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Workplace bullying and its influence on psychological wellbeing and work functioning – survey

Hoda is  currently conducting a research project as part of his/her  fourth year graduate diploma course in Psychology at Cairnmillar Institute, located in Camberwell, Victoria. The research topic is on workplace bullying and its influence on employees’ psychological wellbeing and work functioning. S/he has asked us to post his/her survey/questionnaire (approved by Cairnmillar’s ethics committee) on our site, which we’re doing.

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Workcover stress claims surge in Victoria

According to an article in the Age, job-related stress is a growing problem in Victorian workplaces with 58  stress compensation claims for psychological injuries being approved every week. And lets not forget all the countless rejected claims. The annual number of claims for mental disorders has risen by almost 470 in five years while the annual amount paid out in compensation has risen by 45% to $273 million

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IME – Most frequent and vicious are Psychiatrist IMEs

It’s bad enough to suffer a psychological injury at work, or the ferocious retribution routinely meted out to these workers. But as is well known that, often, if the psychological injured worker tries to obtain compensation or remedy through the ‘justice’ system, they are likely to suffer further psychological injury from the system itself- and, in some cases, more severe than the actual original one. This is such a problem, that quite a few psychiatrists, psychologists and even lawyers  advice to psychologically injured workers NOT to try litigation.

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Bullied Victorian teacher awarded 1.3 million – negligence law

Recently, a Victorian teacher driven to the brink by unruly students including one who made a flamethrower in class has been awarded around $1.3 million, including $300,000 in general damages, $337,090 in past loss of earnings, $550,000 in damages for future economic loss and $70,000 interest on lost wages. It has been suggested that this case could open the way for other employees to sue state governments for damages under the negligence (common) law.

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Anti-bullying legislation – Call to give FWC compensation powers

Federal anti-bullying legislation has now been in place for almost 8 months. Interestingly, over this period of time, the expected flood of bullying claims anticipated by the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has not emerged. The general consensus among lawyers and victims of bullying  is that the victim is unable to receive any form of compensation and that this has deterred (many) applications.

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