WorkCover Venting:

  • To express (one’s thoughts or feelings about the workcover system, the way a claim is managed, a way a case manager behaves, for example), especially forcefully
  • an outlet: give vent to one’s anger
  • To vent one’s feelings or opinions


Synonyms: vent, express, utter, voice, air

These verbs mean to give outlet to thoughts or emotions…about all things workcover.

To workcover vent is to unburden oneself freely of a strong pent-up emotion!

workcover-furyWell, let’s face it, it happens to all of us. You received yet another lalala letter from your case manager, denying you a legitimate entitlement, delaying an MRI, CT, X-Ray, requesting “additional information” before being “able” to pay for your submitted physiotherapy account, whatever… and here you go… You start feeling stressed, anxious and terribly frustrated. Your spouse, partner doesn’t understand why you get all worked up about it and, worse, doesn’t want “to hear about it again”.

Finding a healthy way to vent can even help to relieve anxiety, something more and more of us, injured workers, are suffering from in these times. Those who don’t find a healthy way of venting often stuff it inside until they explode one day or get into the habit of finding ways to numb themselves, such as eating, or becomming totally disconnected from the wold. Venting can help to truly relieve stress.

Some additional  ways to vent out the frustrations, sadness, and anger that arise  as being on workcover

  1. Cry. When you feel deeply sad, crying works beautifully. Often when we cry, we want a shoulder to cry on. If none is available, cry to yourself. Either way, allowing yourself the space to cry can work wonders on freeing up the stored up pain inside that is too much to contain within. While crying connect with the pain you feel and cry into it.
  2. Punch. If you feel very angry, you may feel the desire to hit something. A very healthy way of exerting this powerful energy is to punch a pillow. Hit the pillow like it’s the person (i.e. case manager)/thing you are angry at. Yell and cuss at it as well if that helps to release that tension.  As you hit, smash into that frustration and feel exactly what aspects of it are making you angry.
  3. Write. Writing can help to clear the overwhelm of information in your head. It allows a pouring out of what is going on inside.. Some people enjoy tearing up the pages after they’ve written as a way to exert their frustration. In our forum we offer you the possibility to start your own workcover victims diary!
  4. Exercise. Some of your most frustrating days in your life may turn out to be your best days in the gym.Running, boxing and walking all allow great ways to vent. Unfortunately for most injured sods, including me, this is not possible.
  5. Talk. One injured workers told me the story of an injured nurse who rode the bus every day.  She would get on the bus and wait for a passenger to sit near. She’d ask if they minded listening to her and if not, she’d share her dilemma or story. Once she’d talked it out, she’d thank them and get off the bus!
  6. Create Art. What better to do than to channel this energy into creating something beautiful?
Come into the Vent! page  and just vent. Pouring out your feelings in an arena that is safe and where people understand you will help you find perspective and help you cope with unavoidable everyday frustrations.


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after screwing so many of us over for so long, I was reading your recent employment ad for CM’s. The ad that explains it all….
Come and work at a place where you matter. Explore all our opportunities now at

All I can same is it is a crime that the same is not applicable to injured workers.
Its so in ya face they might as well admit …
Ahhhhhhhhhh Allianz- where injured workers just don’t matter!

mad chef yes so true perhaps you should contact your Labor member. Allianz bought TIO from the NT Govt and a fire fighter has approached NT Labor (we do have an election in August) (Allianz announced in May a $2.8 billion euro ($4.1 billion) profit in just one quarter.) “I’ve lost faith in the system,” an emotional Mr McLeod said Thursday. “Insurance companies are there to take your money and then they employ people to make sure you don’t get it. “The NT Government accepted liability for my cancer and I just expected to be compensated for my disease which… Read more »
I have been put through the mill,I work for the largest charity organisation.During this time the state manager,area manager and the chaplain have sat in the room and just looked at me.I had slept with my collages son which caused the biggest drama,I have been with the company 12 years,I got shifted or should I say shafted out off my work place and they moved me to a store where there was bully and harassment towards me.Work called the police on me 2 times saying it was all for my Safety now work has changed it to my wellbeing!!!!!!I recently… Read more »
So over being on workers comp. Was squashed between a ute and truck June last year. Multiple pelvic fractures and coxyic bone fracture. I work FIFO in northern wa and now finally back at work. Now the company I work for has bugger all work for me. I’ve been cleared for work for 3 months and worked a total of 4 weeks in that time. The normal roster I’m on is 3:1. To top it all off, the insurance company (I won’t name) stopped my payments 2 months ago. Great time to do it lol. I know I was supposed… Read more »

IME Medical Evidence
I would dearly like to know why this is not legislation:
When your agent sends you to a IME appointment why they do not have to send EVERY medical report on file to the IME.
I have just gone over my medical file (FOI) and find that with 3 IME appointments NO medical info/surgical reports/imagining reports were provided. (they were only provided with wc cert and claim form/employer claim form- WTF)


@Madchef, it’s not but they are not properly regulated by the VWA so they do whatever they want.


