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  1. Might have already been posted, but an all too familiar story about claim denials and delays in paying out TPD.

  2. Finally! The Victorian Ombudsman Deborah Glass announced this evening that she will conduct an “own motion” investigation into WorkSafe, claims agents and independent medical examiners. Principally the Ombudsman will investigate whether cash incentives offered by WorkSafe provide incentives for injured workers compensation claims to be rejected.

    Typical of WorkSafe spin and denial they has pre-empted the outcome of the investigation and release a statement say they are “confident they would be cleared”.

    Yeah, confident they will simply ignore the Ombudsman’s findings more like it!

    ps: been a long time, hope everyone is well !!

    Insurance companies under investigation for handling of compensation claims

    WorkSafe will be investigated amid concerns that workers’ compensation claims have been unfairly rejected.

    The Victorian Ombudsman investigation will centre on insurance agencies that act on behalf of WorkSafe, including Allianz, CGU, Gallagher Bassett Services, QBE and XChanging.

    The Accident Compensation Conciliation annual reports show the number of conciliation requests rose from 5.2 per cent to 13.6 per cent in the past two financial years.

    The Ombudsman will investigate whether insurance agents terminated entitlements for injured workers, and if they did this because of “financial incentives” offered by WorkSafe.

    The investigation will look at whether the agents “unreasonably denied liability” for workplace injuries.

    Victorian Ombudsman Deborah Glass will conduct an “own motion” investigation into the insurance agents.

    The probe will also cover independent medical examinations performed by health workers on behalf of the agents.

    In the 2014/15 financial year the Ombudsman received 370 complaints relating to WorkSafe agents.

    The Ombudsman confirmed the most common complaints were about claims decisions and procedures, a failure to consider evidence, and payments, including dissatisfaction with decision making.

    The investigation will also consider whether WorkSafe is providing “effective oversight” of its agents. Claims management will also be reviewed.

    A spokesman for WorkSafe said it had already begun providing information to the Ombudsman and would continue to offer its “full co-operation”.

    “WorkSafe continuously seeks better ways to provide support and services to injured workers during such a difficult time and we welcome responding to the Ombudsman’s investigation,” he said.

    The spokesman said WorkSafe managed more than 90,000 claims from injured workers every year but was “always looking to improve the service”.

    He said thousands of professionals were involved in making decisions, including doctors, case managers, independent medical experts and WorkSafe staff.

    The Age attempted to contact all of the insurance agents but they declined to comment or could not be contacted

    Worksafe probed by Ombudsman over compo complaints

    WORKSAFE has been placed under investigation by the Victorian Ombudsman following hundreds of complaints over the management of compensation claims.

    Ombudsman Deborah Glass announced the workplace watchdog would be probed focusing on whether workers were unreasonably rejected or had terminated payments despite suffering injury in the workplace.

    Worksafe are confident they would be cleared and welcomed the review.

    The probe will investigate whether cash incentives offered by Worksafe to insurance providers including Allianz, CGU, Gallagher Bassett Services, QBE and XChanging resulted in denied liability.

    Ms Glass would not provide interviews to the media but a statement released by the Ombudsman said the investigation is the result of many complaints about WorkSafe agents.

    More than 370 complaints were received in the 2014-15 financial year.
    The most common related to failures in decision making and failure to consider evidence.

    The second most common complaint related to payments.
    WorkSafe spokesman Peter Flaherty said the watchdog was assisting the Ombudsman where possible.

    “WorkSafe has already begun providing information to the Ombudsman and will continue to offer the Ombudsman its full co-operation.

    “While WorkSafe and its agents manage the claims of more than 90,000 injured workers every year, we are always looking to improve the service we provide every injured worker.

    “Injured workers and their families may suffer a great deal of distress and pain after a workplace incident. It is why thousands of professionals involved in the decision making process — including case managers, doctors, rehabilitation support services, independent medical experts and WorkSafe staff — work very hard to ensure an injured worker’s individual needs are met as sensitively as possible and in a timely manner. “

    The Accident Compensation Conciliation Service annual reports for the last two years have shown increases in the number of requests for conciliation of 13.6 per cent (2013-14) and 5.2 per cent (2014-15).

    More to come.
    Originally published as Worksafe probed over compo complaints

    • Dear Worksafe, CGU and all you lying scumbag IMEs…………Karma really is a bitch!!!!!!!!!!

