Banter is the talk that takes place amongst friends that is give and take amongst those friends.


What a miserable get together it would be if we all had to mind our P’s & Q’s!

Use and abuse the page, connect with like-minded people, keep us updated on our pro(and con)gress (!), says something witty, share your thoughts, whatever… use it as a blank canvas!

Over the past few months we have noticed that many injured sods feel the need to connect or stay connected, to keep us and the virtual and real friends they have made updated, have a whinge, a virtual cry, seek a hug, a shoulder to lean on, try to find their own feet in the real (stinking) sewer that the workers compensation system is, reach out and so forth… and that many of you have been commenting on various, and perhaps not-so “suitable” pages…

So, we decided to set up this  page called “banter”, which you can use specifically for all of the above! Enjoy 😉

Note: You can also use the “Vent!” page, to give outlet to thoughts or emotions…about all things workcover. If you need help or have a question that needs answering, please use the “Need Help” page.



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  1. Hey just a question has anyone on here ever got payments beyond the 130 weeks due to the fact they were not going to get other employment due to restrictions? I know you can take it to conciliation and court but just wondering if anyone has. If someone has did they win at conciliation or did you have to take it to court?

    • @Porsche – as far as we know it is a court matter, as workcover can (and will) cease weekly pay in Victoria (and some other states) at the 130 week mark, unless the injured worker has no work capacity for the foreseeable future. See the following article which details 2 legal cases in which injured workers were successful to have their weekly pay restored at the Magistrate’s Court, based on proposed unrealistic jobs

      Workcovervictim3 August 1, 2014 at 7:44 pm
    • a friend has just gone to conciliation for payments past 130 weeks he has to get evidence he is unable to do- admin work and its looking good for him, will keep you posted on his outcome.

  2. @ Mitch I am at this stage I have a serious injury cert and I understand that the next step is a process of negotiation and if you do not come to a satisfactory outcome at the end of these steps approx6 to 8 weeks of back and forth then you can take it to court hope this helps.

  3. Three & a half years down the track, and I still “can’t believe” that my employer sacked me from a job I loved, because I was taking too much time off work to care for my beloved husband when he was on palliative care with a terminal cancer. The memories and nightmares are still out of this world.

  4. I got sent this in an email by my union today and thought people may be interested.

    Fix WorkCover

    it’s time Workcover was for Workers

    The CARE Group has launched a campaign website in response to concerns that
    Victorian injured workers’ are treated far harsher by our WorkCover than any other worker in any other State.

    Find out the facts and/or tell your story and/or send a letter to Government MP’s demanding change.

    As speculation mounts that WorkCover will be privatised post the State election if the Government is returned it’s important you take some action now.

    The link is:

  5. Customs staff top list for public service compensation. (March 8, 2014)

    Australia’s Customs agency is the public service’s most dangerous workplace, with its officers claiming workers’ compensation at nearly twice the average rate of other departments.

    Customs work has become more hazardous than Australian Federal Police duty, according to figures published for the first time by federal workplace insurer Comcare.

    Customs says its staff face tougher physical conditions than the average public servant and that full safety and injury-prevention programs are there for its officers.

    With the cost of psychological injury claims across the government continuing to rise, Comcare’s top executive warned on Friday that public sector bosses needed to pay attention to their workers’ mental and physical health.

    The Agriculture Department and national broadcaster ABC also emerged as poor performers in protecting their staff from injury and work-related illness and getting them back to health.

    The data also shows the nation’s tax officers are putting themselves in harm’s way when they go to work each day, with the Tax Office making the top five danger list of the federal government’s large agencies.

    Workers’ compensation claims for the Defence Force are administered under a separate scheme.

    The newly released figures also show that big government departments, on average, are more dangerous than their smaller counterparts with significantly fewer injury claims among operations with fewer than 1000 staff. Smaller agencies had an average of 12.5 Comcare claims per 1000 workers in 2012-13 while departments of more than 5000 employees clocked up an average of 18.6 bids for compo payouts per 1000 staff.

    Customs and Border Protection notched up more than 30 claims per 1000 officers, with 24 of them being accepted and paid out, a worse record than the Federal Police, with 29 and 23 respectively.

