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Workcover VIC what happens after 52 weeks?

Many Victorian injured workers have asked us what will happen to their job after they have been on weekly payments for a period of 52 weeks (1 year), and, most importantly, will they be sacked. Workcover Vic legistlation states that your boss (your employer) must offer you suitable work for the first 52 weeks after your work injury.

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How to dispute or challenge workcover insurer decision in Victoria

The aim of conciliation in Victoria is to resolve disputes and avoid litigation. The injured worker can request conciliation if there is a dispute between the injured worker and the agent (insurer) and/or employer about the injured worker’s claim. What’s more, if your WorkCover insurer fails to respond to a request within 28 days you can also lodge a Conciliation.

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Victorian workcover insurers profit 94 million in 6 months

WorkSafe Vic half-yearly report recorded a performance from insurance operations result of $94 million (and a net result after tax of $104 million) – over a period of 6 months, from July to December 2014. This essentially means the Victorian WorkCover insurance agents have collected significantly more premiums than they have invested into helping Victorians injured workers.

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Vic Ombudsman open to workcover complaints

According to the Latrobe Valley Express,the (new) Victorian Ombudsman, Deborah Glass, welcomes ‘good’ whinges, including whinges (complaints) about WorkVover Vic (WorkSafe Vic), and is pushing for changes in legislation, in a bid to encourage more complaints. So guys, let’s bring on the workcover complaints!

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denise-cosgrove11 certificate-capacity-workcover-vic review-worksafe-and-tac-media-release

WorkSafe VIC & TAC review

On 2 January, Victoria’s new Labor Premier  (Daniel Andrews – formerly the Minister for Finance) announced—by means of a vague and most curious media release— a review of WorkSafe VIC (VWA) and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), to “…identify opportunities to optimise the effectiveness, efficiency and value of these organisations to the Victorian community.”

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WorkCover Vic (VWA) restores WorkSafe brand

About 6 months ago the former (Liberal) Victorian Government announced that it was discarding the well-known (workcover) WorkSafe Vic brand, changing it to its old original brand – Victorian WorkCover Authority (VWA). This change made little intelligible meaning at the time, and many perceived it as a decrease of focus to injury prevention. On 23 January 2015, less than 2 months after the election of a new Labor Government, the  brand has apparently costly and confusingly been restored.

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To drop or not to drop the economic loss part of a common law claim

Even when you have been awarded a serious injury certificate in Victoria (or elsewhere) for both pain and suffering and economic (pecuniary/future earnings) loss for a common law claim, your lawyer may advise you to drop the economic loss part of your claim and to only pursue the pain and suffering claim. This brief article explores the potential reasoning for not pursuing the economic loss part and to stay on workcover (weekly payments) instead.

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Independent medical examiners Victoria complaint process

According to WorkSafe Victoria (now called the Victorian WorkCover Authority) they take all independent medical examiner (IME) complaints seriously. They claim to review and respond to each complaint received from an injured worker. Outlined in this post is the complaints handling process for IMEs, as well as the IME Service Standards and their “Declaration”…

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