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This is what some injured workcover victims have reported

  • injured workers being told by their workcover insurance to ‘just work through the pain’
  • discrimination against certain types of injuries such as  chronic stress
  • cruel and abusive psychological treatment of injured workers by workcover insurance case managers and employer
  • false and under-rated diagnoses
  • manipulation of facts, evidence, dates, medical words and expressions
  • concealment of facts and evidence
  • recurrent use of avoidance or distraction techniques
  • multiple medical reports for the same visit/intervention
  • excessive use of independent medical examinations (i.e. 5 per year)
  • coverup of wrongdoing that caused physical harm
  • putting intentional and inappropriate emphasis on the injured worker’s psychological status rather than addressing physical origins or causes of injuries
  • inappropriate psychological profiling
  • denigrating/vilifying the injured worker’s character
  • workcoer insurance (though IME) falsely accusing the injured worker of having a family history of alcoholism, even when this is refuted by an independent psychiatrist’s report
  • violations of trust leaving the injured worker feeling “emotionally raped”
  • workcover case managers who disregard doctors and specialists who say the injured worker is unable to work – compensation, weekly payments and/or benefits are cut off anyway
  • injured workers unable to eat properly and relying on food hampers, charity
  • injured workers reporting that they feel they are “fighting for their life”
  • workcover insuance refuses diagnostic tests such as MRI despite request of multiple specialists

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These people are inhumane – and breach human rights.

PTSD is taken seriously in some countries, not here.

8 years and counting…

At A Loss




These people are inhumane in QLD.  My every sympathy goes out to you, I have done the hard yard but settled because the ‘defleshing’ and dehumanising process are more ultimately more damaging.  A friend acquired PTSD from it and successfully sued.  Ridiculous nasty ugliness.

Much like the bullies who cause it too.

Hi everyone. I haven’t been on for a while. Just and update on the workplace psychopath at work. Received a letter from CE stating that this workplace psychopath has not been bullying and harassing staff ” recently ”  !!! WTF !! Named the person as well !!! So here we have an admission that this person ” has ” been a bully !! Actually this workplace psychopath is still doing so and management are getting into a lot of trouble again !!! This workplace psychopath’s job apparently is one of ” not ” direct supervision !! And that’s from a… Read more »
Pauline Pope

Look after yourself while you’re hanging in there Wannie. Bullies are so bad for your mental health, it’s no wonder so many workers pack up their kit and leave when they encounter one at work. Good that you’re keeping a tally on the workforce attrition this bully is contributing to.

Pauline Pope
I agree with you OveritJane. We Injured Workers have to be campaigning in every venue we can manage. Somehow we have to gain a public face that does not shriek “shonky” to the brainwashed. We have to publicly challenge the myth of the rorting Injured Worker, and replace it with an archtype of our own creation – someone who’s had some trauma, and is wanting to get rehab and get back to earning an income. Real support for injured workers would see most of us back at work within 1 to 3 years. I’ve been in the Workover for 10… Read more »
Over it Jane
I just keep asking WHY? & HOW? is it possible in this country we have such blatant mis use of power & authority & psychological & physical abuse of injured workers? How do these stories keep being told & the insurers keep getting away with it? Story after story of insurers knowing they are abusing & escalating injuries & yet keep doing it because no one can stop the practice. You might have the evidence but is it admissable in court? Can it be used? Who will use it? I wonder if it is going to take someone doing something… Read more »
Greg Hayward
THIS IS IMPORTANT BREAKING NEWS (WORKCOVER BUSTED ) Hello everyone ,i have wrote on this site before but wanted to tell you the updates . 1. section 58 B rights were thrown out . (Yes i fully recorded it ) 2. WORKCOVER TRIBUNAL has recieved evidence for 4-5 years of  breaches of  OHS&W , The workers compensation Act ,Australian Federal LAWS ,Human Rights ,Common/state Laws and more by workcover in my case yet it has all been thrown out . ( Yes i fully recorded it ) 3. Workcover tribunal judge  was told by workcovers head guy in south australia  that WCT… Read more »

We don’t believe there is a lack of “hard evidence” – the problem as we see it is that workcover insurance companies are exempt from bad faith! Have a read: read:


It’s great to have evidence. The problem is getting that evidence to people in power who care. Unfortunately there don’t seem to be very many out there. You should probably just post it anonymously online so that people know.


thats alot of evidence, what have you done about it over the 4-5 year period? you have a lawyer? if yes what did they tell you? self represented?


cut and paste this below into your browser SNR_SGT_TACKLEBERRY

Send it all through to these guys!!