    Comcare accepted fewer claims overall in 2012-13 than the previous year but the cost of payouts, including medical, legal and other overheads, grew by nearly $40 million to $360 million.

    The spiralling cost of the scheme is due in part to an increase in mental stress claims, which usually keep workers away from their desks longer than physical injuries.

    Comcare chief executive Paul O’Connor said the new figures showed the public sector needed to do more to get its sick and injured staff back to health and back to work.

    ”This is a particular challenge for mental health conditions,” Mr O’Connor said. ”Stigma and misunderstanding get in the way of people being welcomed and supported back to good and meaningful work as soon as possible.”

    A Customs spokeswoman said on Friday that the vast majority of the agency’s Comcare claims were for physical injuries, with 113 such claims against just 16 for mental stress. ”The claim profile is consistent in that the claims are predominantly musculoskeletal disorders, including sprains and strains, and slips, trips and falls, other physical injuries and then mental stress,” she said.

    ”In contrast to many areas of the Australian Public Service, ACBPS [Australian Customs and Border Protection Service] operates in higher risk environments. This includes complex maritime operations, law enforcement and compliance activities such as cargo and mail screening, which involve a high degree of physical and manual work.”

    A spokeswoman for the Agriculture Department said its claim rate used to be worse and had improved by 32 per cent since 2009. ”The department has a highly operational workforce that means our staff are exposed to some risks that are not present in other APS workplaces,” she said.

    An ABC spokesman said the nature of the broadcaster’s work occasionally exposed its staff to severe injuries.
    ”Given the nature of some of the work ABC employees carry out, it is reasonably expected the ABC will have a higher exposure to injuries with longer rehab times than other agencies,” he said.

    An AFP spokeswoman said the force’s officers operated in a tough environment. ”Policing is, by nature, a physically demanding and operationally focused career,” she said.

    ”The range of physical, biological, psychological and environmental factors faced by AFP members are reflected in the incidence and type of claims.”

    Most dangerous agencies with 1000 or more employees

    1. Customs and Border Protection
    2. Australian Federal Police
    3. Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
    4. Australian Taxation Office
    5. Australian Broadcasting Corporation


    HuntingWorkcover March 9, 2014 at 12:16 pm
  6. Extra Reading for anyone interested. September 7, 2012

    Young architect awarded over $1m in damages for work-related injury

    The Australian Capital Territory’s Supreme Court has awarded an “intelligent and
    hard working young adult” more than $1m in damages for the pain, and
    emotional and psychological harm suffered after she injured her back whilst
    lifting a carton of crockery as Freedom Furniture’s home-wares assistant.


    Nicole Gibson was lifting a carton of crockery out of a trolley at Freedom
    Furniture when she felt a sharp pain in her lower back. She dropped the carton
    back into the trolley and straightened up. The lower back pain projected down her legs like “an electric shock”. She attempted to walk but found she was unable to take normal strides. She “shuffled” to the home wares counter, reported the incident, completed an incident report but was asked by her manager to continue working as they were short staffed, which she did.

    Ms Gibson re-injured herself in the course of her employment with Freedom on two additional occasions, firstly in February 2000 when moving venetian blinds and secondly in August 2000 when moving a chair.

    What followed from the 1999 work-related injury was an extensive amount of treatment including anti inflammatories, visits to chiropractors and physiotherapists, as well as being prescribed anti-depressants for panic and anxiety attacks, and culminated in her decision to undergo surgery in late 2007.

    Although she had two minor back complaints before the March 1999 incident, the evidence was clear that neither incident had resulted in lengthy pain or changes to her lifestyle as were consequent upon the injury in 1999.

    Ms Gibson graduated from the University of Canberra with a Bachelor of Architecture in 2003 and ceased working for Freedom that same year. She gained employment in various architectural firms but more often than not, had to reduce her working hours, then her working days too as a result of increasing levels of back pain exacerbated by sitting for long periods of time.

    In 2007 Ms Gibson underwent an anterior decompression and a total disc replacement which improved her condition in the short term. By the end of 2008, despite the reoccurrence of pain, she was earning $100,000 per year as an architect as well as lecturing part-time at Queensland’s University of Technology. During 2008 she underwent nerve block and facet joint injections which provided no lasting relief. She was forced to resign from Hassell Architects in late 2009 due to the pain.

