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Xchanging case manager: at best terrible, at worst bunch of bullies

Yesterday we received the shameful story of “Severely Injured” who, rightly, describes his Xchanging case manager as a crazy ex-girlfriend who went from my ‘new best friend’ to nothing short of a stalker. She
would ring the injured worker up to 8 times a day, and berate him, scream abuse, make outrageous claims – “I am stopping your payments, its up to me, and you are getting nothing, which is what you deserve”…Sound familiar? You bet! And here is what you can do about it!

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There is workplace injury, then there is assault by the workcover system

After reading a recent comment posted by “Doug” stating: “I too suffer from mental health issues which have been aggravated due to a workplace injury, yet work cover do NOT want to even know about them”, I am compelled yet again to repeat today that when a worker is unfortunate to be injured at work, there is not only injury but it is then – just about always – followed by assault and workcover case managers (et al.) are re-injuring those workers all over again.

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Workcover-up needs a public groundswell ASAP

You may recall David K’s story, who suffered a back injury from hard shearing work, only to have his workcover claim rejected on the ill-founded basis that he simply suffers from a pre-existing condition.He further adds that we must change the system for both sides (employer and employee) and in a mighty hurry, there are innocent people not only suffering but I imagine dying out there as a result of these people in the current workcover system of authority…

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Another injured worker unjustly done over by workcover

“I feel that my story should be out there stating that I have been unjustly done by both the WorkCover Insurer and the Medical panel”, writes injured worker “R”. In essence “R” suffered a back injury and a hip injury, the latter discovered some months after the accident. The insurer accepted liability for both his back and hip injury, and even paid for “R”‘s first hip surgery. However the insurance company refused liability for further hip surgery, based on both an IME and a Medical Panel opinion who indicated his hip injury was not caused by his accident at work…Go figure!

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Truck Driver denied compensation for PTSD – Story

In Victoria, the impairment threshold for a primary psychiatric injury is a whopping 30%. Only if you have been assessed as suffering from a “serious” primary psych injury (i.e. 30% WPI or more) can you obtain a lumpsum in Victoria (currently around $77,000). What’s worse, if you cannot sue for additional compensation under common law if your injuries are NOT the fault of your employer (or any other person), leaving many severely psychiatric injured workers with very little or no compensation at all.
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