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Deeds of release often used in settling workcover cases- what are they?

Deeds of release are often used in settling workcover cases  and common law claims between employers (or their representing insurance companies and defense lawyers) and injured workers — but what are they really? In this article, we try to discuss what deed are, how they’re written and provide very important tips on their use for injured workers.

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Recoveries of money under workcover

We recently received the following inquiry and the following horror story from two separate injured workers, both cases basically revolve around the fact that -yes- Workcover can recover compensation paid to a worker from a third party, where the third party has caused or contributed to the injury occurring. As Carol kindly explained,if you already have an accepted workcover claim and/or common law settlement there is absolutely no point bringing a separate civil damages claim against a third party for negligence/damages born out of the same incident as your workcover claim as  you can’t double dip and be compensated twice for the same injury/damage/loss.

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