    In November 2009 she commenced working for herself as an architect and she was still in that employment at the time of the trial. She can only work three days per week and is restricted to three to five hours per day.

    Ms Gibson commenced proceedings against Steinhoff Asia Pacific Limited (formerly Freedom Group Limited) (Freedom) in negligence alleging that her injuries were the result of a negligent system of work. Freedom accepted liability but disputed the extent of her injuries, and the extent of any disabilities consequent upon her injuries.


    Ms Gibson was 24 years old when she was injured. She was at the beginning of her professional life and had all the expectations of life usually held by an “intelligent and hardworking young adult.”
    The back injury sustained whilst working at Freedom in March 1999 changed all of that forever. Ms Gibson had endured years of discomfort and pain, as well as emotional and psychological harm. She was forced torelinquish employment positions that she loved and which promised what the court referred to as “great professional and financial reward.”

    The evidence supported the fact that Ms Gibson’s “ability as an architect was very strong, and she demonstrated real commitment to her profession” such that the court was left with no doubt she would have achieved an income at “least equal to that of a partner” at an architectural firm but for the system of work employed at Freedom.

    Damages were awarded as follows:

    -General damages: $170,000 (+ interest of $11,700)
    -Past out of pocket expenses: $70,340.30
    -Future out of pocket expenses: $85,223
    -Past Griffiths v Kerkemeyer: $15,136
    -Future Griffiths v Kerkemeyer: $64,795
    -Past loss of earnings: $30,000
    –Interest: $1,200
    -Future loss of earnings: $866,487.45

    TOTAL: $1,314,881.75


    HuntingWorkcover March 8, 2014 at 6:45 pm
  7. Extra Reading for anyone interested. Some Old News. Sept. 2, 2013
    Compo case: Worker could get seven-figure payout

    An Illawarra subcontractor seriously injured while working on a house in Bulli is set to receive a seven-figure payout after a court ruled the site’s owner, Clarendon Homes, was negligent in failing to prevent the accident.

    Ray Herbert, an experienced plasterer, was working on makeshift scaffolding inside the home’s garage in November 2008 when Clarendon Homes employee Mark Dowling opened the garage door, knocking Mr Herbert off the structure.

    He suffered a fractured leg, which still requires ongoing treatment almost five years later.
    The accident rendered Mr Herbert, now 58, unable to continue working and left him with depression.

    Mr Herbert sued Clarendon Homes in the NSW Supreme Court, claiming the company had failed to take reasonable steps to ensure his safety while working.

    The court heard on the morning of the accident, Mr Herbert told the site manager, Nathan Johnson, that he would be working behind the garage door and advised him to ensure that no one came in.

    Mr Herbert said he also told other workers on the site of his plans, before using a bucket to prop the door open slightly in order to allow natural light into the otherwise unlit garage.

    Mr Johnson left the site shortly afterwards.

    Around 10am Mr Dowling, an employee from Clarendon’s head office, lifted the garage door, sending Mr Herbert flying off the scaffolding.

    When asked why he had opened the door, Mr Dowling said no one had told him Mr Herbert was behind it.

    Lawyers for Clarendon Homes argued that Mr Herbert should have taken steps to ensure the garage door could not be lifted, and erected a sign warning people he was working behind the door.

    However, the presiding judge, Justice Robert Beech-Jones, rejected both arguments, saying Mr Herbert had taken appropriate precautions by telling others on site where he would be and asking Mr Johnson to control access – ‘‘make sure no-one comes in’’.

    Justice Beech-Jones found Clarendon’s actions in failing to properly control who entered the work site and how they entered had led to the accident occurring, and thus amounted to negligence towards Mr Herbert on the company’s behalf.

    The court heard that Mr Herbert’s leg was initially placed in a cast, but later complications with his treatment had led to multiple surgeries since and continuing bouts of infection.

    He had been left with significant osteoarthritis in his knee.

    And doctors said the worst case would be that his lower leg could need amputation.

    Justice Beech-Jones said Mr Herbert should be awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars for past and future economic loss, medical and pharmaceutical expenses, past and future care, and general impact.

