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Please read on…The first thing you should know is this, “When an Insurer disputes liability for a workers compensation claim under the Workers Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981, they are required to issue a form 3B- Insurers Notice that liability is disputed.” Above is a direct quote from the Attorney General of W.A. himself, Hon Michael Mischin, on 13 August 2013  (please see attached Hansard). Allianz & Work Cover themselves agree (see attached). SO, IS IT REALLY THAT BIG OF A DEAL IF THE INSURER DOESNT LODGE A FORM 3B? ABSOLUTELY! This is a Statutory Regulations form for a… Read more »
not happy
WorkSafe Victoria has announced a new agent panel to manage workplace injury insurance claims and premium collection from 4pm 30 June 2016. The new agent panel will comprise of: – Allianz Australia Workers’ Compensation (Victoria) Ltd (Allianz); – CGU Workers Compensation (Vic) Limited (CGU); … – Employers Mutual Vic Pty Ltd (EML); – Gallagher Bassett Services Workers Compensation Vic Pty Ltd (GBS); – Xchanging Integrated Services Victoria Pty Ltd (Xchanging). Employers Mutual Vic Pty Ltd (who also manage workplace injury insurance claims in NSW and SA) is the new insurance agent to be part of the panel. Therefore, QBE is… Read more »

@ Not Happy. Nice to see all the bottom feeding scum are still approved to f**k us all over for yet another year!

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