WorkCover Venting:

  • To express (one’s thoughts or feelings about the workcover system, the way a claim is managed, a way a case manager behaves, for example), especially forcefully
  • an outlet: give vent to one’s anger
  • To vent one’s feelings or opinions


Synonyms: vent, express, utter, voice, air

These verbs mean to give outlet to thoughts or emotions…about all things workcover.

To workcover vent is to unburden oneself freely of a strong pent-up emotion!

workcover-furyWell, let’s face it, it happens to all of us. You received yet another lalala letter from your case manager, denying you a legitimate entitlement, delaying an MRI, CT, X-Ray, requesting “additional information” before being “able” to pay for your submitted physiotherapy account, whatever… and here you go… You start feeling stressed, anxious and terribly frustrated. Your spouse, partner doesn’t understand why you get all worked up about it and, worse, doesn’t want “to hear about it again”.

Finding a healthy way to vent can even help to relieve anxiety, something more and more of us, injured workers, are suffering from in these times. Those who don’t find a healthy way of venting often stuff it inside until they explode one day or get into the habit of finding ways to numb themselves, such as eating, or becomming totally disconnected from the wold. Venting can help to truly relieve stress.

Some additional  ways to vent out the frustrations, sadness, and anger that arise  as being on workcover

  1. Cry. When you feel deeply sad, crying works beautifully. Often when we cry, we want a shoulder to cry on. If none is available, cry to yourself. Either way, allowing yourself the space to cry can work wonders on freeing up the stored up pain inside that is too much to contain within. While crying connect with the pain you feel and cry into it.
  2. Punch. If you feel very angry, you may feel the desire to hit something. A very healthy way of exerting this powerful energy is to punch a pillow. Hit the pillow like it’s the person (i.e. case manager)/thing you are angry at. Yell and cuss at it as well if that helps to release that tension.  As you hit, smash into that frustration and feel exactly what aspects of it are making you angry.
  3. Write. Writing can help to clear the overwhelm of information in your head. It allows a pouring out of what is going on inside.. Some people enjoy tearing up the pages after they’ve written as a way to exert their frustration. In our forum we offer you the possibility to start your own workcover victims diary!
  4. Exercise. Some of your most frustrating days in your life may turn out to be your best days in the gym.Running, boxing and walking all allow great ways to vent. Unfortunately for most injured sods, including me, this is not possible.
  5. Talk. One injured workers told me the story of an injured nurse who rode the bus every day.  She would get on the bus and wait for a passenger to sit near. She’d ask if they minded listening to her and if not, she’d share her dilemma or story. Once she’d talked it out, she’d thank them and get off the bus!
  6. Create Art. What better to do than to channel this energy into creating something beautiful?
Come into the Vent! page  and just vent. Pouring out your feelings in an arena that is safe and where people understand you will help you find perspective and help you cope with unavoidable everyday frustrations.


315 Responses to “Vent!”

  1. Rant; occupational rehab
    I have my chosen occupational rehab provider that I chose myself, yet my employer has bought in their own from the p2group who is consistently very difficult, aggressive and involved in everything.
    I have a permanent foot injury and am also very short and for months have been asking weekly for a higher footrest, today I finally had an Ergonomic assessment where the professional opinion was first to use the frame of the foot rest (a narrow bar that my foot slips off of and then finally this advice
    “maybe you should bring in a phone book and just sticky tape it to this footrest”
    I felt really disrespected and the thought of bringing my own phone book to use as a foot rest feels pathetic

    • @ Hayley I had to supply my own ergonomics when I worked in a Lab..I had to supply my own ergonomic drafting chair and my then work place supplied me with a kitty litter container taped to styrofoam to make the bench higher…lol .

      Then this sod who decided she didnt like the fact that i had quals and she didnt took it upon herself to make life difficult and hide my chair and throw my kitty litter box in the bins or throw it under the bench knowing full well i would have trouble retrieving it…I did eventually take them to court and HREOC and won.

      • phone books are heavier than what I’m allowed to carry according to the same rehab providers functional capacity report.
        I feel like I’m in some kind of psychological experiment for how many dumb conversations I have to be involved in
        before I snap

        • @ Caitlyn
          welcome to the club lol glad most of us still have a sense of humour with all the dipsticks and the bs dribble we have to put up with…Thats why they are in these jobs no decent allied health organisation would hire them

  2. Anyone been sent a WorkSafe Survey letter for upcoming survey by Wallis Market and Social Research?
    Seems like a joke as WorkSafe obviously never listen to or act on these surveys. Wonder how much money they waste on these?
    Did one last year, this year I won’t be holding back or being so forgiving about Allianz this time.
    They want the truth, well I’ll give it to them!