    The total payout is expected to top $1million.

    The matter will come back to court this week, where a final payout figure is expected to be reached.


    HuntingWorkcover March 8, 2014 at 6:10 pm
    • Herbert v Clarendon Homes (NSW) Pty Ltd [2013] NSWSC 1158

      Medium Neutral Citation
      Herbert v Clarendon Homes (NSW) Pty Ltd [2013] NSWSC 1158

      Hearing Dates
      7 and 8 August 2013

      Decision Date

      Common Law

      Beech-Jones J

      Verdict for plaintiff.

      Parties directed to prepare short minutes.

      NEGLIGENCE – accident on building site – duty of care – independent contractors – subcontractor – whether principal contractor on building site owed duty of care to independent contractor engaged by subcontractor – scope of duty – breach – employee of principal contractor lifted garage door occasioning injury to plaintiff – whether staff on site should have been notified of presence of plaintiff in garage – whether warning sign should have been erected – whether bolt should have been affixed to door – whether employee was careless in lifting the door – causation – contributory negligence.

      DAMAGES – past economic loss – income splitting – future economic loss – whether plaintiff has residual earning capacity – past and future care – out of pocket expenses.

      Legislation Cited
      – Civil Liability Act 2002
      – Social Security Act 1991 (Cth)

      Cases Cited
      – Benic v State of New South Wales [2010] NSWSC 1039
      – Donoghue v Stevenson [1932] AC 562
      – Garzo v Liverpool/Campbelltown Christian School [2012] NSWCA 151
      – Husher v Husher [1999] HCA 47; 197 CLR 138
      – Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd v Fox [2009] HCA 35; 240 CLR 1
      – Malec v J.C. Hutton Pty Ltd [1990] HCA 20; 169 CLR 638
      – Novakovic v Stekovic [2012] NSWCA 54
      – Pacific Steel Constructions Pty Ltd v Barahona [2009] NSWCA 406
      – Pollard v Baulderstone Hornibrook Engineering Pty Ltd [2008] NSWCA 99
      – Rabay v Bristow [2005] NSWCA 199
      – Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW v Dederer [2007] HCA 42; 234 CLR 330
      – Shaw v Thomas [2010] NSWCA 169
      – Sibraa v Brown [2012] NSWCA 328
      – Stevens v Brodribb Sawmilling Co Pty Ltd [1986] HCA 1; 160 CLR 16
      – Sydney Water Corporation v Abramovic [2007] NSWCA 248
      – Thompson v Woolworths (Qld) Pty Ltd [2005] HCA 19; 221 CLR 234
      – Vairy v Wyong Shire Council [2005] HCA 62; 223 CLR 422
      – Visyboard Pty Ltd v Ranieri [1999] NSWCA 331
      – Wallace v Kam [2012] NSWCA 82
      – Wallace v Kam [2013] HCA 19; 87 ALJR 648

      Principal judgment

      Ray Herbert (Plaintiff)
      Clarendon Homes (NSW) Pty Ltd (Defendant)

      Brydens Compensation Lawyers (Plaintiff)
      Lee & Lyons (Defendant)

      A.J. Lidden SC, M.J. Maxwell (Plaintiff)
      R.A. Cavanagh SC (Defendant)

      File Number(s)

      click on the link to read the judgement:

      HuntingWorkcover March 8, 2014 at 6:16 pm
  8. Makes me wonder what these case managers do.Im the one who makes sure I get all my new referals from the doctor when their due send them off.never get a rememinder from case manager.Im the one that has to ring them to remind them,and when they don’t get it in the mailim the the one who rings them up and I get oh I didn’t get that in the mail so I once again resend,but I say you have reimbursed me for one receipt that was in the same envelope,so it makes me wonder who is the case manager.

