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Vic Ombudsman to re-investigate insurers’ handling of workers compensation claims

In 2016 the Victorian ombudsman conducted an investigation into the workcover insurers’handing of workcover claims. The findings were scathing. In particularly the Ombudsman found that Victoria’s workers compensation scheme had failed some particularly vulnerable people. It has now come to our attention that the Vic Ombudsman is to re-investigate insurers’ handling of workers compensation claims and WorkSafe oversight.

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WorkSafe VIC – complex claims process needs fixing

Further to a recent comment made b y “Tom”,  here is the press release from the Ombudsman about its investigation into Victoria’s workers’ compensation scheme. We knon it is well overdue as it occurred in 2016 but here it is. Nothing we did not alteady know as injured workers on the system. Let’s hope things have improved?


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The answer to changing workcover insurance companies: debate

We recently received a rather highly controversial email from an injured worker. The aggrieved injured worker believes that ‘killing’ ‘defective’ workcover employees (such as case managers) is the answer to fixing our horribly broken workcover system. We believe that the fundamental problem is that of bad faith…

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Allianz TMF spill the beans part 3

Further to “Whistle Blower”‘s most enlightening guest posts Allianz whistle blower spills the beans and Allianz TMF bean spilling session part 2 here comes the much anticipated Allianz TMF bean spilling session part 3, giving the injured worker more of an understanding into what it’s like working for Allianz from a senior case managers perspective and shedding light onto there dodgy practices for all to see.

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Workcover insurance sole purpose is to make money

Many people may not realise that workcover insurance firms are actually in the business to earn money. As such, they learned long ago how to leverage situations so that they are able to delay and deny rightful workcover claims and benefits. Many insurers attempt to use stall tactics in an attempt to frustrate the injured worker enough to get away with not paying claims.

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former-allianz-employee-spills-beans workcover-medical-treatment-denied

Medical treatment decisions and workcover

Let’s just imagine that we are a doctor or specialist and that we’ve accepted to treat an injured worker.Who is really making the medical/surgical decisions about our injured workers? Shouldn’t the workcover insurers at least share the liability or at least bear the responsibility of their own actions or lack thereof?

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Allianz involved in unconscionable sell of insurance policies

Insurance giant Allianz Australia has been caught up in the collapse of payday lender The Cash Store, agreeing voluntarily to refund $400,016 in insurance premiums to consumers after the payday lender was found to have acted unconscionably in selling Allianz insurance products. Needless to say that Arrrrghlianz “doesn’t think that the case was presented in the clearest light”.
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CGU workcover insurer films wrong injured worker to discredit comp claim

CGU workcover insurer secretly filmed a wrong injured worker for ‘surveillance’ purposes in a (fully sick and undoubtedly disguised) attempt to discredit the genuine injured worker’s workcover claim. Was it not for a most ethical Dr Timothy Wood this poor injured worker’s claim would have been jeopardised, more so as the covert surveillance was undertaken at the famous 130 week (weekly pay cut-off) mark.

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