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Posties angry in broken leg case: Company doctors misdiagnosing workers to get them back to work faster

Scott Henry says the Australia Post doctor thought his broken leg was only a minor injury.

We would suggest that this practice is far more common than is reported.  Doctors hired by insurance companies, for example, routinely offer misdiagnosis that favour those paying the bills in order to deny claims or force injured workers back to work without proper treatment.  Wasted money, damaged lives: Doctor shopping, chronic pain and medico-legal assessments

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Compensation bombshell: Maladministration and psuedo-scientific measures add insult to injury: Professor

Gordon Davies, Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Wollongong raised some  extremely important points which were either overlooked or blatantly ignored at the NSW Workers Compensation Inquiry in June this year.

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The first year after a medium to severe workplace injury

Further to John McPhilbin’s article about the Cycle of Despair, the model that we  all believe offers a fairly accurate representation of what many injured workers are forced to endure in the dysfunctional workers compensation system, I’d like to briefly resummarise an article we posted on our forum about what a medium to severe injured worker typically undergoes and how they are affected within the first year(s) after a workplace injury.

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dominDomino effect of a workplace injury

Domino effect of a workplace injury – injured worker’s ordeal

We are very grateful to ‘Kim” who kindly found the courage to share her story with us. Whilst Kim initially suffered a relatively “minor” back injury at her first workplace, she had not been treated properly by her then employer (and insurer) and was consequently forced to seek alternate employment, where she suffered horrendous abuse to be only pushed into another position where she was further exploited by another greedy and cruel employer. The domino effect of one injury is crushing, and we can see now how the original physical injury actually created a psychological injury also, which made her very vulnerable to further injury….

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The nature and the consequences of stigma experienced by injured workers

What is a stigma?

The stigmatised individual is seen to be a person who possesses an “undesirable difference”. Society develops ideas on what constitutes”difference” or “deviance”. (Goffman, 1963).

A stigma is linked to social inequality. It causes some groups to be devalued as it were, and others to feel that they are superior in some way.

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