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How not to annoy your personal injury lawyer

Most injured workers don’t (try to) annoy their lawyers. However there are always a few injured sods who will intentionally or non-intentionally do things that make their lawyer roll their eyes by, for example, calling or emailing their lawyer way too often, bringing legal and/or medical research and by using their lawyer as a kind of therapist. So if your lawyer is avoiding your phone calls or emails and appears uncaring towards you, it could be because you are doing one or more of the following annoying things.

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Personal injury lawyers aren’t offering much legal input

I recently had the pleasure to make contact with the personal injury lawyer who recently commented on our site under the nickname Paragon (formerly ****88). One of the issues I raised was (and is) that workers comp lawyers aren’t offering much legal input on this forum /blog in response to the plight of injured workers. Paragon explains the reason(s) behind it, and perhaps more importantly has generously offered to contribute to our site as a volunteer, and  help offer solutions to those injured workers who need help at the most desperate moments.

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Banned lawyer Sammy Bektas has own name removed from legal practitioners roll

Sammy Bektas, a personal injury lawyer who was recently banned from practising law for four years has had his own name removed from the roll of legal practitioners. How funny! About 80 injured workers complaints involved excessive overcharging, improper dealings with trust money, poor cost disclosure and billing practices, poor conduct, undue pressure over costs and requests for itemised bills, and inadequate provision of advice and explanations to clients on the part of Sammy Bektas!

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Does your workers comp lawyer pass the nose test?

Many injured workers ask us for a good workers compensation lawyer, or ask our opinion on what makes a good workers comp lawyer. In order to suss out whether your (potential) lawyer is decent, we urge all injured workers to think whether or not the lawyer(s) they are talking to pass the “nose or smell test”.

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Many injured workers are not happy with lawyers recommended by union

We’ve been hearing more and more from injured workers who are not happy with the lawyers recommended by their union. Some injured workers say they feel they are forced to hire these lawyers for their work injury claims. In quite a few cases there is more going on as to why a union refers their injured members to a certain lawyer or law firm.

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Justice is crucial to protect injured workers

An injured worker kindly shared an extremely well-written, to-the-point article titled “Justice imperative to protect injured workers” written by a decent, empathic and passionate Canberra Lawyer, David Lander.Whilst the article points the finger at the adversarial Comcare Scheme, it could well be applied to all workcover schemes and their agents…

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How to make a complaint against your lawyer

If you have a problem with your lawyer, don’t be afraid to complain about your lawyer.
Many injured workers are  scared to complain when things go wrong and are confused, not only about their legal entitlements but also about the complaints system. In this article, we’ll run you through the process of how you can make a complaint against your (rogue) lawyer in Australia.

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Lawyer acted with inexcusable lack of diligence and competence

Staying on the topic of rogue lawyers who are making money on the misery and lack of legalese knowledge of injured workers, an ACT Supreme Court ruled that an injured worker, who eventually lodged a common law damages claim 10 months out of the strict time limit, that she knew nothing about time limits and that her (by then)  former lawyer had acted on her behalf with an ‘inexcusable lack of diligence and competence’.

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