this, email replies and submitted stories are delayed (as I/we were unable to forward some emails to our contributors and co-authors for answering; and submitted articles/stories for review)
    Apologies for that.

    Please use the I need help page if you need help/advice. It’s quicker and there are many injured workers willing to help answering questions, some are also much more knowledgeable than I (and we) are, especially if the query is related to non-Victoria workcover matters.

  11. I have deleted the last article that was published and agree that the guy is not right. The author should have done some backgroud research before publishing it! For those who missed it, it was
    The guy is a vexatious litigant and a very scary person indeed.

    As @bullied commented:
    Wow Markham Wayne Moore-McQuillan is one crazy violent f##ker

    check out the photo, bloody scary

    @jan he’s already been in jail a few times, dont think he is using his time in the clanger to think about his behaviour!

    He’s commenced 65 legal proceedings.

    He also has string of convictions for assault, assaulting police, resisting arrest, breaching restraining orders, firearms offences, 20+ convictions for defrauding Workcover. Convictions for assault also include assault of lawyers, barristers (including his own), workcover staff. A number of the people he threatened and assaulted were ladies. What a dog.

    Lock him up and throw away the key. He’s a danger to society.

    As @Injuredinvic commented:
    Well said Jan! This guy is a nasty and abusive bully. He is long overdue a stint in jail!

    Google this McQuillan and he has a whole string of convictions going back many years for contempt of court, making threats in court.

    Below is a shocker: (apologise for the language)
    On February 26, 2007 Justice John Perry in South Australia dismissed two applications by Markham Wayne Moore-McQuillan in relation to WorkCover proceedings.

    He was greeted with this spray:

    Moore-McQuillan: Thank you for being an arsehole and thank you for being prejudicial and thank you for being a cunt.

    His Honour: That’s enough from you.

    Moore-McQuillan: Hope you have a good fucking retirement you stupid fucking idiot. Thank Christ we are getting rid of a fucking cunt like you.

    Witnesses in the court at the time attest that Moore-McQuillan also said that the judge was “corrupt”, but that didn’t make it onto the transcript.

    Moore-McQuillan was charged with contempt.

    On June 4, 2007, in proceedings for an adjournment of the contempt hearing, Moore-McQuillan was asked by Justice Margaret Nyland whether he would do his best to curb his “querulous” behaviour.

    He responded: “I have always tried to do that.”

    On November 20, 2007 Justice Nyland found Moore-McQuillan guilty of contempt.

    She also found that he had referred to Justice Perry as “corrupt”.

    He was sentenced on April 17 last year to a three-month suspended sentence conditional on his being of good behaviour for 18-months.

    Less than a month later in the Workers Compensation Tribunal on May 12, 2008, Moore-McQuillan lost his temper with Owen Downs, counsel for WorkCover.

    Moore-McQuillan: Listen, you just shut the fuck up and fucking sit down and don’t be a dickhead and instead of fucking turning around and dictate the terms—-

    His Honour: That’s—-

    Moore-McQuillan: I’m talking to you and I don’t need this fuckwit interrupting.

    His Honour: That is enough, Mr Moore-McQuillan.


    Moore-McQuillan: I don’t think so. Why doesn’t Downs tell us what his fucking instructions to—-

    His Honour: Mr Moore-McQuillan, stop it.

    Moore-McQuillan: You lying piece of shit. Now, sit down, you dick-face.

    He also accused both the presiding officer and Downs of bias.

    On September 4 the Full Bench of the South Australian Supreme Court (Justices Bleby, Gray and Layton) held that Moore-McQuillan’s “behaviour was undeniably a failure to be of good behaviour”.

    His application for an extension of time to appeal against the contempt conviction was dismissed.

    Sadly, John Perry died shortly after he retired.

  12. Just to let our readers know that some of our older post/articles in-text links are broken, that is, when you click on the link(s) they take you to ‘GoDaddy’. This is because we have transferred our site and still have to fix all the links. If you happen to click on a broken link and are seeing the ‘GoDaddy’ page, simply put an ‘a’ before the link. For example a broken link may be “” — simply add “” and the link will take you to the article.
    Apologies for the inconvenience but we’re working on fixing all links.

  13. Just to let you know that we have recently received an overwhelming amount of email/contact form queries, and that we are a little behind catching up on replies. If you have sent us an email, we thank you for your patience!

  14. Hi Workcover Victim Admin,
    A question, when typing a comment is there any reason why the ability to highlight text with your mouse/keyboard so to delete, copy or paste has been disabled?
    Its really frustrating, I posted a question that I was hoping someone on here may know the answer to and I wanted change around the text of what I had typed but you cannot copy or cut or paste and the only way is to re-type it all again. I couldn’t even highlight to block delete. In the end I gave up posting the question as it got all to hard.
    I also noticed that its not only what you type in the comment box that can’t be highlighted with your mouse, but you cannot do so any where on the web page, so Im guessing the ability has been disabled by admin for some strange reason. cheers

  15. Just to let you know that we have enhanced our commenting system, you can now:
    Can edit comments for a limited time, set at 30 minutes
    Can delete own comments.

read-before-u-commentThis is a statement pointing you to our seriously injured but esteemed and honourable Social Networking Sites Warning and our comment policy. A must read in the context of a very adversarial workcover system! Remember to mention in which state you reside if you seek advice.

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