      How does it feel to be the one now being ‘investigated’. We will see who turns out to be the real frauds.

      • @Tony, don’t get too excited. The REAL winners of the WorkCover fraudulent system IS THE GOVERNMENT! It is a CASH COW for the Government, nothing more, nothing less. So let’s see……we have the people who get the most benefit i.e. make the most financially, doing an investigation into the system they set up to make them the money and limit liability that they no intention of parting with. Somehow I don’t think the outcome will be: “the system is corrupt, let’s fine them all and shut it down and lose all the billions in revenue we make from it. There will be some shuffling and arse covering and possibly a token sacrificial lamb just to whitewash things and then “the show will go on””!!!

        • It’s actually the state governments ripping off the federal government… Those of us that should be entitled to fair compensation and piawe but don’t get it, get shifted on to sickness or disability payments, as well as any income protection we may be able to access. Which by the way, isn’t paid in full while there is any pending action for serious injury certificates.

          • @WooWoo- There is no more sickness benefit. The govt in their wise decisions on revamping centrelink scrapped it. Now for us its either unemployment (newstart) or disability.
            Disability is where we should be placed but the catch…
            if you are having ongoing surgeries/treatments then they will reject you. Also the criteria of info gathering for it has changed.
            Your GP used to fill in a long winded form for the donkeys to assess. Now after my 3rd application you have to get medical reports from treating specialists etc.
            I tried to explain to CL case manager that that is
            1) a ridiculous idea and will piss off our specialists as they hate writing reports.
            2) cost prohibits people like me- one of my surgeons will charge $1800 a report (to prevent people like WC from constantly wasting his time).
            3) if I am applying for DHS help then obviously I am flat broke and this is my last option because the insurance companies are not held accountable.
            4) declined over further surgeries is unfair (for me this is likely to carry on for 2+ years, making it over 5 years by then)
            Very disillusioned with it all and once again Still No Help.
            Hope you are well

            • @Madchef Centrelink still have a ‘Sickness Allowance’. But its rules and restrictions make is only accessible in really limited circumstances. Basically the Sickness Allowance is only for people who are employed, still remain employed, and will return to their employer at the conclusion of their illness/injury and it kicks in only when your employer paid sick leave has been exhausted. It seems only designed for people who get an illness/injury that requires them to be off work for a couple of months but who would never have sufficient sick leave to cover them. I think you can only claim the Sickness Allowance for a max of 6 months.

              • I was on sickness allowance for over 2 years, in short I was shifted to Disability (takes 6 months) when I had to close my company and had no work options left open to me. the flow on from that is that the other payments available are Newstart, but you get consideration for having Drs certificates, and Disability Pension.

              • @CGU/WooWoo. Interesting to hear about sickness allowance. It has never been mentioned to me when I queried what sort of benefits are open to me.
                Unfortunately I do not meet any of the criteria.
                But thanks for the heads up

        • In NSW we don’t even have an ombudsman to investigate. We do have a WorkCover Independent Review Officer who virtually threw us out of his office when we started showing him the evidence of the many unethical behaviours. He advised to complain to the insurer and stated “What am I going to do about ——-z?” Well —–z told me to take it up with the WorkCover Independent Review Officer. The Workers Comp Commission told me to take it up with WorkCover and WorkCover told me to take it up with the WCC- passing the buck is an understatement!! My file is full of conspiracy and lies showing the insurer willingly things that did not happen as though they did, also misrepresenting or failing to record what ever is detrimental to them.
          I urge all IW in Vic to obtain their file through FOI/GIPA and to see what is in it. If your file shows what mine does then you need to provide such evidence to your ombudsman so there is real evidence of what goes on. My file actually states they need to deny my treatment- asking “Who will we get?” with a response from another CM giving the name of a so called “independent” they will get to deny my treatment. There is an email from the CM to the IPC saying telling him not to tell me he had a certain report and they failed to advise of this report when they denied my claim. The IPC even denied treatment I wasn’t even having on the basis I had become reliant on this treatment-WTF! I fought the insurer who maintained the opinion of the IPC even though it was completely fraudulant and they provided me the evidence they had not paid for these so called treatments the IPC said I was reliant on!! My file also shows them setting me up to get me to a certain IME to get a defense in court! Just how would they know the IME would give them a defense? Well the referral to the IME states the opinion that my injury is no longer work related and that is the opinion he gave! It is all mapped out as a conspiracy to get the evidence from the IME to deny my WID claim but it did not work because I predicted, in writing that this is what they were doing and they could not use the IME report after they told me it was so necessary. They were caught out and I have no doubt they would have used the IME report if I had not mad my complaints before I was sent to the IME and as soon after I saw him before they got his report.
          The VIC ombudsman needs to look into the stats on what IMEs are being used on a “preferred” basis and to look at the referrals being sent to the IMEs as well as the stats in relation to declination of claims and the relationship to certain IMEs ie if DR X provides X% of reports to the insurers what percentage of his findings support the insurer.
          I am in NSW but would appreciate it if someone could contact the VIC ombudsman with such a suggestion for investigation or even the ask the ombo to have a look at such posts. I would happily give out my evidence if there was someone who actually wanted to see it.