    • @MadChef,
      I gave them the truth about CGU last year, haven’t received one this year.
      Maybe they didn’t like the negativity…

      • Just thought i would check out FGU”S site what a ;oad of frog shit…..

        Since sending me to their lying bullshit under qualified IME and striking me off the books where I have had to pay for my own medical/surgeries etc… when I asked these fockers to help me with the sugical costs as it was them that insisted I see a surgeon and declined/refused to pay for it. These fockers have now taken it apon themselves since my 3 surgeries shot their reliance on their dodgy bullshitting under-qualified IME’s report to pieces… they have now decided to re-enter my life after 2 years of not hearing from these fockers and harass me by sending me to their IME and now a vocational assessor. These appointments have placed me in a situation of undue stress and anxiety where I am at the end of my tether and as the hours go by suidal thoughts deepen….Why Cant these fockers leave me alone accept that they have lost as I have no work capacity or do for me what their mission statement on their bullshit sugar coated site states:

        “For information about Workers Compensation claims, visit the Workers Compensation section and select your state.

        Sustaining an injury at work can be a stressful time. FGU will work with you, your doctor and your employer to make your return to work as smooth and safe as possible.

        We will support you through the process and help you understand your rights and obligations and any workers compensation benefits that you may be entitled to.

        We’re here to help give you all the support you need to get back on your feet and ensure you can get on with your life”.

        Bastards I hate them! False advertising to a tee!

  3. Beware IME Supp. Report
    Are you aware that these WC bastards keep requesting supplementary reports from all those dodgy IME’s you see.
    With info I have received last month, I found out that they have requested numerous reports from previous seen IME’s months and months later. You have no input, no appointment to attend and are never told about them. And it seems to be the most notorious IME’s that they use (of course) for this “follow up”. he questions being asked are once again for them to be able to drop your claim.
    If they can’t get the report right the first time, how can they be expected to answer questions months later and be “accurate”???

    one-legged skippy July 31, 2015 at 12:13 pm
  4. Allianz you make me SICK with your self promoted goody-too-shoes approach to caring and helping about injured workers. And now at the bottom of another lying email I read
    “Allianz is a proud sponsor of the Australian Paralympic Committee” (-obviously not supporting injured workers who have become disabled).
    I just wanna puke reading that AND reading your website
    about how quickly you promise to return a worker to work, how much money you can save the employer and how you will always be there to help make the WC Claim as short and painless as possible for the employer.
    These are the first 2 things listed in the RTW kit for employers.
    1. Reduction in claim costs results in reduced premiums
    through better injury management practices.
    2. Minimising any loss in productivity through early return to
    work of the injured worker.
    Then they waffle on to section D.1 WTF

    D.1 Support of early claim lodgement
    The earlier a claim is lodged with Allianz, the earlier Allianz can
    provide appropriate assistance (injury management strategies).
    Early notification can lead to:
    Reduced claims costs and duration;
    Faster finalisations;
    Reduced impact on an employer’s premium;
    Return to normal business operations staffing levels
    And my blood is boiling-why-
    There is no mention (of course) about US- the injured sod left to Rot.
    If you are stuck with these mongrels then I suggest you read their website and pamphlets for employers. It spells out exactly where you stand-out in the cold, dying a slow WorkCover death.
    Allianz, the anal wart

    one legged skippy July 27, 2015 at 1:37 pm
    • I think someone should be writing a comprehensive letter about how disabled workers are treated by Allianz to the Australian Paralympic Committee.
      They should seriously be looking at this kind of inappropriate backing-

      one legged skippy July 27, 2015 at 1:42 pm
  5. So frustrating that insurers, vocational assessors and IME’s can write whatever they want about you whether it’s true or not and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. I don’t mind coping flack for stuff I’ve done but when they can openly question your integrity and call you a liar and there is not much I can do about it, it’s so frustrating and makes me super angry!