@Madchef, you can get more control over the whole IME process, it’s all about the “Authority” you signed with them, this can be revoked or revised. Contact Admin for more details at


Some clever person made a very good suggestion about FOI the costs from your claim to find all the sneaky bits they hide.
Buggered if I can find that gem of info- it might be the meds lol.
Anyone able to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
The wording was good and I would like to give it a go
Cheers, MadChef

I need to vent! Not about the workcover system per se this time, but about some recent hospital visit in QLD. I have a very serious work injury which ended up in 10 major R shoulder surgeries and ultimately an infected total reverse shoulder prosthesis. I started to experience severe (really severe) pain in my prosthetic a few days ago and could not get on top of the pain with my usual heavy duty painkillers. When moving the prosthetic arm I also noticed some clunking and grinding, something that has never been there since I have this prosthetic. To me… Read more »

Hey Lisa,
I might be a cranky old man, but the I only every trust a doctor that has proven themselves to me and if I have complete faith in them. I will ask them for their recommendation of a specialist in another field (good people tend to know good people).
I keep hearing more & more horror stories from f**k ups in our hospital system. Standards are definitely on the slippery slide.
As we have had to do our own research in how to fight a workers comp case, we have to do the same for our medical treatment – it sucks!


@ Lisa- might be worth reporting this to Medical registrar or whoever is in charge of these doctors at this hospital. Its quite worrying when they are our last chance of help and won’t listen to you.
Be nice if they would man up and say that this is out of their league, you need to see someone else…
Did the Radiologist write a report on your x ray? If so what did that say or did they neglect to read it??
Not a good situation for you to be in. Hope you get it sorted
All the best


@Lisa it would be worthwhile to visit the PA Hospital, 237 Ipswich Rd, Woolloongabba QLD or the Royal. Butterfield St, Herston. They would be the bigger hospitals and have private facilities too. While I lived up there I had dealings with both via private surgeons.


Thanks Woowoo – I have heard the PA is the best hospital in QLD (a magnet hospital).

Bashed and bullied
Sorry to say but my sister -in law was in PA having brain tumors removed and while her treatment was very good they threw her out as quickly as they could. She was put out into a waiting room while we drove six hours to pick her up. Beside her was a poor girl who had had a star picket through her chest and lung the day before- pulled it out stitched her up and sent her to the waiting room within 24 hours!! I do believe this may have to do with the shortage of beds and when the… Read more »
Bashed and bullied
Wow Lisa! Just goes to show how incompetent some of these people are!!! It demonstrates they don’t even know the basics of anatomy!!! I bet they will end up as IMEs or IPCs (Independent Physio Consultants) when it is realised they don’t know the very basics of the biomechanical body!!! This is obviously where the insurers will be looking for the future dysfunctional management of claims!!! Very lucky if the insurer doesn’t seek out some means of denying treatment on this basis saying you have faked the shoulder replacement because both this doctor and physio stated you your rotator cuff… Read more »
harry rort
Hi All Been a while but I finally had my Claim settled in my favour. Just would like to ask a question of the learned people on this site. I’m in Vic and can anyone please tell me if it is still in the current legislation to formally notify you buy writing when you have a change of case maggot was told yesterday that due to high number of Claims the poor sods have to look after WTF that they don,t have time to send you a letter any more. After I told the silly Cow That this one would… Read more »
@Harry Rort, I don’t think anything like that is, or has ever been, in the legislation as such. It would only be in the WorkSafe manual as a policy or procedural issue i.e. it’s not “Law”. Check out the VWA online Claims manual for info or call the VWA advice line. I’d say it would be polite to do so but it may not be necessary as long as u have been given some primary contact person. Couldn’t hurt to make a formal complaint just to stick it to them. Who are u with these days was it QBE or… Read more »

@Harryrort & Brett – Brett you are correct, there is no legislation about case managers and so far I have not been able to find anything on the online claims manual (VIC) either. From personal experience, I sometimes get notification, sometimes not….. Also once your claim is settled and you ar only eligible for medical and like (in VIC), you are considered “pondscum” really and you will be allocated some very junior case managers (if any).

@Harry and WCV, here’s a little twist. The Manual defines Case Manager as: “The Case Manager is the primary contact for both the employer and the worker. Their main aim is to manage a portfolio of claims through the coordination of the treatment and recovery of injured workers. The Case Manager looks after a number of worker claims and has the ultimate accountability for the management of each claim within a portfolio. ” Therefore, if the Agent “unreasonably” fails to provide adequate notification of you current Case Manager AND this has an affect on your entitlements THEN they MAY be… Read more »

@Harryrort, so glad your case settled successfully (was it what you had hoped, I refer to our last conversation?). I hope you will find some sort of “closure” to your nightmare now that you are off the rotten system, save for medical and like. It does feels like being released of prison, doesn’t it? Will try and call you soon.

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