Md Leton

Honorable sir and Madam


My father a Chef was fatally stubbed and MURDER in the restaurant of Canterbury road ,  pater sham, SYDNEY during ROBBERY, I am an epileptic (Handicapped) son seeking justice & help. Please visit:

My Facebook ID

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one thing I have noticed is that there are a lot of people with chips on there shoulders this is not a way to win a argument you must look and find out what is right and wrong and if you keep a cool head you will beat them hands down.
to be trying to bring rubbish to work cover will achieve nothing bring facts and you will beat them every time
cheers Peter


I wanted to ask a question about conflict of interest,
my employer is engaged in a sexual relationship with the workcover insurance brokers daughter

Is this a major conflict of interest?
And if so what are the potential abuses which could occur?
And what should I be wary of ?

thankyou Ray P.

i was bullied at work for 2 whole hours in my bosses office, she was the manager of the whole place, she cornered me, put her hand on my shoulder, all because i reported bullying, ive lost my job and one of the bullies has taken my full time job,she cant even speak proper english, nasty lady, i reported her after i walked out to 3 different people, she reckons she was comforting me, and the assistant manager is just as bad, i hope these 2 female dogs get their day in court, and karma gets them, i wish to… Read more »

Hi .
Just an update on what is occurring at work.
The bully manager is back to her best.
Creating divisions in the department, deliberately ostracizing, deliberately not including staff whom have complained, deliberately victimizing staff, deliberately harassing staff and deliberately using other staff to back her up.
This person hasn’t learnt or can’t learn from her harassing and bullying ways.
I’m glad I am in another department now as this manager is deliberately targeting certain staff and is malicious and vexatious in her intent.
The harassment and bullying continues .
Seems that good staff will resign or leave again!


Tell me why can some one get away with bullying I thought it was against the law and if the company lets it get away with it they are just as guilty surely there is some way it can be dealt with
cheers Peter


Hi Lisa
our thoughts are with you


Lisa is still in a lot of pain, but things are slowly “improving” — if there is such a thing…[she says]. Ball of shoulder (humeral head) has dropped a bit but is not yet back in its socket – ouch.

She says thank you for thinking of her! Keep the rage – she’ll be back soon with a vengeance 😉

Just to let you know that workcovervictim (Lisa) is suffering from a severe exacerbation of her shoulder injury – the ball of her shoulder is virtually sitting under her ear (aka superior migration of humeral head – but a very severe form indeed). She’s in agony, up to her eyeballs on narcotics and banging her head against the wall so to speak, hasn’t slept for 48 hours from the pain… She will be off line for a few days…courtesy of Xchanging again, who keeps denying her vital care – this time they’ve been breaching conciliation orders re the provision of… Read more »

Hope she feels better soon,and gets the care she need soon.

What I find interesting, is Police, Fire/Emergency services are exempt and yet not child protection staff.  Mmmmm few agencies have statutory power, CP is one of these.  For those who work on the same cases as Police, who handle those cases long term, not the get in/interview/charge, pass it to the next officer, someone to court, someone after etc.  CP engage the entire length of the case, in some cases a childhood (18yrs).  They also engage with the entire family, on complex cases, trauma is rife in CP.  Threats of violence, abuse, intimidation, guns held to your head, homes ransacked,… Read more »

I wish I could I help you, been there done that – even homelessness.

No-one wants me or even cares.  Mental health is no help at all.

40 years given to the community as a Senior Prac social worker, nurse, foster carer, and disability houseparent in ancient times.  3/4 of way to Masters when injured.

I don’t even like social work any more, so I am independently researching.

I’ve often wondered the same thing as a CP worker myself. I gave everything i had to my job 1) because i love it 2) because its not about the employers its the families you work with, and now that my injury is not recovering fast enough or at all i’m discarded. I have not been offered any assistance with or reduction of caseload at any point in my injury and at times was managing more cases than the rest of the team. Now i find myself basically unemployed as they have fulfilled the 52 weeks of restrictions (despite not… Read more »

Apply to do a pain management program on a referral from your own GP

Your IP address is NOT recorded because the documents and correspondence go straight to the ‘server’ and are not relayed to an email or computer address. The server is also protected and fully anonymous, untraceable (privacy badge).  I am only able to access all sent information via the dashboard of this site, and I don’t know who has sent it to me (no IP address is visible – I have triple checked). Of course, if you prefer you can use TOR (or something similar) to completely hide your IP address should you have the slightest worry about potential ‘tracking’. PS:… Read more »

I’m just wondering how you can guarantee anonymity? Won’t you still receive the IP address?

If ever anyone got hold of that from you (e.g. God forbid, police raid or something crazy like that), you’ll have their IP on your computer.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for encouraging whistleblowers, but I know it’s really hard to do anonymity properly.

To remain anonymous, I like many others use Tor.

Good luck. You are doing a wonderful job!

here is my story I have been on work cover if you call it that since june 2013 I was bullied at work went to the doctor got a doctors work certificate went on work cover for being bullied discriminated against because I have a tremor my head nods I talk slow my hands tremble. I went on a shift at work and mind you I have worked for most of my adult hood and I never was discriminated against was bullied the whole way I got terminated while under a doctors certificate…through this I have tried to commit suicide… Read more »