          Also have just had a great tip from the Health Care Complaints Commission in NSW. When making a complaint about one of these crook IMEs etc it is important to point out they have a pattern of behaviour that is harmful to injured workers. The main concern for the HCCC is the harm caused by the actual inaccuracies or inconsistencies in the report and if you can show a pattern of behaviour it demonstrates intentional harm. An example would be if you required surgery because you had a broken leg but the IME failed to stated you had a broken leg in the report. A bit of a stretch you might think but my doctor told me a story of one of his return vets who had his leg blown off in war. The IME wrote to my doctor asking him when the injured man first noticed his leg was missing-WTF!! My clever doctor said he wrote back saying that his patient noticed he had no leg when he got up to dance and fell over on the dance floor!! Obviously the IME could be disputed in this situation and should be reported for being not just incompetent but for being fraudulent. This was Department Of Veteran Affairs (DVA) and you might find vets are seeing the same IMEs as people on workers comp. Also if you can provide proof it is happening to others ie court cases are a good example then you can show what was done to you was to deny something you required for your health thus the doctor did not act in the best interests of supporting your return to health or work but only in the interest of the financial gain of the insurer. If you can prove the IME stated other than the facts you can allege they made a false declaration. HCCC complaints need proof of a pattern of bad behaviour to show the IME is acting in bad faith. This is another reason for every one to make genuine complaints as the HCCC and WorkCover in NSW require five or six complaints in a year to investigate such patterns of behaviour.

    • @Madame Zena-Nice article
      fingers crossed that the Real Truth of what goes on will come out. We can only wait and see…

    • @Madame Zena – so so nice to see you back here! Been wondering a lot about you! Thanks for posting this gem! Hope something comes from it.

    • Well people I have the VWA on the record admitting they know the Agents reject Claims without reason!

      • I have the Agent admitting in writing that they had no valid reason for denying my Claim and to reverse it before they received a directive from the ACCS. That’s why they don’t like people seeing their “internal working documents” but God Bless the little scumbags because they gave me some of mine 😀

  3. Just wanted to share some research for those who are interested. I have been working on a chapter about post traumatic stress injuries for my book about worker’s compensation systems. These injuries arise from bullying and also from the trauma attached to severe physical injury. It is also acknowledged that being in the Workover system causes and/or aggravates a Post Traumatic Stress type injury in the injured worker. My research has led me to reconsider and I now think that the type of injury that is caused by being in the system is actually what is now being referred to as “moral injury”. If you want to check this out, here are a few links:

  4. Who says this isn’t happening here in Australia too?
    Major Workers’ Comp Insurers Hacked Legal Files, Class Claims
    Los Angeles, CA ( – Major worker’s compensation insurers, including a Berkshire Hathaway company, hacked into thousands of confidential legal files to save money on judgments and settlements, an Angeleno claims in a federal class action.
    Hector Casillas claims the insurers “hacked into privileged and confidential litigation files of thousands of individuals litigating worker’s compensation cases against them. The defendants stole these files from servers used by law firms representing the individual litigants and used the illegally obtained information to obtain a litigation advantage.”
    The insurance company defendants are Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies, Cypress Insurance and Zenith Insurance. Other corporate defendants are Broadspire Claims Services and the Knox Ricksen law firm.
    Also named as defendants are attorneys Eric Danowitz, Daniel Sharp, Russell Ching and Stella Mendoza, Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies investigator William Reynolds and Zenith employee Oliver Glover.
    “Their corrupt conduct evidenced a total disregard for the integrity of the judicial system,” Casillas says in the June 23 complaint.
    It continues: “The American system of justice depends upon fair play in an impartial forum. A fair and impartial forum for rich and poor alike is [a] central feature of the American way of life and is important to our national reputation.”
    Casillas claims the insurers hacked into tens of thousands legal files, including about 5,000 from Reyes & Barsoum, a prominent worker’s compensation law firm in California.
    Casillas, a client of Reyes & Barsoum, says the lawsuit “is directed against those powerful insurance companies and their co-conspirators who, because of their immense wealth and power, acted as if they were above the law.”
    The insurers are among the nation’s largest underwriters of worker’s compensation insurance and provide coverage for a large percentage of workers in California, Casillas says.
    He claims they hired investigators who “hacked into and stole stored confidential attorney-client files in cases in which they were the insurer” and hired Knox Ricksen, which “willingly and knowingly participated” in the scheme, to gain a legal advantage.
    He claims that attorneys for Reyes & Barsoum first suspected the hacking during an April 20, 2014 hearing when attorneys Ching and Mendoza revealed they had Casillas’ “attorney-privileged intake packet” that bore Rony M. Barsoum’s name at the top of the first page and contained the retainer agreement Casillas had signed.
    When the judge asked how Ching and Mendoza had obtained the confidential file, they gave several explanations before saying they didn’t know, Casillas says.
    The judge declared the documents to be protected by attorney-client privilege and ordered Ching and Mendoza to turn them over to Reyes & Barsoum, along with any others that might turn up after a “diligent search,” the complaint states.
    Defendant Danowitz later told law firm partner Jorge Reyes that the confidential documents were downloaded from the website for HG Sign-Up Services, with whom Reyes & Barsoum have an agreement to provide services for clients who can’t come to the law office due to financial, physical or transportation reasons, Casillas says.
    He claims that defendant investigators Reynolds and Glover worked for the insurers and “implemented a scheme to wrongfully engage in continuous cyber attacks over a period of years” to obtain and use thousands of confidential documents to gain a legal advantage and “save huge sums in judgments or settlements.”
    Casillas says all of the defendants conspired in the hacking scheme on a nationwide basis.
    He seeks class certification, disgorgement, an injunction and exemplary damages for fraud, conversion, invasion of privacy, interference with prospective economic advantage, and violations of the Stored Communications Act, the Electronic Privacy Act, California’s Business and Professions Code and the state’s Computer Data Access and Fraud Act.
    He is represented by Mark Ravis, who was not immediately available for comment Tuesday. Nor were representatives for Reyes & Barsoum or Knox Ricksen

  5. @WCV3- Unbelievable! So she takes a paycut to move to Govt. and only getting $600,000 per year. Imagine what Allianz are paying her- I bet it’s more than the $10,000 (yep only ten thousand) they are paying me per year!
    Imagine what sort of CM she would have been if she had to crawl up to the top.
    “Helen Silver is currently Chief General Manager of the Workers’ Compensation Division at Allianz Australia, with a major role in the oversight and delivery of Workers’ Compensation services for Allianz across Australia.” She’s a bean counter with no conscience and obviously no morals.
    Order of Australia – I Think Not – Order of As*holes
    more like it.

  6. Allianz executive honoured – OMG!

    9 June 2015

    Allianz Chief GM Workers’ Compensation Helen Silver has been recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

    Ms Silver was named an officer of the Order of Australia (AO) for distinguished service to public administration, business and commerce and the Victorian community.

    She joined Allianz in 2013, having previously worked for NAB and WorkCover.

    Ms Silver was secretary of Victoria’s Department of Premier and Cabinet from 2008-13 and deputy secretary, policy and cabinet from 2004-06. [check out the POLITICS!]


    Definitely of interest to all seriously injured workers. A flag that things will get even worse in the future.

  8. Just read the Daily Mail Australia and could not comprehend why this conman deliberately threw himself at a moving car in an apparent bid to blackmail the driver (or TAC or even WC) for a payout. The whole ting was captured on video. I say shame on you conman, for it’s pathetic people like you who make genuine injured workers’ life on ‘the system’ a nightmare, as we’re always guilty until proven innocent.