  6. Does this sound very very sus??
    Desperate for advice on what you all think…
    I am being sent to another IME appointment. This one is on a SATURDAY at 11am??? WTF. Mr Philip Sharp
    Also can’t find this general surgeon registered in Vic (I’m in
    SW Vic). My great Physio had a search and found a General Surgeon,same name registered in NSW.
    Anyone ever seen an IME on a weekend?
    I’m almost at the dreaded 130 week mark. I’m wondering if Allianz can manufacture further reasons for destroying my life?? Must email SCM and ask her (lol)

    • @Mad Chef – sadly many ‘notorious’ IMEs are flown interstate to deal with – ahum – more difficult cases.These FIFO IMEs are known to be pro-workcover (insurer). See:

      You may want to ask some questions to your case manager such as reason as why a NSW IME is used, his expertise in the field of your injury (say they’re plenty of local general surgeons – and general surgeons deal with warts, appendices, gall bladders etc, not orthopedic or back injuries etc). Ask if he is registered as a surgeon in Vic. Ask for his resume, reason for Saturday appointment (unreasonableness of it). Phrase your arguments in such a way that “all IMEs are supposedly independent, so why the reason for a NSW IME?”
      I would personally contest such a bizarre IME appointment.

      • Thanks WCV3. I will be querying this I promise. Even my Physio thinks it is weird. I know it is related to the 130 week mark. I will be requesting an Orthopedic Surgeon, not a bloody General Surgeon- already been through that crap. Not sure what else I can demand for more info.Unlike conciliation, where the questions posed are given to us, what do you reckon could be asked? Will keep you all posted as to what I can painfully extract from my ever so helpful SCM/SAB (Senior Allianz B*tch).

  7. I need to vent! I’m so sick of this stupid system, it does your head in! We want you back at work and believe your fit to return, however we’re not going to help you return to your current employment where you have all the equipment you need. We believe you can do a job identical to your pre injury employer, but not your job you were doing pre injury. We expect a new employer to take you on with permanent restrictions and get them to buy all the equipment you require, again I stress we are not going to assist you to return to your current workplace!

    Ooh that didn’t work so we’ve decided to retrain you as we really want you to return to work. However we won’t retrain you to be self employed even though that is probably the best thing for you as you can manage your own workload, we won’t offer you anything above a certificate as it’s to expensive and time consuming for us. We will offer courses that are completely inappropriate and get angry when you say they are not suitable.

    I just want to get back to work with my pre injury employer, which I can totally do but they refuse and the insurance company let them get away with.

    • Make a complaint to WorkCover to see if the insurer and your employer are acting appropriately in refusing to return you to your workplace.

      Bashed and bullied March 11, 2015 at 11:59 am
  8. The last time I spoke to my training person she had me so mad I couldn’t speak. She rang to tell me that my training had been approved, even though I hadn’t applied for any and it was completely inappropriate! then she had the gall to say she can’t think straight as she had a migraine, followed by look at us “I have a crook head and you have a crook arm what a pair”. To me this just highlighted the fact she has no idea about my injury and thinks it can be compared to a bad headache that will go away in a couple of hours.

  9. Hi, unfortunately I’m on the NSW Workers compensation system. I’m fast approaching the 2.5 year cut off entitlements!!! Has anyone on here been through this yet, and could offer some advice?

    • @Joseph:
      In NSW, after 130 weeks a worker must be totally incapacitated or partially incapacitated and have returned to work and be working more than 15 hours a week and earning more than $150.00 a week, to receive weekly compensation and be assessed by the Scheme Agent as being, unlikely to continue indefinitely to be, incapable of undertaking further additional employment or work that would increase the worker’s current weekly earnings. The worker will then receive 80% of average weekly earnings, less their residual earning capacity.

      Payment of weekly compensation will be dependent on a work capacity determination made by an insurer


      Also, you may want to visit the Injured Workers Support Network (NSW) which has many resources and provides support.

  10. I would just like to vent about EML SA I have written to this page before I am an injured worker just over ? years on work cover and late last year I was sent for 2 IME(my case manager stated it was to look at further treatment or what kind of training I made need I asked if they were considering stopping my income maintenance and he said no) and an impairment and following the outcome ended up in a psych hospital and my income maintenance stopped after I came out I submitted a 2nd claim for an acceleration of an injury that was operated on a couple of years before and EML asked me if I wanted to put it through their system 2 years ago but I said no as they would take to long to decide and it was urgent. I was sent for another IME of that injury and an impairment the outcome was in my favour, taking me just over 30% (including 12% original injury) so what did EML do? they wont accept the 2nd injury, the thing is they arranged the impairment through a doctor who does 80 work cover claims a month for EML, so he must usually give them good results but now they are backtracking…what if the impairment was not in my favour I assume EML would have sent me a letter straight away. How is it they can accept one and not the other? we are now going to a judicial hearing. I would like to mention for anyone new to the work cover process, keep a stringent diary, write down all phone calls, preferably ask for everything in letter form, if you use emails make a folder and keep them all, do not sign any return to work plans until you have read them at home regardless of what your rehab person says, anything that is incorrect in letter or work plans get it corrected and ask for a new plan/letter, if you have to make a phone call ask them for a reference number as EML stated they did not know I had depression for the last 4 years as my particular case manger stated he does not read the file he only file the letters….WTF

