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Victorian Firefighters have dismissed new cancer panel as waste of time

Victorian Firefighters have dismissed a government panel set up to help firefighters with cancer seek compensation as a waste of time, with volunteers claiming they are not getting treated the same as the professionals.

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worksafe-victoria-fun Process for impairment benefits

Permanent impairment entitlements: know the tricks, know your rights

Getting through a permanent impairment assessment in Victoria is not as straight forward as many injured workers may think. There are – unfortunately – many dirty tactics routinely used by so called “independent assessors” (and of course the hand that feeds them, namely the workcover insurance) used to deliberately downgrade your permanent injuries, all in the name of insurance profits (minimising your payout/legitimate compensation).

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New WorkSafe Vic CEO linked to serious privacy breaches

A senior bureaucrat,namely Ms Denise Cosgrove, has been linked to one of the biggest privacy breaches in New Zealand’s history has been appointed as the new boss of Victoria’s key workplace health and safety body. Ms Cosgrove has been linked  to the “inadvertently” emailing the details of more than 6700 claimants, including rape and incest victims from its sensitive clients list, to an individual who shouldn’t have received them, and Ms Cosgrove has also provided misleading information. Welcome to WorkSafe Vic, Denise, not!

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