    • @Tony
      Re Case mongrels buggered if I know what these imbeciles actually do apart from make a bad situation worse.
      Case in point I emailed my 28 day certificate of capacity to them on Monday morning after visiting my GP Still unfit for any duties 2 years.and I sent it direct to my case manger and cc about four other’s.
      Then get a phone call Monday afternoon Hi i’m you’re new case manger number 39
      WTF no letter informing me of the change as required by the act so I tell him to piss off till I know who he is writing.
      Lo and be hold yesterday get an e-mail from my former C/M saying your wages have been processed.Today still no wages so contact Case Complaint manger who then informed me that I had sent 2013 certificate instead of 2014.
      As I asked her why was this not picked up and relayed back to me by either of these two Clowns earlier she profoundly apologies and says it should never of happened and why has my c/m been changed again I can’t and don’t know why.
      If I had not contacted them first thing this morning I would be none the wiser.
      Incompetent imbeciles and they wonder why the poor injured sod gets pissed off No money no medications thank god the complaint lady actually does her job.

  9. @Frenchy2019
    “and the insurer provided personal /confidential info to the MP breaching my right to privacy….but as I cannot afford a lawyer anyway …..”

    If you believe your privacy has been breached, you can contact the appropriate commissioner’s officer to discuss. If you have grounds to lodge a complaint, you do not need a lawyer for that.

  10. @FU_CGU, Harryrort, and like minded people, thank you for your support. I think people like Frenchy forget that I am really unwell and having a very difficult time after my reverse prosthetic implant which is not doing well,…leaving me rather head-banging hopeless and in severe pain.

    This site is not an “organisation”,nor a political party – it is simply an informative and enlightening blog and people should be grateful it even exists, and that I do everything I possibly can!

    And what is wrong censoring the occasional extremely rude comments to fellow injured workers? This is supposed to be a sanctuary for all and any injured workers.

    With re to our forum, we’re unsure if we can get it back up as we moved hosting service provider and use a ‘managed’ system. We’re trying everything we can and undoubtedly will come up with some solution.

    Also, Frenchy please note we are based in Victoria, and primarily target the Vic workcover system.

    workcovervictim March 2, 2014 at 11:31 pm
    • Hey WCV

      Anytime 🙂

      Really sorry to hear your op didn’t give you what you had hoped.

      This old fart will always be here, hanging around, trying to help.

      Take care WCV

    • Im so sorry to hear that the op didn’t go so well I was hoping the best for you.I thank you for starting this web site and I wouldn’t know half as much as I do about work cover and to have the support you all give.If Frenchy wants to go off so be it,but think of all the people that will suffer because of it,stop and think and act don’t react.The old saying a silent tongue makes a wise head,and sometimes we have to shut up to survive.

  11. @Frenchy
    Very big of you to attack the owner and host of this wonderful site.
    If you’re so bloody enraged put up or Shut Up and create your own website and put your time Dollars and deal with all the other crap that it entails All whilst you are suffering a deliberating injury and finding a way to help others.
    Please just go crawl back under the rock that you surfaced from.

  12. Hi, I am an injure worker and instead of whingeing I started two petitions, I had over 500 emails of other injured workers and yet ONLY 2 were barve enough to put their names….yes two only …Heaps of you keep commenting whingeing but you hope someone is going o do everything for you …and the government knows that,…they know YOU won’t do sh– about the situation so they take away our rights bit by bit….and yes you all commenting …. but you do nothing when you get an opportunity …you want/expect other to do it all…
    Why?! Why?1 Why?1 are you all so gutless and let the government do that ….is this site great? not so sure after all as it only let you comment but they will fail to lead what could be a revolution of the injured workers…we need to centralise our anger, frustration, despair and channel it all in actions that will see COMMUNICATION and clear guide on how we can rebel together against such a Government …we need more than a couple of MP on our side we need TRUE representation and a total commitment to really HELP the injured workers….So who is going to lead us? The makers of this site? I don’t think so because their site life will then be temporary …they don’t want the system to be fixed they want us to comment and complaint ..who knows they may even have voted for o’farell …so who is gonna take the torch and shine the light high to lead us in the injured workers it is the only thing that will get us result …the time of talking is over…they F—k you while you are commenting …so let’s get our rights back ….let’s get a leader and have some balls for once in your life them…
    Anyway,love to read your nice comments on that one my dear fellow injured workers…let see if you gonna take the finger(s) off your ass and kick some asses…and please don’t waste your time kicking mine it is not worth it …

    Make WAR (to the Government), drop the pen (ok the keyboard)!