    • Nothing surprises me. I got a got a copy of my file notes through (GIPA) and found my case managers even recorded their own lies on the file. They have recorded things they did not do as though they did for example stating dates they are meant to have sent faxes, made phone calls, sent out injury management plans when not one of these were ever received. My insurer, Allianz, advised me in writing they have no means of verifying whether a fax is ever received by the intended and they advised I was sent to an IME because my doctor didn’t return the fax they couldn’t verify she ever received. My doctor’s office did not receive any fax on or around the date nor did I, nor any of my treatment providers receive any of the four separate documents noted as being sent out on the same day indicating there was either a massive breakdown of all telecommunications and Australia Post on that day or my case manager just recorded she sent out the information to deceive her supervisors, unless ofcouse they were part of the conspiracy as well.
      When you are being sent to an IME always ask why the insurer did not contact your treating doctor and then insist they do so before you see the IME so your doctor can reply to the questions or can provide a report. You were lucky to get support from the particular IME and now the insurer is wasting money when there is no evidence for them to deny your claim. Write a complaint directly to your insurer (ask for the name of the Operations Manager) and send a copy to WorkCover. This is the type of behaviour that wastes public money but which gives a financial bonus directly to your insurer’s solicitors when there is no reason for dispute except for their advantage. In my experience this seems to be what happens regularly. The use of IMEs is a joke and the word “independent” is given no regard whatsoever.
      If the system was run like Medicare where the treating doctors make the decisions on treatment we would most likely all be better off. It never ceases to amaze me just how corrupt the system seems to be and how many people are ripping off injured workers!! I would like to see a Royal Commission/Parliamentary Inquiry into the insurers behaviours where injured workers could put such experiences/evidence forward. You should write to your local politician with regard to this as well.

      Bashed and bullied January 24, 2015 at 12:08 pm
  11. Went to an IME who I tell you was that old and what a rude SOB and I have been told that theses IME so called doctors do get threats etc etc but it is not put out in the public forum because it would make the public aware of what happens and maybe somebody would start asking questions kind of like opening pandors box.And too many people make money out of us.

    • Absolutely, Tony. You are right about the public not being able to access knowledge on how bad some of these assessors are. It is just so hard to get anyone to listen which is why anyone subjected to a bad assessor must complain so there is evidence in quantity, if not quality.
      In NSW there are IMEs and if your case goes to the Workers Compensation Commission you will then be assessed by an Approved Medical Specialist who is meant to be totally independent, working for the WCC but these same AMSs can also be used as an IME by either side. Have seen evidence one of the “preferred” IMEs for an insurer is also a high level AMS-how’s that for a conflict of interest? The problem with AMSs in NSW is that the legislation states with regard to certain elements of the assessment they are “conclusively presumed to be correct” and the only way you can fight that is to find an error in their Medical Assessment Certificate that can be used as the basis of an appeal at the WCC. This is put to an Appeal Panel and guess what, the AMSs all swap around so that one day they may be appealed against with two other AMSs on the panel and the next they might be on the Appeal Panel assessing the doctor who assessed them the day before. All very difficult to fight if you happen to be an injured worker!

      Bashed and bullied October 17, 2014 at 5:42 pm
      • Dear Bashedandbullied,i wonder do these IME ever think beyond the $$$$$$$ and wonder where their money will get them if they did get hurt or seriously injured by someone who they just push over the edge.Would they too be put into the system,ahhhh one could only dream.

        • Too rich to have to be on Stat rate. No doubt plenty of money in their bank because of all their “assessments” !! Have seen one assessor claims he has done over 5000 assessments. That’s a nice 5 mil if $1000 each but at times they can get up to $2000. Dr M–k B—s you sure did get bang for your buck!!! Has anyone seen this man? Occ/Physician. Another claims to have done over 10 000- on one of his websites!! Well done Dr D S!! No fear of them losing their houses!!!