  9. I believe that this is relevant here because too many injured workers are “forced” to ask Centrelink support and so they are the disability support scheme.
    University of the Third Age Melbourne (people over 50s visit them for free courses)

    Georgia Simpson is a journalist with The Age, working on a story on the upcoming Federal Budget. She’s after some case studies, particularly pensioners, and wonders if any MelbCity members would be interested in featuring in the paper? You’d need to be comfortable with providing your full name and age, and approximate income (as vague or specific as you like). Also be
    available for a photo, and be willing to chat about the three things you hope to see from the budget. If interested, you can contact her on 0439 131 136 or .

    Facebook link:

    Xchangingvictim May 7, 2015 at 6:37 pm
  10. Even funnier I was reading the paper version of the Herald Sun today and this article about WorkCover Victoria doggy surveillance practices appears slap bang right next to a big half page advertisement by WorkCover Victoria saying how much they care for injured workers.

    Someone at the Herald Sun is definitely taking the piss at WorkCovers expense and making a point!!!

  11. In today’s Herald Sun story about CGU/WorkCover’s doggy surveillance tactics in Victoria.

    Gotta give WorkCover’s IME Dr Timothy Wood credit for calling them out over it. clap clap clap for Dr Wood

    Makes you wonder how many injured workers have, unbeknown them, had their claim terminated or rejected because some dumb ass claims agents and PI dickhead did surveillance on the wrong person.


    AN insurer’s secret surveillance of an injured worker has been foiled by a doctor claiming they had filmed the wrong patient.

    Amanda Bailey became aware she was the target of a covert operation after an expert report revealed she was caught up in a potential case of mistaken identity.

    In his report to insurer CGU, workers compensation physician Timothy Wood said he was “concerned the photographs shown as being Ms Bailey are not in fact Ms Bailey”.

    “They do not appear to be the same person I examined today and I would request clarification as to whether this was indeed Ms Bailey in the photographs,” Dr Wood said.

    “Certainly, the level of function demonstrated by the person in the various photos is something I have been unable to demonstrate during the two examinations and do not believe that Ms Bailey is capable of.”

    Ms Bailey suffers pain throughout her body as a result of injuring her thumb while working at Dandenong-Cranbourne RSL in 2010.

    The report, part of her 130-week WorkCover review, said Ms Bailey was unable to return to work and described walking “as though she had glass under her foot”.

    Ms Bailey’s lawyers are now demanding a copy of the surveillance report and other communication.

    But CGU declined, in letters, to release the surveillance.

    A spokesman said the company couldn’t discuss “details of individual claims, legal proceedings or personal information due to privacy provisions”.

    Robinson Gill principal Jeremy King said Ms Bailey’s claim could’ve been “seriously jeopardised through CGU’s actions but for the vigilance of Dr Wood”.

    • Dear Bullied,these PI are just so dumb fancy filming the wrong person great methodology guys which they are suppose to be trained in.I know for a fact they followed my off spring in my car I know we look alike but come on.

    • @Bullied, thank you for sharing this gem, ought to be plastered on our front page!
      As a side note, we have heard from quite a few injured workers that their obtained surveillance footage showed someone else, and I am pretty sure this is yet another deliberate dirty tactic on behalf of certain (if not all) workcover insurances. It is also very bizarre that in modern digital times, many surveillance videos and photos appear ‘grainy’, even though PIs use sophisticated digital and +++ zoom equipment. How ironic, huh?

    • This nothing new, it happens on a regular basis

  12. We all get treated like shit in the unjust workcover system, but this story in today’s paper show the dangers of unloading our anger too much.
    Injured worker spent 18 months in jail for the manner he set about telling everyone that the workcover system is unjust and sucks.

    • @Bullied- thanks for sharing this interesting story.

      To recap the story:

      A disgruntled litigant who waged an offensive and disturbing mail campaign of abuse against Victorian Supreme Court judges, senior magistrates and court staff has been freed after serving 18 months in jail on remand.

      Zlatko Jovancevski, 52, unleashed a three-year torrent of abuse on the targets, who also included politicians, who feared for their safety and that of their families.

      Melbourne’s County Court heard on Wednesday how Jovancevski first unleashed against a senior member of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and in June last year he lastly unloaded on a magistrate.

      The court heard many of the obscenities that Jovancevski labelled the magistrate.

      Prosecutor Krista Breckweg truncated her 41-paragraph summary of the offending, choosing representative examples of the letters’ contents.