    • @Frenchy2019

      There would not be a single genuine contributor to this blog (insurance company plants excluded) that does not understand the anger, frustration and absolute disgust about how injured workers are being treated by draconian legislation, corrupt doctors and greedy uncaring insurance companies. We have all either gone through it or are in the process of going through with it.

      How we choose to act or describe our frustrations is up to each individual.

      Honey is more attractive to flies than vinegar.

      If you feel the need to launch a “jihad” on the Government – that is your choice and you, no doubt, have considered the repercussions of your potential actions (damaging your own case, having other injured workers perceived as “extremists”, trouble with police etc).

      Frenchy2019, if you believe that is the proper way to deal with WorkCover issues, then go with it. BUT, please don’t expect everyone to follow you blindly just because you believe it.

      You may be a prophet who is misunderstood, however, creating desire to follow a cause or a dream can work. Hitting people over the head, I believe, has a lot less appeal to the general population and particularly the damaged and injured souls who are followers &/or contributors to this blog.

      • Tastes have changed and people do like vinegar these days! I am not after a jihad against the Government but more like civilised public meetings/debates and take on the elected ones and squizze them with questions, getting them to answers and most importantly understand the issue with the current orkcover systems. But I see that this idea wont o anywhere with people who like their name/handle associates with comments after comments ….so good luck to you all with your comments.
        As for damaging my case, that is now 4 yars and NOTHING has been done they failed to accept the surgery option and now it is too late for it due to degeneration…all specialists agree, there is nothing else anyone can do , but that doesn’t stop the insurance sending me to rehab people trying to get them to find me a job! despite being diagnosed 100% unfit for any work by a bio-medical engineer expert/ Neurosurgeon/ court expert witness/workcover authorised specialist…so why they are trying and spending /wasting money ?who knows ..may be they have too much $$$.anyway I don’t think I can damaged mote my case as I have already writtent to ALL AUSTRALIAN MP and told them what is wrong only 4 replied , all after checking with the insurer and responding on personal grounds only, ignoring the actual questions about the changes to the legislation…..and the insurer provided personal /confidential info to the MP breaching my right to privacy….but as I cannot afford a lawyer anyway … damaging my case…already done! and I am not going anywhere …I thought of a guerrilla war against the Government, asking all injured workers to get to their weapons and organise large scale cullings for insurers, dodgy specialists and doctors, rehab pple, P.I. and MP and few others as well as suicide bombers on same but I lack the influence yet….may be one day 😉 ….. For the meantime I just take on those injured colleagues who expect others to do it all for them ….get real….( I know we are all suffering at various degrees and we do at time look at how sweet it could be to jump in the river and let go! – ) but that will only sit the government and all those corrupts bastards. So come on let’s look for a leader…and co=leader and let start something….to take on the governments and those unfair laws…..I only took a bite of the site owner to see your reactions guys ….not too many..I expect lots more 🙂 . sorry o hear his treatment ddn’t go as well as expected. And sorry If some of you felt …a bit uncomfortable with what I said…but I needed to say it….

    • Please do not cut the hand that feeds you, or more importantly your sanity.This site may not be of support to you, but to an overwhelming majority, it means a lot to them.
      Not just there livelihood, but may be their very lives.