          Bashed and bullied October 18, 2014 at 11:17 pm
          • hey put there names on so we can all see they cannot get rid of all of us we need to STAND AS ONE THIS IS ALL STATES NAME AND SHAME

  12. Total Permanent Disability Claim – Can Anyone Help?

    Hi, I will keep this brief. Under my Superannuation Insurance I made a claim firstly for Income Protection in 2012, this was accepted and paid at 75% for 2 years. Then in 2013 I made a further claim for TPD, this was accepted and paid in December 2013. However when this payment was made it was a lower amount that was shown on my Statements. Turned out my Employer had reported a lower salary for both claims. It has taken from December till September 1 for my former employer to admit and realize the error and write to my Super Fund to make them aware of the situation. I made a compliant to the Fund regarding this error in July 2014. The matter went to their insurance company (Cominsure) and then back to the Fund for review which is where the matter is, I am waiting. My question what are my employers obligations in reporting my salary and do I have any recourse to sue them for negligence?

    • Your employer does have to have complete and accurate wage records for taxation purposes as this has to be the basis of superannuation contributions and tax contributions. I don’t know how they could make an error as all wage records are kept so they may claim a clerical error and if they have now remedied this you would not have an recourse I would think. If Comminsure has mucked it around get all your evidence together and you can make a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman. My husband did and the Ombudsman remedied the situation.
      Good luck.

      Bashed and bullied October 10, 2014 at 7:02 pm
    • greg, for your info TPD is not calculated on your salary. It works like insurance where you buy a set level of cover like $200k or 4 units, with each unit worth a $ amount. If your employer has provided an incorrect salary amount it wont effect the TPD amount of the payment.

  13. Most IME shrinks and DR ‘S are all sad bitter old men who cannot let go of the almighty dollars they get from the insurance ; they are a bunch of leeches feeding on the pain and suffering of us.

    • Yes Suzanne,i agree with you.When I went to this place I noticed all the doctors were men and all were old,and all the receptionsts were young girls.They spend all their time earning the $$$$$ do they ever spend it,i just thought to myself while I sat there they must have empty lives and full pockets.But I do believe in KARMA she is my friend and their enemy.

  14. HI ,Just found this site not sure if anyone gives a shit what I think anymore, My only advice is DONT get injured . Silly stupid me did I have two injuries shoulders and knees .Both different claims one has dropped me, but thank god I have the most awesome doctor in the world he has reconstructed both of my shoulders he is in Sydney DR Goldburg , he still see’s me he told me he would not abandon me and leave me in pain ,I have injections into both shoulders every 3 months I will need them both replaced .Then we have no other than QBE ,TMF, they managed to push me so far into the dark depths of my own soul , that I was going to kill myself. I am crying writing this just thinking about them is like a punch into my guts I feel sick and at the same time want to just hide. They treat you like they own you , they told me they own me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if they want me to catch crocs in WA ,then that’s what I will do. I was also told that they get DRS reports and they LAUGH about what has been written this was it !!I kept thinking of all those injured people who they did this too. I did not say a word to anyone ,but all I could think about was peace just as simple as that, no more tears no more QBE, no more pain the fact that I felt worthless and a burden to my amazing husband ,I thought to my self he needed someone who could go to work and help pay the mortgage and help on the property I did read a comment ‘disempowering the injured worker’, I think they did more than that to me, they left me with no hope they took my soul, heart, mind, and left me facing the biggest challenge of my life. how to kill my self. I am still here, only because as I sat in my DRS office one day after no sleep lots pain he looked at me and asked are you okay ,of course I was not I let it all go and sat like a fool crying my heart out. He was aware of all the talks with QBE he had no time for them. He understood and he said nothing he just let me cry then after a while we talked I went on yet another drug but I did get a great therapist. They send you to these IME’s and the insurance company will focus on one word or one sentence in the whole report as far as I see it “YOU ARE AS INDEPENDENT AS THE PERSON PAYING YOUR BILL” They pay these DRS thousands so how independent are they????.They have a pool of DRS they use ,When they ring me I have a bad few days as it brings it all back. I started to think maybe they get a big bonus for every worker who kills themselves who would know ??I am lucky because even my husband thinks it , he has seen me at my worst crying all the time, but he still loves me and my broken up body . I still need my other knee replaced ,they where doing both and then paying me out but the changes to work cover stopped that they even gave me an amount that they would pay and told me to think about it and they where open to an offer from me lol. Well that never happened . The left knee was done after a lot of work by my solicitor lucky she took them to task on this . I could not believe the way they treated me .It is not my fault the left knee has nerve damage god help me it is always swollen but the funny part is money will not help me , what it would have done was pay our big mortgage off and take the pressure of my hubby and I would not be a burden for him ,sometimes I think if only both knees had been done together , I was booked in for a double replacement but they canned it ,they did take the time to ring me and say your not getting your knees done and your not getting paid out .The only thing that they care about is the almighty dollar in my case its the government almighty dollar as I worked for the government . The only thing left to say is as an injured worker is we are just a number ,we don’t matter , they don’t care if we live or die , they don’t care if we have a roof over our heads , or food on the table ,to them we are a waste of space they simply don’t give a shit about any of us I hate them they stole part of me I don’t think I will ever get back . I was not strong enough .I care to much about people I worry about everything I would not be going through this if I had got my knees replaced 5 years ago . I was going to but stupid me want to wait as I didn’t want the insurance company paying to get them done again down the track I should have not worried about them, because I fully understand how they feel about me