      Ms Breckweg said a leading politician, a federal minister, three senior magistrates and a number of their colleagues were targeted, as were two Supreme Court judges, a number of staff members, a solicitor at a law firm and CEOs. Their identities were suppressed by judge McInerney.

      Ms Breckweg conceded that while special deterrence for Jovancevski “looms large” and that the material was “highly offensive and disturbing”, the 583 says in total he had served on remand – that included reoffending while on bail – was an adequate sentence.

      Jovancevski, formerly of Hoppers Crossing, who appeared via video link from prison, pleaded guilty to six rolled up counts of using a postal service to cause offence and related summary charges.

      Defence barrister Brett O’Sullivan told the court his client originally chose, while unrepresented, to have the charges heard by a judge and jury rather than by a magistrate where, if guilty, he would have faced a maximum of one not two years jail.

      Mr O’Sullivan said Jovancevski, who has no prior convictions, had lost a claim for compensation for a work injury in 2007 which was behind his offending. He understood the letters’ contents were offensive and the recipients would have been offended, but Mr O’Sullivan noted that nothing had happened beyond sending them.

      He quoted from a report by psychiatrist Dr Danny (Danny) Sullivan in 2013 who wrote that Jovancevski did not have a mental impairment, but at the time of offending his judgement had been impaired in his capacity to think and make calm, rational choices.

      This was, said Dr Sullivan, “due to his preoccupation with his claims and a sense of injustice which is related to his querulance”.

      Judge McInerney noted that “usually the background to querulance in court proceedings” was when “not all goes well for everyone”.

      In his sentencing remarks, he told Jovancevski that no one minded anyone representing themselves to right a grievance, but he had “trammelled” on the rights of others serving their sworn duty and who he had vilified.

      There was no doubt, said judge McInerney, that implicit in Jovancevski’s remarks were threats “should they deal with you in particular ways”.

      “It was totally unacceptable for you to breach the rights of others,” he said, adding, however, it was unlikely he would have served 583 days if sentenced by a magistrate.

      Judge McInerney jailed Jovancevski for that number of days, they having been reckoned as already served, which meant he would be released immediately.

      This story reminds me of “Angry SA litigant spared jail over abuse

      As a side note, but an important one:
      Any publication or comment which offends the dignity of the court is criminal contempt of the Court – this article was published in 2013 after some injured workers used our site to ‘unleash’, putting themselves (and the administrator of the site) at risk.

      Workcovervictim3 April 16, 2015 at 10:38 pm
  13. I have been looking for a lawyer who will be right for dealing with my case, I’m really new to it all and I know that if I go and seek one straight away I’ll get pressured into going with them. Then I came across this gem of a website , it was just what I needed and what’s better it’s free. I highly recommend this awesome website, if anyone in Australia needs the right lawyer then this is for you.

    • @Micheal – sorry to put it bluntly, your comment is an ad rather than decent advice. Good lawyers are primarily found through word of mouth!!! Wonder whether the operator(s) of that malfunctioning site get any $ for a successful referral?

    • @Michael as WCV3 Said this is a bullshit site I typed in looking for one in Melbourne and it gave me a solicitor I have never ever heard of.
      And please note this site is for genuine injured workers not to push bodgy websites or paid ads.
      Please crawl back under the rock from witch you came from.
      I’m sure you were trying to push another bullshit website a couple of months ago that prays on poor injured sods for money.
      Please leave genuinely injured workers alone we have enough shit to deal with without trying to push blood sucking vultures websites down are throat whose only interest is to scam money from the vulnerable.
      Please let me know if I am Wrong what is your injury I seem to remember that you disappeared very quickly last time you were asked this question we may be a bit silly but we ain’t Stupid.

  14. Sydney psychologist – Gareth Michael Dawes – banned after he encouraged female patient to have sex with a dog! OMG! Hope he is not an “IME” either.

  15. The Four Corners expose of those shonky job agencies was terrific.
    Yesterday I contacted 4 Corners/ABC and asked them to do an expose on corruption in the worker’s compensation systems. Still waiting to hear back from them. If anyone else wants to support this move by asking for the same thing, here’s the link

read-before-u-commentThis is a statement pointing you to our seriously injured but esteemed and honourable Social Networking Sites Warning and our comment policy. A must read in the context of a very adversarial workcover system! Remember to mention in which state you reside if you seek advice.

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