    • After reading your blog,[comment]I’ll do it Frenchy Im here to help mate no car insurance your fined fair call that is standard.Ive been totally screwed well if your serious mate would you like to come to a meeting with me.I have organised that with the qld atourny general Jarrad .The local fed member is now writing a letter to the fed attorney George [censored] Qc I’ve had at least 4hours speaking with the [censored] police headquarters and asked them to record all my phone calls so they know exactly what has happened and is still going on.I’m no fraud,but I have D[name censored] workcoverup Qld on paper on there phone notes,on paper changing the rules.”The claim will be.based on the legislation “around page 35 Then last page of 68 pages its say’s your claim has not been assessed if the company has inacted all aspects of the legislation, on another page “the absence of a policy does not prove or indicate an unsafe place to work”.The Qld fraud squad asked me to fill out a police report..Criminal code of 1899 Abuse of public office. and Perjury is 14yrs goal if not life.I sent this to Tim medows at Workcoverup Qld and has now sent what i asked for a long time ago after I sent this law to him.They now know about this and become a little more helpful yes they have.I will contact shine lawyers and ask how we can contact each other off this web page[YOU CANT DO THAT – Shine has no part in this private website/blog] I’m keen as,if you are,iv’e written down your user name so I will ask how this can happen. Reading my other blogs [comments] will fill you in further with what has happened .Three weeks before Christmas John [name censored] gave me around 15 mins and there would Be a few people shaking in there boots.These fraudulent corrupted bastards.Before this happened my live was better than great,and moving toward what I’d been planing for years and no one will take this away from me.I am quite respected within what I do The calls to countless Gov dept’m’s all recorded I have no problem with that,gold.Reply if your keen Frenchy.It was a little difficult presenting the court case.Would never had to go there if the fraudulent scum at Workcoverup Qld allowed me to use the laws to prove the claim.[Name censored] even gave me his spelt wrong email address on a couple of occasions which is on delivery notification failure that comes up when the email address does not work then shortly after that when He finally provides the right address the rules change again gold.Im here to help and these story’s need to be told.If working now I’d pay 100-000 tax One of many things I spoke of to the Fed Atourny Gen’s office a few days ago [name censored] also told me a short wile ago to continue and you will get a resolution.My back pay would be great [censored] dollars an hour that’s just the start and the others involved well,what will that bring for all injured workers.The gov spends a lot to train the Aussies before we get SHIT ON by these insurance company’s.This is Fraud this might just be the case that Ellen from Shine will take on board.The primeinister has replied and written back GOLD. My clinical Scyclogist the first doctor to read what Julia Gillard and bill did read and fed atourny gen also.The Doc said are you lying to me “gold” A reality check for him than expanding on what happened,he told me to explain it as if it is a comedy show the second doc said this sounds like a movie script.Why I was put into this mess could only be destiny ring shine and explain your situation I will again as well leave your details mate.


      • @Y Bother: hey mate, you appear way off track on this public website/blog! You should never divulge any personal information to such extent that it can identify you in the real world, this is in your best interest, particularly if you are undertaking proceedings. Whatever you write on here is published and visible to just about the entire world!

        Also, this is a private website/blog, and Shine Lawyers is not behind this or engaged in this site! We simply believe they are a good bunch of lawyers, hence we do have their name on here.
        You can not ask Shine how to contact for example Frenchy, who lives in NSW.

        Please man, refrain of posting such extraordinary detailed but bizarre comments, which name a lot of people, who could sue you for defamation.
        If you are not going to pull your head in, we will have to moderate your comments to make sure you do not name individuals nor particular details of your circumstances. It would be a good idea to discuss these issues with your psychologist before writing them on this website.

        Good luck and take care

        workcovervictim3 March 4, 2014 at 5:35 pm
  13. wish i worked in a place with a fancy tittle and thats what their payed for i wonder how much they hit the state up for that

  14. I just received a letter from my Case Manager stating that ‘due to recent changes across WorkCover NSW’ that the Insurer’s “Health Long Term Team” has moved premises.

    I wonder why this is (cost-cutting perhaps?), and it also has me thinking – what on Earth is a “Health Long Term Team”??

    • Just thought of a great idea. All the insurers should sack their healthy tough and pushy case managers and replace them with all the injured workers who would do a better job because they would understand what an injured workers needs and they wouldn’t be refusing treatment or sending people to unethical IMEs.
      Injured workers would see the main priority as providing good medical care and would make sure rehab providers do their job without a bonus for getting someone off workers comp when they are not ready and injured workers wouldn’t want a bonus for throwing someone out in the street without income support.

      All those pushy case managers will then see what it is like to get a job where you need to be nice to people to keep your job. Next time you see a job for an insurer apply for it as you have all the experience they need. Wonder what they will say about work capacity then?

      Complaint maker March 2, 2014 at 10:17 pm
      • @Complaint maker

        The bastard insurers never want a seriously injured worker to get better. It goes against their business model – give ’em shit until they (we) walk away!

        Bloody good thought though 🙂

  15. Run your fingers through my soul,
    For once, just once,
    Feel exactly what I feel,
    Believe what I believe,
    Perceive what I perceive,
    Look, Experience, Examine,
    and for once,
    Just once,

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