    • Hi Suzanne,
      I had another TMF insurer who did the same to me. I tried to commit suicide after the constant bullying and harassment from the case managers and their supervisors. I just got a copy of my whole file through GIPA from SICorp and it shows their lies and bullying tactics. Go on the SICorp website and find the GIPA request and apply for your file including the file notes to see what they are saying about you. I was sooo grateful to hear that I was “Full of self pity” -Ha! Ha! I think they will be full of their own self pity as soon as my whole complaint goes to SICorp and WorkCover. I also love the fact they actually lied to WorkCover and it is all in the file.
      I can’t explain how angry I feel to hear your story. No one should be treated like that. Were you by any chance at the IWSN meeting on Friday? If that was not you, then there was someone like you with much the same thing happening to her. She is TMF QBE as well.
      Keep going forward. Glad to hear you have good support. My NTD, psychiatrist and psychologist have got me through as well.

      Bashed and bullied October 5, 2014 at 8:05 pm
      • @suzanne – your story literally sums up what this site is about. It was started when I felt exactly the same way as you do now, out of sheer frustration and total desperation.It saved my life and for that I will always be grateful to my psych who urged me to start this diary. Knowing (well… learning) that I was NOT alone did it, as I initially thought the insurers scummy tactics were aimed at me personally. Not so, it’s part of their training and modus operandi which I came to call SSS – Stall, Starve and then Settle.
        Thank you so so much for sharing your feelings.

      • Thankyou its good to know I am not alone, because I feel so alone most of the time ,I will apply but I don’t think I can read it ,I am doing it very hard at the moment my hubby can read it we have a sick daughter who has been ill nearly her whole life she just had a baby ,her partner walked out he was sick of her being sick and always in hospital ,the baby was an IVF drug baby he walked out when she was only 4 weeks pregnant, she has a little girl age 4 who keeps wanting daddy .Libby has had 3 tumours removed ,but the one on her bowel was left due to her health , but while preggie she has been bleeding from the bowel bub is 4 weeks old and it has not stopped ,bub was taken at 36 weeks the same as miss cc as they needed a ICU bed also bub was in critical care for 8 days then we have our other daughter who has a 10 year old little girl with a brain tumour she is getting treated at Randwick Hospital for Children they are an amazing Hospital, we also have a grandson in there with a fracture to his femur he is 7 years old and the amazing thing is the insurance will try to say this was the course of my breakdown even the fact all this happened after the fact god help us all .I know I cannot take reading what they say about me I wish I was as strong as you but I am not I take everything to heart , I did get a report from a dr by mistake god it was so bad he lied he is a pig .I could not stop crying for days my husband rang my solicitor and she took action in the work cover court about his report it was lies and I still don’t understand why people lie ???? why are they so bitter it just breaks my heart to think the power they have over us and we are sitting ducks its all a game to them

        • Hi Suzanne, so sorry to hear you have it so hard. Sometimes it seems good people get way more than their share of shit in life. You and your husband are such good people to support your family so well in such difficult circumstances. Obviously you need to take one day at a time or even on hour at times, so look after yourself and take time out when and if you can and remember you are supported by us all even if we don’t even know each others names. You will also get support from Injured Workers Support Network in NSW noted at the bottom of this page.

          Don’t talk too much about these matters if you are assessed by an IME and say nothing to your insurer as they will deny anything even with a sniff of evidence. Stick to what caused your injury and how this still impacts on you and how your injury has reduced your capacity to cope with life’s issues such as sick kids etc but don’t give out details. Stick to how well you coped with issues until your injury. Also restrict what you say about your family in communications with treatment providers as their records can be obtained by the insurer. Don’t be fraudulent, just careful, as anything can be taken out of context.
          Keep looking forward.

          Bashed and bullied October 6, 2014 at 6:51 pm
  15. Hello, can anyone tell me if they have seen an IME prof ivor jones he is a shrink

    • @Tony – this IME (Dr Ivor Jones) has, unfortunately, been repeatedly ‘flagged’ by injured workers, expect an UN-dependent assessment. He is listed on our IME list

      • Thank you Workcovervictim3,.just what I hoped not to hear but did expect.My shrink said im not to read it just send it to my lawyer as it will only set me back,the only thing I hang onto is it has to end oneday.

      • @WCV3 Could u pretty much red flag most IME’s that work at eReports?

        • @Marina/Sybil – from what we know ereports has some decent IMEs on board, the ones to watch out for work predominantly for MLCOA

          • Yes WCV3,i went to a shrink who works there he was in favour of me,however the insurer never puts his report in my file to the other IME appointments so I carry a copy.

            • and the one I saw recommended a review which never eventuated..

            • @Porsche47 (below comment) any chance of emailing their names anonymously to Thnx
              @tony, I’ve had similar experiences but they refuse to take the reports. I hear that unless the info comes from the insurer they are not obligated to consider it even if they do accept it. Best advice (although it doesn’t usually help) is to make a formal complaint to the WorkCover Authority. Don’t expect any miracles, they know this stuff goes on all the time. They might action something if it’s seen that their actions are negligent though

            • @Marina/Sybil
              Whenever I am sent to an IME I am advised by the insurer to take any reports I have with me, I take reports I know they don’t hand over for review. Only one IME gave any advice, I had taken some notes and he said he could take them but he would have to provide a copy to CM. I wasn’t worried about it as it just listed my injuries and restrictions.
              If they say they aren’t allowed to take anything its wrong, it just means a bit more work involved for them…

              • I had reports that Work-cover did not have in their file. I would take them with me but was repeatedly told, if it doesn’t appear in the Work-cover file, they are not obliged to read them/give them attention and that the reason any report/s was in a Work-cover file was because they had accepted them. It was very frustrating! I am in Qld. I also made an official complaint about the Case Manager. I obtained her ‘notes’ and ‘activities’ and was shocked to discover the out and out lies and manipulation of things i had said during phone conversations, to my detriment. It boiled down to her word against mine, even though i had taken my own notes during calls. Disgusting!

                • Dear Yvonne,i have had the same problem when I go to IME app their are always left out reports from doctors their names are on the file but no reports,funny that because these reports are in my favour.When I told one of my many case managers he said I can send which reports I like my answer so can I take which reports I like.Conflict of interest.The IME says were are the missing reports so I give him the copies,as I tell him the file is incomplete and the examination is not based on ALL the facts to date.And there fore my examination would appear to also be incomplete.He eyeballs me I do the same back with no reaction.

        • I’ve been to about 3 different IME’s from reports and they have been ok, two better than one of them but all in all the reports were fairly accurate. I might just be lucky

      • I don’t see any star ratings on the list just bolded names (guessing bolded names are ones the Ins Co’s use regularaly) and sometimes a note to see “rateMD”, how can I pick an honest IME in Psychiatry? I need one desperately….

        • @Marina/Sybil – on the top of our IME list it states in red that we have problems with our rating forms and that all bold names are the ones flagged by injured workers.
          A decent psych IME (VIC) is Dr P Kornan – at least quite a few have been very happy with his honesty.

          • @WCV3, thnx. I didn’t see that I have just been too stressed. Is there anyone on ur blog with a legal mind or experience, I think I have found a weak spot in the Law about IE’s that might help everyone.

      • Hi workcovervictim3,well I went to the IME shrink I was telling you about.What a sad old man nothing better to do with his day.Words could not describe him.Probably has a number plate on his car I LOVE INSURANCE COMPANIES.

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